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  1. You mean the guy who just called plays for the offense which scored the most against Ok St all season? More than Lincoln Riley's Ok?
  2. Buchner was a stud recruit. You said we should get 1 stud recruit every 2 years. If you are only going to judge by hindsight your standards are unrealistic. And as for 2023, the issue with 2022 was he was late in evaluating and offering. You can't say that about 2023. So, no, the results aren't yet better, but the process is. So why the knee jerk reaction based on 1 recruiting class?
  3. And we got Buchner last year. So if we are meeting your standard, what's your problem? Rees has said he screwed up QB recruiting in 2022, he is doing much better in 2023, and he proved his chops by being the lead recruiter for half the offensive class this year. Why don't we cut him some slack and revisit this next year?
  4. Its called projection. That's what the coaches are paid for.
  5. They were undefeated and most games weren't close. Why would they need him to throw more?
  6. Man, I must be old. I look at that and all I see is junk mail. Do kids actually decide where to go to college based on crap like that?
  7. Yes, the game has changed, but so have the rules on what constitutes pass interference and roughing the passer. And as to how often Montana threw down field, that wasn't the offense, so who cares. He avg 11.9 yards/completion which was more than Favre and only 0.5 less than Marino and 0.6 less than Elway (with better yards/attempt than any of them). Results matter.
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