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  1. The short answer to which question? Respectfully disagree. While you may have a point about Book's ability to read defenses, opinion meter goes down if you answer yes to any of those questions. Of course, that's just my opinion.
  2. Griffith/Lamb/Oghoufo/Rutherford: Coach Lea, I didn't really get a shot at ND, but I like your coaching style and I think I'm better than anyone on the Vanderbilt squad. Besides, Vanderbilt is a good academic school to finish my education. If I enter transfer portal, will you accept me at Vanderbilt? Nothing nefarious. No, I'm not accusing Lea of tampering with players. Just tossing this out there. Anyone else think of this?
  3. Maybe because JJ got his first taste of action and got a personal foul for slugging a defender in the chest when he was down on the ground. Lack of maturity and giving no reason to be put back out on the field.
  4. On what basis? Have you ever seen him play on anything than 1 or 2 series in mop up? If you don't think Clark can do well, and presumably don't think Pyne can do well, why not just start Buchner and go through growing pains for 1 year.? My concern about Clark is his health - knee. If his ACL that he's now wearing a brace for needs anything more than cleaning, he'll be out all spring and maybe longer. Not good for prospects.
  5. They have 1 now,and they played the #2 and #3 teams pretty close.
  6. Fact: Vanderbilt had a female kicker play 1 play today. Fact: First female to play in a Power 5 game, 3rd female to play in FBS game. Fact: Her kick didn't reach an altitude of 5 feet. Fact: Her kick traveled about 20 yards in the air. Fact: Covered on various news episodes and social media platforms. Opinion: Manufactured history. About as historically significant as Geraldo opening Al Capone's vault. This is not about equality/inequality of the sexes, sexism, misogyny, etc. It isn't female bashing. I guess it's just me asking a question - why?
  7. Maybe. He sure is fast! But he needs to get in the weight room. Saw more than once he couldn't take a runner down.
  8. This!! However, whether B10 changes policy or not is irrelevant. CFP doesn't have a minimum number of games requirement. While no level-headed, rational person would put a team that plays 6 or 5 games into the playoff, no one has ever used those terms to describe members of the CFP committee.
  9. Initially cringed when I saw Kraemer "lost," but fortunately he's not out long term. Hope he recovers well. Not really concerned about 2 OL starers missing for UNC game. IMO, ND can't get into a shootout. Needs to control ball, keep UNC off field, and keep defense fresh. I think reconstituted line will still be able to control LOS against a really bad defense. This game will be all about the ND defense. In Lea I trust.
  10. I presume you think a transfer is the way to go if Book doesn't come back. If Book wants to come back, I don't see a scenario where Kelly says no to a QB who would be starting for a 4th year, one with a > .900 winning percentage, and instead goes with a transfer. Now, if Kelly says no because it's time to move on from Book, it's because he has confidence in Clark or Pyne. I just don't see a QB transferring in in the near future. Why do you think a transfer might be the best route?
  11. Meets the criteria for a definitive trap game. However, I don't get all the pundits talking about 1993 as an omen. ND was 4-8 much more recently than 1993. That 4-8 season was longer than November 20, 1993 (the BC game). No one is pointing to the 2016 season as a historic data point for this 2020 team. Why point to a single game from 1993? I prefer to look at this year's personnel, performance, culture, preparation, etc. as indicators. I predict ND 41-17.
  12. yawn. your posts lack the orignality I suspect you claim BK lacks as a coach.
  13. I don't disagree with your first opinion. I respectfully disagree with your second opinion that includes a team that's played 1 game, two 2 loss teams, a team that hasn't even played yet, and a team that got beat by a team we dominated. Don't see the support for the opinion. I'm not too concerned about teams that are good offensively. ND's defense is pretty good and shouldn't give up a lot of points unless something weird happens. I'm more concerned about really, really good defensive teams that, as you point out, could stack the box and then expose ND's passing game woes.
  14. Those bunch of guys just gave up only 7 points to an offense described as having exceptional skill players and great speed.
  15. Leach lighting it up. Let's go to the tale of the tape: Pts per game year Leach Kelly 2012 26.7 26.8 2013 29.6 27.2 2014 29.4 32.8 2015 32.7 34.2 2016 37.8 30.9 2017 30.2 34.2 2018 35.8 31.4 2019 36.0 36.8 8 years - Kelly is better 4 years, Leach better 3 years, 1 virtual tie (.1 diff) And don't compare the defenses ND plays each year v. the defense played in the Pac 12 because Pac 12 will lose. 2020 so far 44.0 39.5 Don't see how Leach's offense is so much better. But
  16. No, he doesn't. Waiver was approved. Regardless, statements that Jurk is better than Book are nonsensical coming from people who have absolutely no basis in fact or reality. Jurk looked like a deer in the headlights in Blue Gold game, then bailed when he couldn't crack the lineup. I don't know him to judge him or to call him names or anything. All I know is that he isn't a QB at ND.
  17. So true. California State University Log Beach changed their mascot from Prospector Pete to Sharks because Prospector Pete was a reference to the California Gold Rush, during which prospectors often committed atrocities against indigenous peoples. Prospector Pete!!!
  18. I know it's camp. I know there's maybe a little bit of holding/pulling. I know there's a big weight/size advantage (but at 6'5", 335, there still may be in college), but DAMN ....
  19. His comment was dripping with sarcasm. He'll take any and every opportunity to bash BK so expect it or read most of what he posts with that in mind.
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