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  1. This was the move to give ND THE CHANCE to take the next step. It's not guaranteed, but who isn't going to want to play for Freeman and Rees. ND football just got very, very swaggy. STOKED!
  2. Recruiting is the separator between the two. Higher upside is with Freeman for that reason seemingly. Please make it official JS so I can stop combing twitter.
  3. Yes for the next year or two, but beyond that Freeman would be gone. Want the guy who can coach AND land 5 stars, not the guy who keeps us where we're at and maybe wins one or two more big games MAYBE. Freeman seems like such the obvious choice here. Outside of him I don't know why ND fan base would have reason to be more excited than if Kelly would have stayed...seems like it'd just be a continuation (which isn't a bad place to be, but it's not top tier. it's kinda, almost top tier)
  4. I'll be extremely disappointed with anyone other than Freeman. It's about recruiting at this point if ND wants a title. Freeman blows the other candidates out of the water on that front. Anything other than Freeman screams complacency with staying where ND is at (great but not good enough. albeit, the program is in a terrific place and we have been spoiled)
  5. Don't see how Fickell comes in and closes the recruiting gap...because at the end of the day what we've learned with Kelly was it was a lack of skill position talent. Freeman, and maybe i'm wrong, seems like the type of guy that can get 5 star db's and wr's to finally come to south bend...pair that with Tommy Rees (please stay) and im hyped about the future. Thoughts?
  6. Worked out alright with Lincoln Riley at OU when he was promoted younger than Freeman. Would rather take a risk on a guy that can get the talent in the door. I think Fickell continues us down the same path, which is great but it's not a title. Thoughts?
  7. Been following this site for 12+ years, post from time to time. Really think Fickell will bring Kelly type success. But i'd rather roll the dice on the players coach who can recruit better than most head coaches in the country. Freeman is the guy that gets us over the recruiting hump, Fickell keeps us where we're at in my humble opinion.(don't know a ton about Fickell tbh) Would rather risk it / give Freeman the keys have it backfire tbh than not roll the dice. 11 win seasons have spoiled us and they're fun, but we want a NC. Hire the guy who can get the talent in the door. Only guys I can think of that can do that and are options would be Freeman and Urban Meyer. Thoughts?
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