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  1. Pot of Gold going to Morgan, Schultz, Hill, Luatua, A. Williams, Elam, Quick, S. Thomas, C. Nelson, Sikes and Juju. As Hoosier said they were sent out before Hill, Luatua and Sikes committed. The other commits should be getting something GoldenArmy-related relatively soon.
  2. This tends to be my feeling as well. May not be a very big deal, UA is definitely a better opportunity, but this kid has basically been on Commitment Watch since the summer. Then, there was some hope he'd commit on his official and then right after he visited Bama and then twice during Denbrock stops at the school and then again the birthday. I still think ND, but this thing just keeps getting pushed back.
  3. As for Luatua, a source very close to him told me in July that he was an ND lock and that it could happen anytime - literally sooner or later. That same source has grown as concerned as just about all ND fans about why it hasn't happened yet. This guy is as puzzled as everybody else, but he's still told by everybody in Luatua's closest circle that it's ND. And as we reported the word is the decision will come on his birthday next week. If it doesn't come then, all bets are off as far as I'm concerned.
  4. Yep. Definitely wrong on that one, but I do know that was exactly what ND was telling people all week. That was definitely their preference, but I guess the Pinstripe Bowl wasn't gonna pass up the chance to have ND in their game no matter what. Missed that one badly regardless though.
  5. I'm sorry. I hope everyone understands I really never intended to cause this type of stir and take this thread in a negative direction. I could have handled this situation differently and that's on me. I love the passion of Notre Dame fans and I've been one all of my life. I also love the way posters stick up for the guys on their boards and I know the guys on ISD would do the same for me. I see how valued Big is as a poster here and I regret coming at him the way I did. It's probably going to be an exciting final two months of recruiting for ND and hope nobody will be offended if I con
  6. Not at all. No need to lock the thread or anything. Big, I posted on your public board too.
  7. Hey man, seriously, I understand how info flows these days from one site to another and to the free sites. If you didn't take it from us, that's fine and I take you on your word. Trust me, I'm not trying to cause a **** storm. No need for you to stop posting updates or anything like that. No worries.


    Also, I deleted some of my inbox on ISD, try to PM again.



  8. Anyway, here's a complete copy of today's Intel. I can accept Big if he says he didn't get it from ISD, but I think it's also clear why I initially assumed he did. It's very similar even down to the order of topics. The biggest news of the week obviously surrounded the start of the coaching carousel with moves impacting Notre Dame from the Pacific Northwest to the Midwest and this is just the start. Surprisingly or not, the changes at USC may have a bigger impact on Notre Dame’s recruiting efforts than the changes inside the Gug and even then, the impact may be smaller than minimal.
  9. I'm not trolling. Somebody brought it to my attention and I created an account here to ask about it. I seriously tried to figure out how to PM, but couldn't. I definitely would have preferred to handle it that way because that's the way I would have liked it to be handled myself. And just to be clear, I'm not really upset about it, I just wanted to check and try to prevent anything like that in the future. I'm sure there are some people here who know me and can vouch that I'm pretty laid back about this kind of stuff.
  10. That's your right. I wasn't asking anybody to feel bad for me. I love my job and feel extremely grateful to have it. I was just trying to explain why we're compensated.
  11. I'm sorry you feel that way. I hope my posts weren't read as provocative, that's not the way they were intended. I understand your point of view, but the fact is that myself and all of the writers for the other ND sites and other schools' sites work really hard to obtain the information we do. It's a full-time job for myself and others and requires a great deal of time and energy. I'm pretty sure recruiting wouldn't be covered in as much depth as it is today without people spending all of that time on it and being compensated for it.
  12. My apologies for passing along any info deemed premium. I read other ND sites (and non ND), gather the info and post. I do not and did not have a subscription at ISD. I always use the same user name and now have an account as I tried to contact you there. I can edit (or have a mod edit) the post(s) at DD to remove information. I was not trying to step on toes or get anyone in trouble by updating the group. Everything I have personally posted has been found publically by me and I simply relay it along; from fellow ND sites, twitter or other teams sites. Specifically, the Donovan Walker info, I read on one of the sites this morning, something along the lines of 'maybe a name to watch...'. Googled him to add his rating, size and quick offer desc. I normally don't even post the 'maybe' prospects with lower ratings/lesser known until the story gets "real legs". This time I did and caused an accidental crap storm, my apologies and I have discontinued posting.

  13. Your ISD message box is full.

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