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  1. THIS. Is the big question. How quickly can Lea make the adjustments because the Clemson defense even if Lawrence doesn't play is stout and will be playing pretty fast I'd expect early on. So we need to steady the ship with the defense IMO.
  2. Holy (insert your favorite 4 letter word) people. We just put up 48 pts on a power 5 team and won the game. Yea maybe our defense didn't play great in the second half, but we won. At this point in the year that's all that matters. We could've been OSU or PSU. But we're not we won and we'll still be in the top 4 on Tuesday. Kelly and Elko are going to make the necessary changes and we'll be just. Take a deep breath take drink and enjoy this win. Remember we only had 4 of these last year.
  3. They must be salty with the low rankings haha. I've got plenty of Miami friends who are just morons. It's not a have to... it's a will when it comes to Miami. Anyway... 49-10 Irish
  4. I've been worried about this since the SC game. I agree with coltssb though, there probably needs to be another year or possibly two to really start worrying about him leaving. He did have a good year at WF last year though which people may appreciate. Wasn't there someone telling opposing teams what the defense was gonna do the next week and they still played great? I may be completely wrong about that though. Elston may be the bigger concern of being recruited away from ND right now as compared to Elko.
  5. I have had 3 weddings in the month of September. I was trying to think if I even had 3 friends that could get married!
  6. I have 2 tickets for the USC game, but can't make it out to Southern California. At this rate I'm not asking much, I can overnight them. Please let me know. They are in Sec. 28 Row 92 and seats 17 and 18. Email me at kannis@law.jmls.edu
  7. Noonkick.com is also a good one. i don't know how quick it'll be up though.
  8. I'll be looking at one of our many tvs in my apartment. Unfortunately my roommate had the bright idea of scheduling our fantasy draft at 7 o'clock on Sunday.....
  9. Wasn't Darnay Holmes just on campus? Any word on how that visit went.
  10. I believe Bilal is taking 22. Think he wore that in HS and Shumate was wearing it.
  11. I like the Cam Newton motto. You don't want me to bat flip or celebrate. Don't let me in the endzone or don't let me hit a 3 run bomb... My opinion.
  12. I thought that I read somewhere that a student has to sign by April 1 of that year to be able to play with that class. Doea anyone know if that's true?
  13. Overrated: I will go with Hayes becasue shoulder issues. Underrated: Jamir Jones and Kevin Stepherson Most likely to transfer: McIntosh and Ian Book Biggest Contributor: The secondary without a doubt. Future AAs: Bourdeaux, Studstill, Pride Position Swtich: Not too sure on this one. Claypool to TE is a pick, but I just don't have a pick for this one. Best Position Group: Offensive line. However, if we get Robertson I think WR may be a great group. Miss: Big time defensive recruit. Whether it is a LB or DE.
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