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  1. irishwave and speedster keeping the qanon dream alive! hahahah
  2. thats why i love my dodge rebel with ramboxes.
  3. you are an extremist conspiracy theorist. go see a counselor. we are done here.
  4. yep. what a waste of time.
  5. moderates and conservatives: storm the capital, kill cops, destroy government property, refuse to accept their candidate lost the election. the real problem is people like you who wont call out bad behavior with anyone that has similar opinions. i bet you think every BLM protest was full of violence and destruction which was actually not the case but you will condemn the biased media otherwise.
  6. Those extreme conservatives burned all their NFL gear and proclaimed they were never watching the NFL again all because "some" players where kneeling for the national anthem, I guess they needed a safe space. If something like that gets you triggered you have issues. Making someone stand for the national anthem sounds kind of authoritarian to me... the bottom line is there plenty of examples that show there are just as many conservative and liberal whining bitches that love to get offended. IMO its more of a person problem. if target uses happy holidays in their advertising... ITS A
  7. the majority of conservatives still fully support the Catholic church an institution that has been abusing children for a very long time. so what point were you trying to make>? conservatives are just as big offenders of cancel culture as liberals. a football player kneeled for the national anthem, waaa waaaa he should never play in the NFL again waaaa waaaa dont buy anything made by NIKE waaaa waaaa im not watching the NFL anymore.. waaa waaaa. look at me not getting offendend like those liberal snowflakes... waaa waaa
  8. a priest with his pants down?
  9. so you wouldn't have a problem with a catholic school using the molesters?
  10. The lead singer of Tool Maynard James Keenan had lingering lung issues 6 months after he had the virus.
  11. I know 2 very fit people that got rona and had a hard time with it. yes they recovered but it was months of lingering issues. I'll be getting that vaccine as soon as I can get it.
  12. do you have a link/source for what his tax plan entails which is understandable by a 5 year old?
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