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  1. This video is AWESOME!!!! Have FUN gramps!!
  2. If he is able to be hurdled by a running back like the last CB transfer, please sign him up!!!
  3. This is really disappointing. My family has collected the tickets for every game we've gone to for the last 40 years. At least four every year over that time. My nephews have come up with very creative ways to display their tickets. I'm sure that they will be upset to hear that they will not have any tickets to add to their collections this year.
  4. I'm not too knowledgeable on lacrosse.....what was dirty about the play?
  5. I guess he watched what happened to guys like McKinley and decided that he didn't want to wait 4 years to get an opportunity. Best of luck to him.
  6. senior bowl practices on espn all week. makes perfect sense that the game in televised on nfl network so I can't watch it!
  7. I'm interested in how Book will play in the senior bowl game/practices this week playing with a different type of offense and skill players
  8. I can see why A&M was upset that they were left out of the playoffs. They've been pretty dominate through 3 quarters!! To make it even more fun to watch, I've been reading a fan board and it's hilarious!!! I don't even think they're a top 10 team.
  9. legit question... "Does Kelly even coach during the game?" It seems like he just stands on the sidelines with his arms folded (it gets worse in big games like tonight while they're getting throttled). Dabo, Saban, Meyer, even Clay Helton interacts with players, moves up and down the sideline getting players in the right spots. He's like frickin statue. I'm finding it hard to believe that guys actually like playing for this guy.
  10. this was pretty bad...... [ame] [/ame]
  11. Just heard that Harbaugh tried to convince the officials that his whole team had contracted Covid during halftime, so they wouldn't be able to come out for the second half.
  12. From a Penn State fan site: 6 points on 6 red zone trips, because Ciarrocca is impossibly stupid. here’s the tweet: Penn State on three possessions inside the Nebraska 15 in the second half: run for no gain, run for no gain, run for loss of three, field goal; incomplete, incomplete, incomplete, incomplete; incomplete, incomplete, sack, incomplete.
  13. YEP!!! I sure am a Debbie Downer!!! Thank you for being the negative comment monitor!! Please continue to let me know when you disapprove of comments I or others make on this discussion board. I'm sure you also like the fact that the majority of the TD passes came against Bowling Green, Duke, Navy, Stanford, and New Mexico. All pretty stellar defenses. BLAH BLAH BLAH.........
  14. Someone should create a contest to see who can predict the date we will see the following headline "Jurkovec appears in transfer portal"
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