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  1. It's been very hush hush from Camp D.R. lately. Even his close friends and teammates are saying they don't have a clue anymore... For about a month, month and a 1/2 they were all saying ND. In my honest opinion i have to agree with most of you that it is Stanford,Notre Dame,UGA. Now, if he doesn't get into Stanford and visits anywhere else (UGA) it means he doesn't want ND...
  2. Lots of ND noise coming out of his camp..... Not saying it's a sure thing but from what i have been hearing i'm feeling pretty good.
  3. Simple answer, Coaching and development.
  4. Way to many ?'s coming into next season.... This team is going to be a mix of: 1)Rookies, problem with that on Defense is that you need 2-3 year's to fully grasp BVG's non-working Defense. 2)Soph, Juniors that are finally going to get to play and we don't know what were getting. 3)Vets that it is time to see if they are Busts or late bloomers. Happens way to much at ND IMO.... On Offense: 1) Why do our 4* and 5* OL play like kitty cats, there is no mean whats so ever in them. Did you watch the game last night, on both teams there OL and DL played mean,nasty. They were layi
  5. We don't have the pass rush to fit the scheme
  6. IMO there is a 0% chance he comes back to ND Would make no sense since he has an insurance policy and with today's surgery and rehab he still a 1st round draft choice...
  7. I get what you mean, but, how does any of that equal how OSU's 1st,2nd and even 3rd team DL smashed our 4 and 5* OL faces in
  8. Dude, that was beautiful i've seen it now 3 times, twice with my kids I yelled at the screen when they killed you know who....
  9. I agree that it is a major mistake that he is leaving, scouts are not high on him at the next level "Right Now" Needs to work on his route running and hands.... What he excels at in college he will not get away with in the NFL But, as a ND player, i wish him the best of luck
  10. Offended, Good. I hope our players and coaches see this. Maybe next time ND plays a Bigtime program on a major stage they won't sh*t the bed
  11. Embarrassed, That's how i feel. It was me against about 200 people, that's my football inner circle. I told them this was a different team, different coaches, we had the athletes to play with the big boy's, recruiting and my/our scouting doesn't lie. That if we lost, we were going down fighting til the last play to block that game winning FG. I was told that i am as blind as every ND fan on the planet, that we suck and always will suck. That our record was a mirage in the desert. ND doesn't win big games, they get spanked in them. That BK is not a good coach, BVG shouldn't be all
  12. The Win 100% But c'mon, BVG needs to go. If i'm a top recruit and know a little something about the way ND's defense runs i'd be scared to death, it might take me 2 years to get on the field. And this is something i have been asked by Players. How could a player like Morgan, who is a freak and showed you something as a freshmen not be able to get on the field over a former walk-on that is slow and can't tackle....
  13. Everyone believes he is all Irish, but heard he loved getting a Clemson offer
  14. Absolutely, Kelly needs to go out and get a proven top notch DC. It's like having a Ferrari with a Yugo engine in it
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