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  1. Buchner could start next year. Not like his competition had that many snaps up on him..
  2. Per Instagram / Twitter https://twitter.com/ian_book12/status/1211466298540150784?s=21
  3. I don't think i've EVER seen Kelly defer a toss.
  4. I remember lurking here nearly 10 years ago with my brother. Always remembered a guy named "Sir John" posting a lot. I still lurk every game thread these years and post only now and then.
  5. Just realized that could be our next possible "rush the field" upset victory.. damn I need to get tickets to that one
  6. Today's the day, we're gonna win! In all seriousness though, we've had an amazing season. The only thing I'm praying for is that we have a good close game and don't get blown out a la 2012. If we win it's just gravy on top
  7. Sorry but I have been antsy about the game and there was limited discussion. I'm sure Chiro will enjoy making the predictions thread for the national championship game
  8. 3 days out.. Irish squeak out a close one with a Justin Yoon game winning field goal.. 24-21
  9. Skimming through what I noticed as far as their defense goes - their DLine gets constant pressure. We're going to need Book to be agile and get out of the pocket. Also, their secondary seems suspect. I expect our receivers to get open and Finke to be a pain in their ***. I think we need to expect to do some of those jump-screens that we used against USC right out the gate to keep them on their toes.
  10. I know Georgia dominated most of that game. But they had their shot and lost, their second loss of the season. Assuming Clemson and OSU win tonight it should be 1. Bama 2. Clemson 3. ND 4. OU I can't see the committee putting in 2 loss Georgia over us or OU especially when they had their chance to beat Bama when they were up 14 and blew it, and OSU losing against Purdue by 29 is too much holding them back.
  11. We can debate all night about this. My feelings are that if we get left out we NEED to join the ACC. No questions
  12. Tua is hurt... if Georgia wins I really think we could be left out. Root for Pitt tonight boys
  13. I've never seen so many penalty flags thrown in a game
  14. Going into conference championship weekend, everyone pretty much assumes we are in. But what if Clemson and Georgia win, and OU and/or OSU blow out their opponents? I am not saying I don't think we deserve our spot, but I would not hold it against the committee to pull a fast one on us and try to "force us" into a conference. These teams would all have 12 or more wins and possibly harder SOR than us. Do you really think the committee would take us over 12-1 OU and OSU for the 4th spot, when both of these teams won their conference champ games bigly? PLUS, they're getting the "recency bias" if they play really well. Our most recent game wasn't our best showing, and I really think it could hurt us in the end. This is the main problem I have with not playing in a conference championship. It isn't about the '13th data point.' It's the fact that all the other teams are playing this weekend and showing the committee what they've got, and we're sitting around twiddling our thumbs. The committee says they look at "the whole body of work" but they've forgiven early losses in the past (e.g. 2014 OSU). I am just not as confident as some of you on here.
  15. I skimmed through the ND-Clemson 2015 game on youtube yesterday. I am honestly surprised we didn't lose by more.. we turned the ball over so many times due to that monsoon. We held them to 24 points with Van Gorder Defense for crying out loud.. Give me Clemson. We can EASILY hang with them.
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