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  1. I think the question with this list every year is what they are measuring. If you are measuring in a vacuum of wins and losses then Kelly is somewhere in the land of 3-10ish. He's had worse a worse season than the rest of the top 10, hasn't won a major bowl game, making him the only top 10 coach on either list to not have a major bowl win. But he's been to the college football playoff as much as anyone outside the top 2, which has to count for something. If you we are asking who we think are the best coaches in the sense of "Give these coaches X team. Who does the best?" I think it's a lot
  2. In both his and NREMDN’s defense there’s a ton of dbags out there, and if every one of them gets hospitalized every time they act like a Dbag our country would have to shut down quicker than when covid hit! Hell there’s plenty of dbags in this very thread that aren’t getting hospitalized for acting like dbags!
  3. While I don’t disagree with any of this, it makes me feel better to attribute Trump’s voting bloc to stupidity rather than malice. Yes, he is a terrible person, a terrible president and has done nothing but lie to both the American people since he’s been in the public eye. Yes, his voters most certainly WERE voting for a lot of racism and undemocratic things. But rather than thinking every one out of the 10s of millions of trump voters is a racist scumbag, it eases my mind to believe that many of them are uninformed, lied to and afraid of things they don’t have experience with/understand.
  4. Well "FACT #1" is at best you or your source not understanding that the CDC hasn't released total death figures or at worst malicious misinformation. Reuters USA Today Both those sources and pretty much every other source shows around 2,854,838 died in 2019 in the USA and 2020 will have between 3.1-3.2 million depending on the source. We have more deaths than the year prior every year, as the population increases but this will be the largest percentage increase ever recorded.
  5. I think my answer depends on what we mean by "best." Best career? Who would I rather have, healthy for one game? Because those are two very different lists in my opinion. My top 5 RBs for one game, in a normal offense. 1) Julius Jones 2) Dexter Williams 3) CJ Procise 4) Jonas Gray 5) Armando Allen Top 5 RB Careers 1) Julius Jones 2) Ryan Grant 3) Josh Adams 4) Darius Walker 5) Cierre Wood Top 5 WRs for one game 1) Michael Floyd 2) Golden Tate 3) Chase Claypool 4) Jeff Samardjza 5) Will Fuller Top 5 WR Career 1) Michael Floyd 2) Jeff Samardzja 3) Golden Tate 4
  6. I’m starting to think the whole Big14 might just suck this year. ND beats both of these teams by 20+ if they play like this.
  7. It depends on what we mean when we say “best team.” Because if you put a gun to my head and ask me who the best 4 teams are I’d say in no order Alabama, Notre Dame, Clemson, Ohio State. Now if by best we mean “team with the best resume,” the 4 teams probably change, but “best resume” in and of it self is subjective. Does Cincy have a better resume than OSU? I don’t know, but that question is tougher to answer for me than whether or not OSU is a better football team than Cincy. The problem for me becomes that during any given weekly set of rankings, half of the committees decisions seem
  8. While I think this is dumb, we have no room to complain, considering the ACC essentially cancelled games so ND and Clemson would be as healthy as possible going into the rematch.
  9. I think you missed my point. I can’t fathom caring who is the kicker who kicked an average squib kick on a team so bad they never got into field goal range en route to a 41-0 beatdown. The fact that you’re pretending to give a **** about the sanctity of the SEC special teams player of the week award is just wild. I can’t name a single player to win the lauded SEC Special Teams Player of the Week award thus far through this year and if you guys in this thread weren’t so mad at the fact that this girl won it I probably wouldn’t have known she won it either. OR maybe the kid currently
  10. You know they just had a week off right? And the amount of games is kind of my point. If A&M/FL have 1 loss and so does ND, I’d rather be 11-1 instead of 10-1. The same can be said about OSU. If OSU is 5-0 I’d rather ND be 11-1 than 10-1. It isn’t necessarily beating wake forest but the fact that we don’t know if (at all) the committee would value playing an entire season when no one else has. And since we don’t know, I’d rather ND play the full season and have Kelly use that as a talking point in the event of a loss to Clemson in the ACC championship game. I also think playing Cle
  11. I understand why the ACC is doing this and why we would be happy about it, but In the event of a loss in the ACC championship game, more wins/games could very well be what pushes ND in over a 5-0 (or whatever they are) OSU team. For all the talk on this board about how it’d be better for ND to cancel games, I don’t think we have any idea what the committee will value at the end of this strange season, and the safer bet would be to have the most wins possible on my opinion.
  12. Dude, you really have to chill out. Every post of yours this thread has gotten whinier, angrier and more argumentative even with no one really arguing against you. I can’t fathom getting so worked up about something that has zero bearing on my life.
  13. Clemson’s CBs were healthy against ND and they weren’t shutting anyone down. I think this is a down year for CFB overall, for obvious reasons, and Clemson/Bama/OSU are all much closer to the rest of the pack, ND included, than they have been over the last 5-10 years.
  14. I’m not sure how many here have had shoulder injuries, but as someone who has dislocated my shoulder twice that **** doesn’t just suddenly get better. Before first shoulder dislocation I was pumping out sets of 25 pull ups. I couldn’t do a single pull up for 3-4 months after. Then I was finally feeling better, decided to play basketball again, got under cut and it popped out again. Shoulder injuries suck which makes someone like daelin Hayes even more impressive.
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