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  1. We're well on our way to the times of Demolition Man. If I start seeing 3 Sea Shells in the bathrooms I'm screwed.
  2. And what's that say to the players lol. Hey you guys aren't that good and we're afraid. Give me a break.
  3. So who's the next coach lol.
  4. I was almost ready to throw my apple pie at the TV.
  5. That last TD before the half was disappointing but let's roll in the 2nd. I have high expectations for a change on New Years lol.
  6. Ah yes the good ole days of Irish Envy, I remember posting there and lurking here until I made the switch.
  7. Sure are, I just looked at the scores. On the bright side Freeman doesn't need to play Bama or Georgia game 1.
  8. Yup...he can pretty much recruit any kid he wants at LSU and not worry about any admissions stuff or whatever. I'm disappointed the way the guy left but in the end I can't blame him, he's getting paid and it's his life. With that said I'm not wishing him any kind of success either!
  9. We're practically neighbors Faith.
  10. I'll tell you what it's interesting that's for sure, unfortunately I don't see it happening.
  11. Im pretty sure OK St would've jumped ND anyways even if Kelly didn't leave. This is where not having a Championship game hurts ND.
  12. I'm very surprised he's going. At least with no football for us it'll be one hell of an interesting week. Completely hosed us on the recruiting trail especially being on the West Coast this week.
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