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  1. Thx for the tip. No improvement for the tweets, in fact there is now a ton of empty space around them.
  2. Is there any way that when you go to a page with new posts you are sent to the new posts automatically rather than having to scroll down to them? Or am I missing something?
  3. No improvement. And thank you for taking our concerns seriously.
  4. I like the dark theme, but embedded tweets are unreadable in it. Black text on black background. Any way to change that?
  5. I'm referring to desktop. I don't really know how to elaborate. On the old board there were 2-3 times as many rows as there are now. Each thread is about 3 times as tall with lots of empty space between. And I'm seeing the bold now. It just is not as stark a contrast as before.
  6. 2 issues with the update- 1) Each line takes up 3 times as much screen real estate (at least). Leads to dramatically more scrolling. And it is all wasted whitespace. Any way to condense it? 2) There is no visual clue that there is a new post. It may be a color scheme issue, but the old software would bold a thread if there was a new post. Any way to do that?
  7. What are you talking about? The FDA website still says not to take it and the EUA has not been reinstated.
  8. 1) There is a difference in giving each state equal representation in the senate (what they were promised) and giving each state equal representation overall (what they were NOT promised). Even under the EC each state gets different representation. 2) I'm of the belief that states matter less now. When I think of myself I think of a US citizen, not a citizen of my state. And there is more movement today (for ex. I currently don't live in the state I was born in). So while each state is different I don't see them as having an identity that needs special protection. Representation in con
  9. NDHoosier 1) You said "California always benefited greatly from the EC". I took exception to the word 'always' and conflated it with a prior post about states getting what they bargained for. My bad. 2) No, having elected officials is supposed to mean each person is equally represented. How many states have legislatures that apportion representatives by geographical region as opposed to population? And how is it regionally based when the size of states varies widely (new england vs the west)? 3) I think this is where the fundamental disagreement lies. I think of the US as a count
  10. Irishwave, nothing went over my head, I just disagree with it. And insulting my intelligence by saying it went over my head isn't very useful. But to address your points, do you identify as a citizen of your state before being a citizen of the country? That is a rather antiquated way of thinking that I haven't seen in my lifetime. If you don't then your argument falls flat. For ex., Montana and California were both added after the Constitution was ratified and are really just lines on a map. So the question is, why does Montana's one million people get more electors per voter than Cali
  11. Actually, california wasn't a state when it was created, so what are you talking about So what? Does that mean some people matter more than others? What happened to the idea of one person one vote? Having elected representatives instead of direct voting has nothing to do with how much power each vote is supposed to have. Really? How much time do presidential candidates spend campaigning in either? Everyone knows Idaho votes R and California votes D so why would anyone bother spending resources there? And why should they be equal? If California has 10 times the population
  12. First, lets try to limit insults/personal attacks and have a civil discussion. I am aware we are a republic, but what does that have to do with anything? Being a republic does not mean that certain people should be overrepresented and others underrepresented. It means that those who actually vote represent others, presumably an equal number of others. Personally, I don't like the Senate's composition, but there's nothing we can do about it. That compromise can't be changed by amendment (one of only two things that can't) so it would require starting from scratch to change it. It made
  13. Historically, the point of the electoral college was to allow southern states to gain the representation of 3/5 of their slaves without having to let them vote. So what is the point now? Supporting the electoral college is to say that you don't like democracy. The fact that in 2 of the last 5 elections the person who got the most votes lost is a travesty. It also makes most of the country irrelevant. How much do candidates campaign in Alabama or California? If you don't live in a swing state then you really don't matter to the politicians. Is that a good thing? And this isn't a c
  14. Haven't been since the renovation, so I don't know how the video board is working out, but instant replay was always the clincher for me. Combined with costing far less and not requiring multiple travel days and home viewing has always been my preferred choice.
  15. And anyone else affected by Michael. Be safe.
  16. Talk about a blown call turning a game around. Clearly an Oregon TD that would make it 31-7, but the ref calls it out at the 1 for some reason, and Oregon then blows a snap that is returned for a TD. 24-14. Wow.
  17. 1) True 2) remakes are usually bad, and this wouldn't survive without mel brooks 3) pineapple on pizza is the best 4) TBD 5) He's a pretty good DT and didn't want to play OT, so I'm good with how it played out.
  18. So, like the 3 month old who died when a tree fell on her mobile home? Or the mother and child who died when a tree fell on their Wilmington house? Or the woman who had a heart attack and paramedics couldn't get to her because of fallen trees? Or the at least 4 people who have drowned in flash floods? The total count has reached at least 22 and is still climbing. In one place Florence dropped 35.93 inches of rain. The previous record for rain from a single tropical system was 24.09 inches (Floyd in '99). This was really bad, and I'd argue not sensationalized. Your commentary, on the
  19. Last count was 15 dead, record amount of rainfall for a tropical system in the carolinas, multiple interstates impassable, a million households without power and who knows how much property damage. And we still have 2 days of rain to go. So how about a little more christian compassion and a little less smug superiority?
  20. There is a time and place for everything. And mocking media coverage of a storm while it is happening and killing people (5 confirmed dead when you first posted) is the wrong time.
  21. Man, they got something that requires a supercomputer to attempt to model wrong. Damn, they suck. And speaking as someone who lives inland and has already had a tree fall on his house, I have to disagree with you on the fact that this is a joke. What makes this storm dangerous is how slow it is moving, not its initial wind force. The leading edge reached me this evening and the radar maps have reds and yellows over me for the next 48 hours. Areas on the coast are projected to have over 30 inches of rain. This might not be a monster, but it is pretty damn bad.
  22. Vegas, your projection has us taking 24. Do you really think the class will be that big?
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