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  1. Do you see the delta between the top guy we have this year and the next one? RB is hugely important and an elite one makes a big difference.
  2. Right on... the guy’s a troll here half the time...
  3. What are you talking about? Kelly will bring him back as the next an coach!
  4. That’s insane. ND is playing big boy football. Kelly is responsible for this. I think it’s fair to criticize the lack of adjustment once uga started playing the short stuff, BUT there were clearly protection issues when ND started chucking it deep on the last three drives. The did need a plan B though when the adjustment came...
  5. Site don’t get paid off solid early commits. Why my promote interest in a done deal. They always over rank unstable kids and late deciders.
  6. terrible look to hold your assistant coaches back.
  7. That's the question? I think so. ND was 13 pts worse on offense, ND was 14 pts better on defense.
  8. Holding is a clear clear way to impact the outcome of a football game with one or two refs. Call 3-5 holds on one side on critical 3rd downs or mismatch plays where a big gain is happening... also do no-calls the other way, permitting longer runs and more time for the qb. Giant impact with little muss or fuss for the general fan. The reality that it happens in some fashion every play makes it ideal. The other point to make is: How many billion dollar businesses do you know that leave their product to chance? That give a crap about 'fairness'? I cant think of any.
  9. Dude was fearless for his first 3-4 games and got steadily more timid. I gotta say I liked his early attitude more.
  10. Did book regress? I feel like he started thinking a lot more and just playing scared.
  11. Nd was and is relevant. A top 10 program that gets a shot a couple times a decade. This is the difference between 4-star and 5-star talent. Simple as that. Until the administration gets more interested in demonstrating excellence on the field instead of jerking themselves off to their glorious standards of purity... it will continue this way.
  12. It absolutely happens, regularly in other sports, even big sports - see Italian soccer - NBA. Don’t think for a second that it couldn’t happen. Conferences do this regularly - see Oklahoma this yeah. Officiating needs to be taken over by the ncaa to be made fair but isn’t because conferences like being able to manipulate results. It can and does happen. One hopes they call it fair... and errors are just that. But we all know enough to call out patterns.
  13. Don’t keep listening to this garbage... it’s just brought up to work against Nd on recruiting. Can’t say he’s a bad coach... say he’s leaving soon.
  14. the end of the article specifically calls out his physical limitations... just seems like a 2-3 star kind of guy that will develop into an undersized DT - classic ND D-Line recruit.
  15. I feel like you learn more about these QB's from 7-on-7 stuff than game film in HS. That just look like chucking it up to mismatches alot of times. Given that is a good choice to win a game against inferior competition, but it's not super helpful to see.
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