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  1. Agree he's been a good coach and it's way too soon to talk about firing him. Two warning flags though: besides the 0-4 record, he went 0-fer on the top 10 hs players in PA. Most of those committed elsewhere before the four losses. Just my opinion, but that suggests something is wrong there.
  2. https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2020/08/06/ohio-state-ryan-day-trounce-michigan-jim-harbaugh/
  3. It looked like just big dave and his entourage.
  4. A&M is a very large school that annually graduates high quality students in business, engineering and other disciplines. My experience with Aggies is they're competent,hard-working and readily promotable. Their graduates are fiercely loyal and proud of their school--very much like ND in that regard. That the university has a big endowment should not be a surprise to anyone familiar with the school and its culture.
  5. Harbaugh is the biggest d-bag in CFB now that Spurrier has retired. If Kiffin was worth a damn I would put him behind Harbaugh, but he isn't, so I won't.
  6. Great turnout on 6th Street last night by the Irish faithful. Lots of fans have come in from all over-not just locals. Should be a great atmosphere tonight. Heat will still be a factor in the first half with 630 start time though. Go Irish!
  7. Section 102 (hey, cheapest seats i could find!) DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium. Go IRISH!
  8. http://ohiostate.247sports.com/Bolt/Buckeyes-expected-to-land-transfer-from-Notre-Dame--44872992
  9. Highly accurate imo. The only difference between these two programs is DL depth and special teams, which has been identified in other threads.
  10. So Bama, which of the three returning QB's has Meyer lied to and what are those lies. Take your time. And don't kid yourself, you'd take Meyer in a second.
  11. +1. Good response--completely agree with this davis.
  12. ESPN is the only reason to own Disney stock Faith. But it's a very good reason.
  13. An attempt, however lame, to add some levity to the thread. http://www.businessinsider.com/detroit-free-press-wrong-harbaugh-2014-12
  14. For dark humor, Sordid Lives is hard to beat. [ame] [/ame]
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