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  1. If I have to choose I'm going with Georgia. Have a friend that was an all-american baseball player at UGA, and he married the one of the best UGA gymnasts of all time. He's going to the game, so I'm hoping he has a great reason to spend all that money!!
  2. almost 21....gave up 28 in the fourth quarter.....made some great adjustments that night..... go away troll!!!! uarter Time Team Description ND MICH 1 9:05 ND Theo Riddick 7 yard pass from Tommy Rees (David Ruffer kick) 7 0 1:56 ND Cierre Wood 4 yard run (David Ruffer kick) 14 0 2 10:18 MICH Junior Hemingway 43 yard pass from Denard Robinson (Brendan Gibbons kick) 14 7 1:40 ND David Ruffer 38 yard field goal 17 7 3 2:13 ND T.J. Jones 15 yard pass from Tommy Rees (David Ruffer kick) 24 7 4 14:54 MICH Denard Robinson 1 yard run (Brendan Gibbons kick) 24 14 10:47 MICH Jeremy Gallon 14 yard pass from Denard Robinson (Brendan Gibbons kick) 24 21 1:12 MICH Vincent Smith 21 yard pass from Denard Robinson (Brendan Gibbons kick) 24 28 0:30 ND Theo Riddick 29 yard pass from Tommy Rees (David Ruffer kick) 31 28 0:02 MICH Roy Roundtree 16 yard pass from Denard Robinson (Brendan Gibbons kick) 31 35
  3. I got to watch ND football today! God willing, I'll get to watch a bunch more next fall!! Hopefully live in Columbus, South Bend and Vegas. I turned the game off and my life was not affected in any way, for better or worse. It was great!!!
  4. Reading this elder guy's posts is like listening to a 9 year old teasing people in the school playground. I guess what ever makes you happy, makes you happy!
  5. i'm going to be sending text messages all weekend to every michigan fan i know. especially the ones that had been relentless when nd was embarrassed in big games.
  6. I'd love my last game to watch in 2021 be one where Michitgan gets hammered! Then start 2022 off with a new and improved ND team on Saturday!! Also, Bayou Brian is on his way to dismantle the SEC so you won't be seeing many more Tide/Dawgs match-ups after this year.
  7. I did not. They were on me really fast calling for the ball. Threw it back to some guy in the tunnel.
  8. Born, raised and still living in Chicago. Southside Irish!! I'm an elementary/middle school administrator, it's been the worst two years since Jan 2020. Been visiting South Bend and ND since the 70's when I was a youngster. Been to many many games throughout the years and sat pretty much everywhere (field seats, first row behind the bench, new club, last row). Lots of great family memories and so thankful that I got to share so many games with my dad. Best game day highlight for me was two years ago on Senior Day. Was able to get four seats next to the tunnel. Sat next to the railing and talked to some of the players as they were lined up. Best part was right before halftime when Doer kicked a 40+ yard field goal and I caught it leaning over the railing! I was on national tv holding up the ball. I have better hands than Chris Tyree catching kicks!!
  9. The Boomer & Gio last line was "just be who you are man!" He was being who he is.......a complete f'n Dbag!!!! I thank God that LSU has given us the greatest gift this holiday season. A bunch of excited college football players that are excited about playing for a guy they respect and have love for. Sorry Bayou Brian......you will never receive a reaction from your team like the one that Marcus Freeman got today!!
  10. I can't wait to be in VEGAS next year with my group! It's going to be electric if Freeman is HC. Imagine being in Vegas and not having to watch a boring BK team!!!!
  11. I read this too fast and thought it said 'he was vaccinated'. I'm vaccinated too, and thought that made me qualified to take on the HC job at ND. Another let down!
  12. I sure hope so. Stop with the "first time head coach at ND is too difficult' b^llsh!t. This guy is stacking talent and his defense has been lights out the last half of the season without Hamilton. He seems like a pretty stand up guy, and knows how to navigate the ND system. Stop comparing him to Ty Willingham and Bob Davie. They didn't have the 'IT' that Freeman has. The guy relates to the current players and their families. ND will get crushed in recruiting without this guy. USC is gonna be LOADED!!!!!
  13. I hope that there are huge upsets this weekend and ND somehow backs into the playoff. Then they go on and win the NC game!! And all the players thank Brian Kelly for not being there to coach them!!!!
  14. What if Michigan was to miraculously beat OSU and then gets beat by Wisconsin in the B10 title game! B10 would be out.
  15. james franklin makes brian kelly look like nick saban. i wish i was a mediocre college head coach getting paid millions of dollars!
  16. Dear Marcus Freeman, You did it!! The haters are taking the week off. They'll be back next week though when UVA starts throwing the ball all over the place. I encourage you to play Xavier Watts more than you would play Houston Griffith. One looks like a savage, the other one is Houston Griffith! Enjoy the remainder of your weekend!
  17. Dear Marcus Freeman, Great game plan! All the haters from last week will be loving you after this game. Wish we could play the triple option every week!!
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