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  1. I think a lot of this has to do with recruiting. Every year kids from Texas pick SEC schools over Texas and OK. I think for Texas to be Texas again, they need to lock down the state like they did in the early 2000s. I don’t think that happens anymore without going to SEC. OK has been great, I’d like to see how they fair in the SEC. I am not in favor of this move, but I see why. This would start the next conference shift. Big 12 would end, PAC12 would grow, Big Ten would grow, and ACC possibly as well.
  2. I live in Wisconsin, and watch the badgers. I hope his arm strength is not better then Pyne, and he isn’t very mobile. Coan looked great against teams that had un-athletic defenses. Against the good teams he played very poor and his lack of arm strength was shown. I’m hoping for Pyne because if it’s Coan, we had better have a great Oline and run game. We can’t have him win games for us.
  3. This would make me want to get a new system. Haven’t since the last NCAA came out.
  4. FSU must be offering every decent high school player in Florida. What this tells me is ND, and other schools are looking at tape, looking at body type and offering kids that actually want. FSU is probably offering everyone in hopes of getting the highest rated kids, then pull the offers from the other 75 kids.
  5. I agree faith. You carry that toughness from year to year based on the culture in the locker room, attitude at practice, and the kids you recruit. If we keep these 3 things consistent we will continue that toughness. Now we need speed.
  6. Freeman so far has been very impressive on the recruiting trail. If he coaches with this same intensity, we may have a truly elite defense. Now the offensive side needs to recruit with the same intensity.
  7. Tennessee should get hit hard, but won’t. Probably same penalties as us. NCAA is a joke
  8. How about Urban Meyer when he leaves the Jaguars in 3 years... then we became the next Bama! LOL
  9. This would be admitting Kelly had a good game plan. We aren’t allowed to think that.
  10. OSU is not going to win. Devonta smith may be the best college WR ever. Holy ****. Greatest performance for a WR I have ever seen.
  11. This has been my biggest gripe with the university. Every year we are #1 or #2 for money generated from football. We should spend like that too, or at least close. Obviously all of us love ND, but what about the next generation if ND doesn’t have success? Eventually the money will dry up. Glad to have donors helping, as does most major college sports.
  12. This shows me , ND is at least thinking about trying to become elite. 1.6 million is a large salary for an assistant coach. Only football factories pay that kind of money for a coordinator.
  13. Not sure he will be surrounded by more talent here, then what Coan had last year. Jonathan Taylor, Quintez Cephus would have been our #1 no doubt, Jake Ferguson will be an NFL TE, Pryor would also start for ND.
  14. I take highlight reals like this with a grain of salt. I saw many floating out routes, late throws, etc. while at times he looked great. Against Ohio State and Oregon he looked very mediocre. To me the highlight real was how underrated Cephus was as a receiver. He whipped Okudah last year. Cephus looked very good this year with the Lions. If it wasn’t for a false rape allegation and a slow 40 , he’s probably a 2nd-3rd pick. Ferguson is very underrated.. and Coan often had time to throw... and had Jonathan Taylor....
  15. What I know is against good defenses, his balls floated and he forced the ball. While his touch may be better, he can’t run to save his soul. I’m hoping this is just to push Pyne and Clark. With Coan I say 8-9 wins if Oline plays great and receivers develop.
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