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  1. I'll take your word for that, but in looking at the replay, the snap was completely catchable. Was not into his body; a little more out front. But not high, not low, not wide. No need for a forensic analysis, but if Hunter Smith is doing the holding next week I'll be absolutely amazed.
  2. Understand completely and agree. But my point is that Daly seemed to execute his part of it perfectly. Maybe Kelly was just asking him if he thought the snap was OK. Not a big deal, just seemed odd that he criticized Daly at all.
  3. So why was he yelling at Daly? That's what I don't get. He joked about executing both of them. Unless I missed something Daly is blameless.
  4. I saw Kelly having an animated discussion with Scott Daly and saw his comment in the presser about both of them screwing up. I saw the replay and it looked like the snap was perfect. Anyone have any insight here? Looked like it was totally the holder's fault.
  5. Anybody really think he'll end up at ND? How can the ND staff consider this kid a "commit"? It is clear that the path of least resistance for him (teen agers like paths of least resistance) is LSU. I'd say he's 60-40 to flip right now and every Ole Miss or Bama or UF visit he takes knocks about 5% off ND's chances. *************************************************************** "That game was awesome," said Tillery's mother, Mildred. "It was so loud, and I had been there before, but I never knew it got loud. Jerry was standing on the sidelines for the last two minutes and we cou
  6. Bro, Settle down. I wasn't calling you out. I was using your post which said something like "I think we can keep this competitive" (I now forget the exact line) as an example of many/most ND fans going into this game thinking we're about to get buried. I'm sure you're a great fan. But you're taking this too seriously and too personally. I am tired of those who whine about haters. ESPN, Corso, David Haugh from the Chi Trib, etc etc and then turn around and quake about a big game. You're either on the bus or you're off. (Not YOU personally, btw)
  7. ... you think FSU will deliver, then plz don't post any further about how ESPN hates ND. Not saying you have to be predicting a win, but this attitude that everyone hates and no one believes in ND is tiring. WHO CARES??? ND 34 FSU 27 GO IRISH
  8. Bold statement after last week. And therein lies the crux of the game issue for many. Simply put: Was last week's D effort an anomaly or were we too quick to sing this unit's praises? Unclear. They've been very good this year, especially against Stanford and UM. But it's also pretty clear that those are two very poor offenses. To ND's credit, they didn't screw either up. And in the Stanford game they overcame the offense continually putting them in a tough position. But re: UM, it's getting harder and harder to rave about that as something special.
  9. FSU is the favorite for a reason. Defending NC, home field and currently ranked higher. And however flawed, they have the Heisman guy taking snaps. Further, many still think ND has beaten no one. Michigan has turned out to be a joke, Stanford was the essence of an ugly win, Syracuse and Purdue were decided victories but each had their elements of "eeeeewww". And UNC was ridiculous. All those games have mitigating explanations but so what? So if someone here says they expect FSU to win, I get that. It's the ones saying stuff like "we might be able to be competitive if we get a few breaks"
  10. How many teams could beat Oklahoma at night in Norman, OK?
  11. I just read someone's post in another thread that "this game could very well end up being competitive". COME ON!! Funny thing is this: Some of the people here and on other boards who are expecting an FSU avalanche and are just hoping that ND is competitive are the same ones who complain daily about ESPN, Desmond Howard and the rest of the media showing no love. It's either one or the other. Either you believe that ND has no chance and just keeps it within 14 points or you believe ND is the real deal and has a legit shot to go down to Tallahassee and win. If you're the former, then s
  12. Bad idea, IMO. There's a limit to this global brand identity thing. What does a game in Rome really buy them? Would it be cool to see ND/BC play in Rome? I suppose. But the travel would be just fu**ing brutal on the team. Fly back from Rome Saturday, get in super jet lagged sometime Sunday, try to get study work done, and take the next 48 - 72 hours recovering, then play another game a couple days later. Bad.
  13. Don't think so. I thought Kelly was about to bring him to ND then the Buffalo HC job came up. For those saying "get this guy", who do you get rid of? LaFleur seems to be doing very well, coaching and recruiting. Denbrock - a Kelly loyalist and in good standing. Doubt he's going anywhere. There is a limit to the number of coaches you can have. Fine if they bring in Quinn, but not sure I want to see any of the current guys leave.
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