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  1. My statements and yours aren't contradictory (they are basically unrelated), so why do you say I'm flat out wrong? My comment had little to nothing to do with who the president is - it was about my impressions on the "average American". I said that the average American will take the handout if given, but not that they particularly proud of doing it. I never said anything about approving/disapproving of the concept.
  2. I would completely disagree with this. The average American doesn't like being on government handouts, but will take them if they are there. The main thing we need to do is encourage/force people to not be on the dole, rather than encouraging them to remain on it. Err... I wouldn't point to the unemployment numbers to make your case here. Just because more people have given up looking for work (according to gov't definition), doesn't mean that more people are working. http://pjmedia.com/instapundit/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/OBMAUNEMPLOYMENTFAILCHARTSEPT.jpg
  3. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/your-taxes-work-all-you-need-know-about-who-pays-what-taxes-us Always fun to actually look at numbers.
  4. I don't think this will hurt Romney. In fact, I think it will help him. It doesn't disparage the "average American" (as you put it) - it disparages Obama's system that encourages people to be reliant on the government. The "average American" doesn't like relying on the government (I'd say most hate the concept), and this clip affirms Romney's stance against that.
  5. Once Golson learns to step up into the pocket, the o-line will look much better. He keeps trying to scramble around the pressure (even when there really isn't any), which really screws his line. They haven't been very good at run blocking through the middle the last two games, but on the whole, I'd say they've done pretty well.
  6. That's a different argument. He was specifically attacking the tax code, not lobbyist influence. Btw, if you don't like the amount of influence lobbyists have, you should try to elect people who want small government (note, I did not say the GOP). The smaller government is, the less influence lobbyists will have.
  7. Since your posts have no basis in logic, I'm going to try to help your debating style. (I'm doing this as a form of charity, since I think you need a lot of help.) You made these as statements, we all understand you think they are facts. There are three reasons you would add "FACT" on to the end of each one: 1) Redundancy, 2) You don't believe they are facts and think this adds to your point, or 3) you suck at writing. If it's reason 1, then you should just omit the term. If it's #2, then you should strengthen your argument, rather than adding on useless words. If it's #3, then I'm sorry, we can't help you. In any case, you probably want to avoid adding "FACT" on to the end of your statements. It makes you seem like a lunatic.
  8. First, I've never understood this argument. Why are people mad at Romney for following the tax code? How is that his fault? If you want to pay his level of income tax, then make income the way he does. Second, 28%? You aren't paying 28% of your income in taxes (unless you make a whole helluva lot of money). Even if you just mean marginal (which is highly disingenuous if you mix the two up), you are making enough money to be able to invest most of it and make most of your money through investments. That way you could pay the lower rate like Romney does.
  9. I generally like going after responses point by point, but these are basically "La la la... I can't hear you". If you want to actually have a discussion, please read people's posts first.
  10. Also, can do you define "a complete blow-out"? And why can Romney not debate on Oct. 3rd?
  11. Huh? How is Romney calling out Obama for not doing anything about an embassy being attacked a campaign-ender? His poll numbers have increased since he said that. Just because some media members are attacking him doesn't mean it won't help him.
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