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  1. Lol...I remember those days. What about Chris Donald, he's surely a can't miss 5 Star.
  2. I've been to Virginia and Duke. Both are absolutely fantastic.
  3. Came here to read about a high school kid committing, now my head hurts.
  4. I saw this story the other day and didn't even bother reading the article, I don't even understand how how people even come up with this nonsense.
  5. I'm now at 48 hours after receiving my first dose of the Moderna vaccine. Yesterday I ended up being slightly fatigued but woke up this morning and felt great. Went to my department gym and got a full chest work out in. One guy I know experienced arm pain, headache and chills, but he drank those side effects away and is fine now.
  6. Just got my Vaccine yesterday...I feel fine so far just some general soreness where they stuck me, very similar to the Flu shot. At my agency I'd say it's almost 90% who are or will be vaccinated.
  7. Hoping for the best but my expectations are absolutely zero. Bama 45 Irish 13
  8. I think ND gets in win or lose unless they lose by 50 points...which I don't expect to happen. Some of these guys just need to have something to talk about.
  9. It's a crazy season...they beat Northwestern then they should be eligible. There's no way they would lose to Michigan anyways, they absolutely suck.
  10. Funny how cancel culture demanded an apology from Herbie for mentioning this as a possibility.
  11. Honest mistake or not he should've checked with NFL doctors prior to taking it. He was having a phenomenal year heading into FA.
  12. I get the reasoning but if you got games scheduled and you're able to play them then you gotta play!
  13. I think this is pretty much spot on. The only downside I can see is maybe the committee downplays our victory against Clemson and selects another SEC team.
  14. 5 seconds left to victory and friggin Wolf-Peterman would hit the stadium!
  15. I'm all in but beating Clemson twice, OSU and Bama would be a tall task. Assuming they're all in and seating. Definitely would be undeniable!
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