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  1. Sounds like recruiting has **** the bed.
  2. Well Creans seat is pretty hot right now. If they don't make the tourney and win a game or two he is gone. In fact, they apparently have been having back channel discussions with Brad Stevens. So Indiana can't be too happy with Crean right now. And why should they? He had one good season in 6 and lost in the sweet 16 that year with two lottery picks.
  3. I'm afraid that this could leave ND like Indiana basketball. They have Rick Pitino and John Calipari right next door who can get anyone they want, Tom Izzo and Thad Matta as well. Meanwhile they are stuck with Tom Crean.
  4. Notre Dame hauls in top 5-15 classes every year and has only finished in top 20 once in the last 8 seasons. Once. The team was immensely talented this year as well and quit on Kelly. They had talent galore the year before but still managed to lose 4 games. Kelly still hasn't found his qb going into year 6. It's a 50/50 proposition that someone is going to have a chick proofread their paper or cheat on a test and get kicked out for an entire year. This is why many of us are not optimistic about next season. We aren't negative Nancys or Debbie downers, we are just realists.
  5. We could have had Bob Stoops. Wouldn't you call that a pretty big hire?
  6. Michigan is serious about winning again and winning big. Ohio State hires Urban Meyer, Michigan hires Jim Harbaugh and Notre Dame has Brian ' I'm still looking for my qb going into yesr 6' Kelly. At least 2 of the 3 midwest powers are serious about winning
  7. Apparently coaches are telling running back prospects that the better running back prospects that are on the roster (Bryant, etc) can't beat out guys like Cam because the offense is so difficult and complex to learn until you've been there several years.
  8. They shouldn't need to clean things up going into yesr six. It should be a well oiled machine. This is what opposing coaches are talking about when they point out that Brian Kelly shouldn't be having to sell future success going into year 6. There is a disconnect with this program as it relates to its talent and head coach stability.
  9. I have written positive posts but let's be honest, this season has been a train wreck . The program has been a train wreck since the opening kickoff of the Alabama game. But as an example, I created a post after the FSU loss stating how proud I was of the team and that I thought they had been robbed. Been a train wreck since then. As.far.as positive.thoughts about ND currently? It's hard to be positive when your team continues to massively underachieve. When teams like TCU and Baylor and oregon would kill for our recruiting classes but still dance circles.around us on the football field. There is a serious disconnect at ND and more and more of us are realizing this and just don't want to hear anymore hype. Just win..And while they are at it, kick the **** out of the teams that they should.
  10. So he and Stanley were on the same line and yet we couldn't run the ball? Sounds about right.
  11. How many years does he get?? So he has one year left and maybe he will finally get it then? Come on man. Urban Meyer is playing in the playoffs with his third string qb, he played great with one week to prepare. This is after his back up is thrusted into the lineup a few weeks before the season started because of Miller's injury. He played so well that Miller is going to have to transfer to play. And this is saying something because Miller tore it up for OSU. Crist, Hendrix were a.5 and 4 star. Rees and Golson 3 stars. None of them could protect the ball or run Kelly's offense properly. That's on Kelly. Thats his job. It's not coincidence.
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