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  1. Agreed. Kevin White is/was a complete idiot.
  2. BK: "They [the staff] are certainly more interested in the title that goes with national champ than the title that goes next to their name." Yeah, I can't help but feel like he was taking a shot at Tony Alford during that whole part of the press conference.
  3. Bingo! For everyone who thought it was no big deal when we lost Eddie Vanderdoes, Tee Shephard, Ronald Darby, Alex Anzalone, etc., THIS is what happens when you lose big time recruits at the last minute year after year.
  4. This is true. My college roommate was a perfect example of that. His writing was so bad, he could barely string two coherent sentences together.
  5. Tell that to my college roommate. He graduated with a 2.6 GPA as a mechanical engineering major, and he didn't even play any sports. He still managed to get a job making 60k a year right after graduation though, so it all worked out.
  6. Not really. I'm perfectly willing to admit that I probably wouldn't have gotten into ND if my mom, grandpa, aunt, uncle, and cousin hadn't all gone there as well. A large percentage of ND students were legacy admissions like me. Even among those who don't come from a family of ND graduates, most are from wealthy families and attended Catholic high schools with a solid academic reputation. "Blue collar" students are still relatively rare, however the administration, to their credit, has made some honest efforts to change that in recent years.
  7. This. This. A thousand times this. Anybody who thinks that another big-name coach would ever touch this job is sadly delusional. Father Jenkins and the rest of the administration have effectively run the football program into the ground.
  8. Excellent post. I agree with pretty much everything you wrote. The problem with Everett Golson is entirely mental. I'm sorry, but he simply doesn't strike me as being the sharpest tool in the shed. He obviously doesn't take well to coaching, or his ball security issues would be resolved by now. He clearly formed A LOT of bad habits during his high school days, and perhaps even earlier, which he still reverts back to when the bullets start flying. The difference between EG and guys like Johnny Manziel, Russell Wilson and Drew Brees is that, unlike the other three, EG lacks the clevernes
  9. Bingo. If everybody is so concerned about the poor institutions not being able to afford it, why not let fans/boosters pay players for their autographs, memorabilia, etc. What's so morally bankrupt about that?
  10. Unfortunately, I can't see our defense stopping Winston on Saturday. The NCAA won't do anything about "Autograph-gate", neither will Florida State. At this point, he could rape Jimbo Fisher's wife and videotape it and he'd still come out unscathed. Winning is a hell of a drug, and the FSU administration and fanbase are tripping balls right now.
  11. Agreed. Mayock is a really smart guy and definitely knows his football. HOWEVER, you're absolutely right about his utter inability to admit that he was wrong. He simply refuses to believe that he could actually be wrong about anything. It's really irritating.
  12. I thought it was pretty interesting. From the article: Hahaha.........hilarious, and probably true.
  13. Yes. I would still watch. Even if college football became essentially a fully professional minor league for the NFL I would still watch, as long as the teams were still affiliated with a college or university. I would be perfectly okay with that.
  14. ......Which is why some people have suggested that they have the boosters raise the money and pay the players themselves, instead of the schools footing the bill. That would, in theory, allow them to circumvent Title IX. Of course, the problem would still be that a lot of boosters would pay players extra money under the table. The NCAA would have to put some sort of salary cap in place and enforce it strictly, with harsh punishments for teams that exceed the limit. But knowing the NCAA, they probably would be too incompetent to handle that kind of responsibility.
  15. I've yet to see anyone in this thread say that ALL police are bad or that they are in ANY WAY unnecessary. Of course there are a lot of good police officers, and of course they are completely necessary. However, you would have to be completely delusional to think that there aren't hundreds, if not thousands, of cases every year of police officers badly abusing their authority to unfairly punish young minority men. The reason so few officers are convicted of using excessive force is because: 1) It is difficult to prove, and 2) Data shows that the justice system is also racially biased. ("Ci
  16. Good. Then I'd like to hear from those witnesses. I'm not saying he didn't do what he's accused of doing. I'm simply saying that I don't trust the police to give an accurate account of the incident. There are simply too many examples of racist cops abusing their authority. This may be one of those cases, or it may not. That's why I'm going to wait and see on this one.
  17. I'll believe this story when there are third-party witnesses who can testify that it is indeed true. I'm sorry, but I simply cannot take anything a police officer says at face value. Given their well-documented tendency to exaggerate stories and file trumped-up charges against suspects (particularly young minority men), they simply cannot be blindly trusted. Then again, I suppose that's why we (supposedly) have civil rights. I'm gonna wait and see on this one.
  18. Has this part been confirmed or is it just a rumor at this point? If it's true, then I would think he's probably done for at least a year.
  19. Is it just me, or did they put down new sod since the Blue & Gold Game? The photos of the old surface from the South Bend Tribune story look noticeably better than what we saw back in April. Not that it matters now though.
  20. It depends. If he ends up like Matt Leinart, they won't be married for long. If, on the other hand, he somehow turns into the next Tom Brady, I wouldn't worry about her leaving anytime soon. In that case, he might even be able to trade her for a younger model. God, I'm such a cynical bastard.:ohwell:
  21. I don't think the cake thing was staged at all. Nor do I think that Michael Sam was actively trying to make people feel uncomfortable. He was just being himself. He was obviously very emotional when he got the call from the Rams. At that point, he was probably beginning to think that he wouldn't be drafted at all. Was I personally taken aback when he smeared cake on his boyfriend's face? Yeah, at first. However, I didn't think it was "pornographic", as some people have claimed.
  22. Ding, Ding, Ding. We have a winner!!!!!!!!!! I'm sorry, but white people have absolutely NO right WHATSOEVER to tell Native Americans that they shouldn't be offended by a team name that also doubles as a racial slur against them. There's a fairly well-known Indian Nations university near where I live in Kansas City. What if they decided that their sports teams should be called the "Genocidal Pale Faces"? Would white people be justified in taking offense to that? Or should they simply "get over it"? What if only a "small minority" of white people are offended by it? And one more point
  23. Assuming we beat Rice to open the season, for me it has to be the Michigan game. Both their coach and their fanbase are by far the most vomit-inducing of all the teams we play. I can pretty much stand all the other coaches on our schedule, even Bobby Petrino (haha). Something about Brady Hoke just makes me wish I could punch him in the face.
  24. He'll probably transfer to an FCS school for a year. I'm hearing Missouri State is a possibility. Kudos to Gary Pinkel for doing the right thing here.
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