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  1. Seen a few switches on 247 for St. Brown to go to UCLA. Anyone know what happened?
  2. http://www.onefootdown.com/2014/7/2/5864755/freshman-linebacker-nile-sykes-done-at-notre-dame
  3. I appreciate the insight. I suppose I need to realize that not every class is going to be like 2012.........but if they were it would be f**king sweet.
  4. Yeah we are, that was another thing that caught me by surprise, but those guys know much more than this one.
  5. I also apoligize if this topic has been brought up before and has been discussed.
  6. I was just checking out 247 and looking at our class and became a bit skeptical. For the record, this is not a "god we suck" thread, just wanted to see....but if the recruiting cycle were to end today, how would you feel about it? Personally, I am not overly impressed. I think the one recruit who has struck me the most is CJ Sanders, and that's because he reminds me of Golden *fingers crossed*. Like I said, I'm not ND hating, just wanted to see what you guys thought.
  7. [ame] [/ame] Just a video I caught of him on YouTube. Looks pretty solid. Guess we'll find out come game time.
  8. Full story here http://www.irishsportsdaily.com/2014/06/24/irish-add-kicker-class/
  9. Per ISD. Hope that sets us up with a kicker for the next 4 years.
  10. Nice. I Hate to start looking at recruits this early though. My heart has been broken too many times....
  11. Just saw on twitter a bunch of ND recruiters just started following Joshua King. Anyone know anything about this kid? I couldn't even see if he was '15 or '16....i could just be dumb but i don't recall hearing about him...
  12. I gotta go GB. Not a terrible problem to have though!
  13. Unless something crazy happens to our running backs, i think we will be top 10 (8?), although that could be wishful thinking. As for qb's I think it's too early to tell. Anxious to see what Golson has improved on and to see if Malik can live up to the hype *fingers crossed*
  14. Just saw Tom Loy made his prediction of Jamabo to ND. We're now at a whopping 3%. Baby steps.
  15. Burn...I'm sure its posted on here somewhere but do you have a list of everyone that will be in attendance Big?
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