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  1. I read the guys little article and it seems like its not an official concept just a fan thing...but I really like it...but they really need more seats, 100k would be great love the boxes and I really thing they need somthing to help keep the noise in the stadium ie the suites at the big house. Now the big house actually sounds like it seats 110k...
  2. ESPN confirms "ESPNU 150 defensive end Aaron Lynch decommits from Seminoles Four-star defensive end Aaron Lynch of Island Coast (Cape Coral, Fla.), who recently decommitted from Notre Dame, has now withdrawn..." per ESPN Recruting :llama:
  3. This might be old news but.... I notice he transfered to Eastern Michigan...Was just looking over the roster and had to do a double take...It struck me as a surprise to be honest.
  4. 7th'ed...That drove me nuts.... But honestly Maydock cannot even get some names right, which bothers me alot, and the stuff he points out is just plain obivious...bugs the s**t out of me... And I really cannot stand Brent "Mancrusher" Musberger...he tries wayyyyy to hard to be that "announcer you will remember". He always says "folks" and he just gets on my effing nerves...And 100% Sure he has a huge mancrush on Brady Quinn. Anytime Notre Dame comes up, he always brings up Quinn (or at least it seems to me).... :llama:
  5. Maydock is terrible, Millen is just as good an announcer as he is a GM, Blackledge pissed me off during the MSU game, but otherwise he isnt bad... BTW did anybody catch Millen's Irish accent? He should stick to being a GM :llama: ps. I miss Pat Haden, no homo...
  6. http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc4/hs673.snc4/61295_1270950392404_1789212031_544653_3736033_n.jpg :llama: tv clock and stadium clock....
  7. You can download them from the playstation store online. just go from your menu to the internet option then to Playstation store and get to the "add on" section. find NCAA and then you can download it...but it cost a few bucks.... but how did you fix the "no names" at home thing? :llama:
  8. From my experience, if Mike Frank says we lead, we are screwed... :llama:
  9. And I heard we are in Ishaq Williams top three too. Him, Drew and Tuitt on the same field and wearing the blue and gold gives me a jumpy...lol :llama:
  10. Me and my buddy were discussing this on the ride home from the game saturday, and we just cant see ND playing on field turf...It would look unnatural and Football is a game meant to be played on grass, not plastic... But honestly, I will be very disappointed if they go to field turf. Sure it looks nice and from first hand experience it is nice to play on, but Notre Dame Stadium is and will, hopefully, always a grass stadium. Thats how it is and needs to be. Part of the allure of ND stadium is that it is grass and so much has happened on that field. I would much rather stay wit
  11. haha I had just posted this to the Michigan Fanbase thread...didnt see this here, but irregardless, Its sooooooo true. Muck Fishigan! :llama:
  12. Been out of the loop for a while...so if this is redundant just ignore but how bout this Jersey kid Huggins, we got a shot? Michigan Sucks USC Blows Sparty, who? BC likes boys Pitt Smells Stanford is a damn Tree thanks Go Irish :llama:
  13. typical michigan fans...I live in Michigan and it seems every year they arrogant and stupid about how their season will shake out...Last year they a few were even predicting 10-2 and look how that turned out...here is my honest non bias opinion UConn: Loss • ND: Loss • BGSU: Win • UMass: Win • Indiana: Win • Sparty: Loss • Iowa: Loss • Penn State: Loss • Illinois: Win • Purdue: Win • Wisconsin: Loss • tOSU: Loss 5-7 is my honest opinion and the only reason I picked ND over them is because its at our place...
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