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  1. My crew will be there!!! This is going to be an incredible weekend!!!
  2. I'm watching the replay right now and the sack play was just on. While Baker looked bad on that play, the left guard Kristofic had a hand in that missed block too. Go back and watch it. If that is the way they are pass protecting, the QBs will all be in the hospital by halloween.
  3. 1. Hamilton is the real deal.....might be the best safety I've personally watched play for ND 2. The defensive line couldn't stop the run, and the offensive line couldn't run block. I'd imagine that practicing has to be brutal when the two weaknesses are working against each other. 3. Jack Coan was asked to run a QB power on 3rd down like he was Ian Book. Some of T. Reese's play calls were mind boggling. Only one screen pass, and it was a HUGE gain. 4. Need to find Mayer some gloves with better tack. He dropped two big passes today, one with gloves and one without. He is still a monster, but get him those Odell gloves with the super tacky grip!!! 5. Horrible defense at all levels except for Hamilton. Missed tackles, out of position, getting pushed around. The linebackers played one of the worst games I've watched in a long time. Drew White looked like he never played before. 6. If that offensive line doesn't mesh soon, I'll have a lot of free Saturdays this fall. Is Fisher injury prone?? I sure hope not, he looked like he could be the next great one.
  4. Shipley has zero pass blocking capabilities. That was his miss on that last sack. He's gonna be good, but the lack of backs that can block will be a problem for DJ. Don't really feel bad for them though!! GO IRISH!!!!!!!!
  5. I'll just have to go to South Bend and watch the game live then!
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