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  1. Why does NBC Sports have to zoom in every single play. I've noticed, especially in the last 3 years, we miss half the plays and formations. Compared to CBS, Fox and ESPN we seem to be going more Hollywood with all the close-ups. I prefer the way it used to be.
  2. Joe Schmidt has been balling outta control!
  3. Schmidt is Rudy on raw vegetables...the guy played very good for the talent that he has. I can't wait for Grace to return. Our Mother hear our prayer we need Grace literally!
  4. Brian VanGorder reportedly leaving Jets for Notre Dame coordinator job per Bleacher Report
  5. The only way I can see all this offensive power getting their touches is for the Defense to shut people down, 3 and outs. I like how ND develops their younger guys, Jarron Jones, etc. Tuitt would be a huge hole to fill, even if we do have some quality replacements. Defense is going to have to play lights out if the offense is going to have a chance to spread the ball around. We could literally score in a half dozen plays next season.
  6. With all the RB's in the stable at ND, we should run some two back sets. With Folston getting his due praise, and Bryant the heir apparent to Lee Becton, how will Cam fit in? GA and AC need to step their game up or move to a slot position.
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