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  1. ND now up to the #9 class on 247 composite for 2021. Is the staff making a concerted effort for anyone else now to add to the class? Anyone think we might have a chance with Dont'e Thornton?
  2. Echo hates Brian Kelly. *Hates* him. Thinks he is a horrible coach and wants him replaced. It's like the far right with Obama and liberals with Trump - their hatred for the person prevents them from objectively seeing anything positive associated with the object of their hatred. He's generally silent when things are going well under Kelly (usually limiting his comments to ankle-biting comments) and he is a more frequent poster when things are going to hell.
  3. Agree 100% with this. The previous 2 years our defense has been horrible. Two years ago our offense was good enough to win most shoot outs and score more than our porous defense gave up. Last year - not so much and we went 4-8. I hope we're not going to see a repeat of 2015 where we need to win shoot outs by scoring more than a bad defense gives up. My God, what we could accomplish with a good defense.
  4. All tickets sold and all Joyce passes sold except Navy. 1 Navy Joyce parking pass available. Message if interested.
  5. Some of the passes have sold. Parking passes available for Temple, NC State, & Navy.
  6. tickets all sold. Still have Joyce parking passes to all home games except Miami and Wake.
  7. 2 lower bowl tickets for sale for the following 2017 home games: Miami (OH) (09/30) & Navy (11/18). Joyce Parking Pass also available for all home games except Wake Forest. Selling for face value. Message me for prices.
  8. I have 2 tickets available to sell for the following home games: MSU, Duke, Miami, & VT as well as Joyce Parking passes with each. Tickets are Section 12, Row 45, Seats 1 & 2 (half way up lower bowl on the 25 yard line). Selling all for the ticket face amount and buyer is prohibited from selling these for more than face amount. Not willing to split the tickets from the parking pass. MSU Tickets are $150 per ticket ($300 total) and the parking pass is $125. $425 for tickets and pass. Duke Tickets are $85 per ticket ($170 total) and the parking pass is $95. $265 for tickets and pass. Miami Tickets are $150 per ticket ($300 total) and the parking pass is $115. $415 for tickets and pass. VT Tickets are $85 per ticket ($170 total) and the parking pass is $80. $250 for tickets and pass. I am a long time poster of this forum and I have sold tickets here successfully before. Let me know via pm if you are interested in any of these tickets. For the MSU tickets we will need to overnight them based on the short timeframe.
  9. good lord, really? Notre Dame has the strongest strength of schedule of any 1 loss team, outside of Alabama. Compare all the 1 loss teams by strength of schedule and rank them in order. Is this really that difficult of a concept to grasp folks?
  10. Let me help you out since you're having a bit of trouble discerning the relevance of the data. The Sagarin rating provides a relative frame of reference for the strength of each team's schedule to date. Sagarin is widely used and cited, and is comparable to similar SOS metrics, regardless of what the committee will use in their deliberations. Is that better or do you need me to strictly use one syllable words to explain things to you?
  11. ND's record: 10-1 MSU's record: 10-1 ND's Strength of Schedule (Sagarin): 29 MSU's Strength of Schedule (Sagarin): 48
  12. I agree, you were infinitely more readable as an optimist rather than this emoting sky is falling dramatist. How did the committee react when Oklahoma State barely scraped by a HORRIBLE Iowa State team? Did Oklahoma State drop on the following Tuesday? Did the committee "punish" them for that ugly win, as you are suggesting will happen with ND? How did the committee react when Clemson barely beat a terrible Syracuse team? Did Clemson drop after that shameful performance? Did the committee "punish" Clemson for that ugly win? Get off the ledge for god's sake Hawaii. Take a drink and a piece of advice Aaron Rodgers gave Packers fans last season: R E L A X.
  13. Please don't get him started on that irrational rant again...
  14. I think the real danger for us missing the playoffs at 11-1 (and Echo is right, that's certainly not a given - especially with this god awful defense), is that our season ends and there will be 2 more weeks of football being played. It's conceivable that an inactive 11-1 ND in the top 4 could get jumped in the last week based on the results of the conference championship games.
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