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  1. What planet are you on? If Kelly was here and lost this game (which again, historically he would have) would you have made these weird posts? No? Then you are celebrating an ND loss on an ND board because some meanies on the internet were mean about not liking Kelly? frig off man. Kelly is gone man. You being a jackass about some people being excited about freeman is really strange.
  2. Worse coaches than Kelly have won titles as LSU. I don’t see what a theoretical title for Kelly at LSU has to do with anything.
  3. I completely understand what you’re saying but I also think it’s possible that any top 25 coach could win a title at LSU, if LSU is what everyone is implying they are.
  4. Is les miles a better coach than Kelly? Is coach O?
  5. How about the second paragraph? You know the one I specifically mentioned…
  6. I’m legit not sure you can read. Did you just ignore the second paragraph Wounded Gazelle wrote?
  7. I don’t disagree with any of these sentences. I also don’t think this has anything to do with the bullshit topic you started.
  8. So you are both arguing that Freeman isn’t good and we should have loved Kelly and that freeman and Rees stink when Kelly wanted freeman and Rees?
  9. Again, we are under a month removed from Kelly bolting (like he tried to do the week before the 2012 national championship game.) This game was bad and will be remembered as a terrible start to a bad hire or a weird start to a promising/great hire. But you have to recognize that Kelly wanted to make the “noodle brained OC” the highest paid OC in college football right?
  10. Get the frig out of here with” my stupidity.” Who are you “holding accountable?” I legitimately love that you get online after a bad loss and you think you being a cunt is “holding people accountable.” Edit: since when is the f word edited to frig fair enough I guess
  11. Dude, I’m as mad as I’ve been post loss since the last Michigan loss. Freeman has been the head coach for under a month. No one (with a brain) thought the team would suddenly become bama. Haven’t you spent legitimately seasons complaining about ND fans hoping ND loses because they hate Kelly? It’s sure looks like you are celebrating an ND loss you sack of shit.
  12. I mean this without a hint snark: You need to chill out. I haven’t seen a poster draw the ire of seemingly every other poster on this board since Parseghians Theorum was banned years ago. Sometimes when everyone you meet is an asshole, it’s time to look in the mirror. It feels like every other thread you derail by calling someone or something a pussy or a bitch which adds zero to the conversation. I’m not offended by those words, I say them myself, but for someone that loves to call other people on this board “bad fans” all the time you sure do love to insult teenagers who chose to come play for the team you’re such a huge fan of. Believe it or not most people who disagree with you about a football team aren’t pussies or bitches. I’d also argue even less ND players, current and former, are pussies or bitches. Now for my snark: Am I wrong that I remember you posting somewhere on this board that you didn’t play high school football at Elder because you were too small? Because THAT would make you a bigger pussy/bitch than a guy like Phil Jurkovec by a long shot.
  13. I mean, you started off by saying Freeman “hasn’t done anything for the offense” then when shown an offensive commitment who can be directly attributed to Freeman being the head coach, you move the goalposts to Freeman not doing anything with WRs. Obviously Freeman has had the job for 2 weeks and anyone thinking his 2 weeks of head coaching made or unmade this current class isn’t very bright.
  14. Yep congratulations to both of them. Hamilton lived up to the lofty expectations we all had for him, and Kyren exceeded anyone’s expectations they could have had. I wonder if they’d both be playing if ND was in the playoffs ?
  15. For all your talk about how the landscape of college football has changed and that’s why ND can’t compete do you think it’s possible that it’s easier for first time coaches to step into big roles nowadays much like it’s easier for Freshman QBs to play immediately?
  16. Does it matter that ND is currently 10+ spots above LSU currently in ‘22 and ‘23? Because currently that’s the case per 247.
  17. You might be right. BUT we all agree Davie/Willingham/Weis weren’t good enough, so they weren’t good examples of the difficultly ND was/wasn’t having. So since Lou we all agree Kelly is comfortably the best coach ND has had. Kelly did not win a championship (or even a major bowl.) I believe there ARE coaches out there that ND could have gotten since Lou that could have won titles. You believe that college football has changed too much and ND can’t win a title. My question: What’s the point of being an ND fan if, like you, you don’t think ND can win anything of import? They aren’t in a conference so they can’t win a conference title. Their schedule has become watered down with USC being down, Michigan not on it and playing the dregs of the ACC every year so most years there’s only 2/3 marquee games yearly. Most people agree home games don’t have the same atmosphere anymore. If anyone here is a masochist as a fan, it’s the guy that’s watching a team that he believes can’t win championships, not the guy who think the coach was just not good enough to win championships.
  18. This is exactly how I feel. Did Kelly help the program? Yes. Does that mean he’s necessarily the best coach for the current state of the program? I’d say no, some would say yes.
  19. That’s a masochist. Sadists take pleasure in other peoples pain. edit: Too many posts to read, but I see someone already pointed this out so I apologize for seeming like a dick here
  20. I’d be excited with Freeman and okay with Fickell and yes I will complain if either consistently gets their dick stomped in big games like Kelly has over the years. Those aren’t hypocritical or incongruous ideas. edit: That’s also not what a sadist is
  21. Dude we’ve played the name game for years now. Many people here and elsewhere have named possible replacements and you and your ilk say “HE SUCKS!” or “HED NEVER COME TO ND!” like you are both every coaches agent and can see the future. Nobody gives a shit that you are demanding we give you names, because you don’t want to have an actual discussion, you want to bitch and moan about how much more intelligent you are than all of us “idiots.” The question isn’t “Can I/anyone name a name that you believe is both realistic and 100% better than Kelly?” The question should be “Is Brian Kelly a good enough football coach to win a championship?” If he isn’t then he shouldn’t be here. If you believe he is good enough to win a title then that’s fine, and we can just agree to disagree.
  22. He may not be a “murderer, sexual offender or some violent dude” but he’s both employed and enabled murderers, sexual offenders and violent dudes. He’s a scumbag because of everything else he’s done, him fucking girls younger than his children pales in comparison.
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