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  1. My rebuttal to this post is some players can have more negative effects by playing early and not being physically/mentally ready. A lineman can get other players hurt, a QB can have confidence issues etc. It also sets precedence to the players that if the team isn’t as good, it doesn’t matter if you actually worked and earned that starting door for 3-4 years. Best players play. If it’s close, split with the young guys.
  2. This will not stop USC. They would give anything to be back to the Pete Carol years. Urban could bring them back, along with the same decline.
  3. That’s why I say Book 2.0. Are we as a fan base ok with having another Ian Book type player?
  4. To me, if you get a guy like Pyne, you know you can win. Unless a Trevor Lawrence walks through and you can’t keep him off the field, you take a guy like Pyne. I think he will be a good college QB. Buchner has always been a developmental guy. He needs a lot of development before I see him ready against big time teams as a starter. Coan was an insurance policy for a year. Pyne is better. I have watched Coan choke in big games for 4 years. I don’t need to see anymore floating out routes or a Hail Mary that is 10 yds short of the end zone, all while running a 6.0 40 yd dash.
  5. If Pyne becomes Book 2.0, are we mad if he is the starter and has the same success?
  6. I remember the last game I went to was before my daughter was born about, 4 years ago. I had to be online as tickets went on sale, and I still couldn’t get USC, or the other marquee games . I have only been to a 2 games because of prices and availability. on a side note, I am thinking of going to a game. Where is a good place to party /taIlgate?
  7. I’m late to the party. My pick is 17-14 ND. Wisconsin has a top 10 defense . Our offense is sporadic, and depends on the big play. Jack Sanborn may be the best MLB in college football, and our OLine had better play better then against Purdue. On the flip side, Wisconsin’s OLine like ours, is not up to the standard they are used to. Mertz is awful this year . Wisconsin has a great TE in Ferguson. To me, they are almost exactly like us. Should be fun to watch. I think Hamilton makes the game winning play for us.
  8. I like the idea of having levels of this like a flagrant in basketball.
  9. This is the crap that pisses me off. “Sit in these crappy wooden seats, but pay us more for them. “ F that.
  10. BVG couldn’t/didn’t want to recruit. Otherwise maybe lol. I can make a new account as Freeman’s mustache.
  11. This is a good win. Not on the scoreboard or the stat sheet. But, it shows our players what they need to do to be a championship team, and how they didn’t do it. I think when we were up 38-20, we stopped playing. Can’t do that. Good win at a tough place to play, with lots of teaching moments. I expect the 3-3-5 to become a 4-3 after this game. Especially against teams that can run.
  12. I agree. My main thing with Nebraska is they used to be such a power. They sold their soles to join the Big Ten. They lost the Texas recruiting pipeline with that move.
  13. Chip Kelly looks like he has UCLA on the rise. He just needed to get his players on offense. When he took over they had 50 scholarship players. Frost boggles my mind. Nebraska may be to a point of no return to glory
  14. I think a lot of this has to do with recruiting. Every year kids from Texas pick SEC schools over Texas and OK. I think for Texas to be Texas again, they need to lock down the state like they did in the early 2000s. I don’t think that happens anymore without going to SEC. OK has been great, I’d like to see how they fair in the SEC. I am not in favor of this move, but I see why. This would start the next conference shift. Big 12 would end, PAC12 would grow, Big Ten would grow, and ACC possibly as well.
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