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  1. Hawaii hit the nail on the head. We so badly want to be the program we once were it is easy to convince ourselves that each year will be the year. When a loss or losses occur the inevitable meltdown takes place. We were overrated this year as we tend to be sometimes but rest assured before the start of next season we will have posters telling us this is the YEAR.
  2. Why do we seem to have one or two o-linemen every year that are projected as high round draft picks and usually go on to succeed in the league but when they are here they seem to have lapses that would not warrant that ranking. Is it blocking schemes, our coaching, or is NFL coaching better at furthering their development??
  3. I am one of those members who rarely post but enjoy the site very much. I just finished watching a replay of last night's game (missed it due to work). I have been an Irish fan my entire life. My Dad use to tell me stories about the Leahy era and how special it was. I grew up in the Parseghian/Devine era and fondly remember 1966 and 1977. Having said that, I think the posters have been very kind in their analysis of last night (sorry Speedster). As this debacle unfolded in the first half, Kelly appeared dumbstruck on the sideline. He appeared clueless as to how to fix what he was observin
  4. Well the way things are going here are three points to ponder. 1. The next embarrassment will be national signing day. 2. So much for ever catching Michigan in all-time wins. 3. Plague of locusts??
  5. I would not count on any year in the near future as being "special". Before this season we had predictions of "easy schedule","running the table" and "playoffs".
  6. This team seems to vacillate between tentativeness and a sense of urgency. Penalties and turnovers definitely hurt us, leading to wasted scoring opportunities.
  7. Saturday's game replay on ESPNU right now, for those of you who care to watch.
  8. Will it take 12-0 to make the playoffs next year?? I think we could possibly get in at 11-1 depending on the perceived strengths of the other one loss teams. Not having a 13th game hurts us for sure. Georgia Tech scares the heck out of me (wins over Clemson, Georgia and Miss. State this year).
  9. Irish 34-17 Bryant and Golson big days.
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