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  1. #2 reigning champ FSU in Tallahassee in 2014 would've been nice had it not been cruelly snatched away from us.
  2. I have a hard time trusting a top 10 ND team... they have a knack for self-destruction when the stakes are high. Keep em healthy and the foot on the gas.
  3. god bless matt's family...............
  4. riesling??????????? ya wanna piece of fruit in it too??????? how bout a wine spritzer??????;)
  5. If anyone, Id say say rockne. took a football team that had nothing and made it everything. his career record was 105 victories with 12 losses, at the time was the highest winning record in college football
  6. 13 years old probably the youngest on DD haha
  7. brian kelly must be bustin a gut............
  8. haha thanks dad my birthday gift will be notre dame beating navy
  9. It's always been that way in our house dad
  10. Whatever is worse for them is the best for me
  11. I didnt find any other threads on this so i think im safe Im excited to see USC starting qb Matt barkley (which you all probably know is a FRESHMAN = D) recieve a little ND love on the Notre Dame vs. USC game. This is the year we'd be able to get them on they're backs. what u guys say?
  12. All im gonna say is im hopin this is the year...
  13. I said end of season. This has been all over the news and obviously michigan isnt too happy about this. I can bet he'll get fired... The good thing is anything thats bad 4 michigan is good for ND
  14. hahahaha, this is just the first hill on the rollercoaster ride from hell..................oops, this is schell, not the kid.........
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