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  1. thats why i love my dodge rebel with ramboxes.
  2. Ha! I hadn't even factored in the FCS teams..
  3. So basically unc and ND are very similar. Got it!
  4. What has Nd done? Oh Struggling with Louisville!
  5. yep and I don't think it will be a close game. He will also lose to UNC.
  6. its a lot easier to win when you can over-sign like crazy and grey shirt with feeder schools. ND will never be able to compete with that type of system.
  7. thanks! I'm usually 6-7 IPA's deep when I post.
  8. I was being overly harsh, yes he's not garbage but I wish he would regress back to his year one playing.
  9. Could they be worse? If book is the only option then Kelly has failed!
  10. This is His 3rd year! He’s average at best!
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