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  1. This is Kelly’s last game at ND. It shows from the team it shows from BK. It’s obvious to me.
  2. Big, question. What class of football is this kid playing? I know his stats are amazing regardless but is he playing against great competition?
  3. No conundrum here, folks. Book is the best QB on our roster and gives us the best chance of winning week in and week out... right now.
  4. Watching this game and UM is soooo slow. I can’t wait to see us go up there and stomp them into that $hit field
  5. I’ve been the biggest doubter of this theory across the board, but man. I can’t explain it anymore. We’ve seen a confident, loose QB the stayed in the pocket slinging it around to a QB that’s so right he can hardly pull the trigger. His feet are happy, can’t pull the trigger, won’t stay in the pocket. Complete opposite of what made him good last year.
  6. We’re starting to see Kelly’s approach of finding ND guys come to fruition. I was watching the game Saturday with a buddy unfamiliar with ND and he said, “man you guys have all seniors and juniors playing.” With a few exceptions yes we do. And we will next year and the year after that because Kelly has recruited guys with enough talent to get better and stay four years. Kelly’s plan of having these core guys that lay the foundation and a few stars here and there is really perfect for ND. We can’t reload every year so having this base is what makes us great.
  7. Let’s really dive into the ND Louisville game from a scenario standpoint. First week, Monday night, road game, at a place that’s really not that easy to play at. First half: Early game jitters, poor coaching (not sticking to the run) and a QB coming off a season where nothing was expected and now everything is expected. Second Half: Defense found their rhythm (only gave up three points), QB settled down, coaches called a good game (taking what defense was giving us vs. calling what they thought was fun) And... we looked pretty F-ing good. That second half was dominant and what I expect to see now that we’ve calmed down and settled back into ourselves
  8. How amazing was it to see UM players run to the fans to celebrate their s$hit win against Army. Honestly seeing them do that made it all worth it. Having a huge celebration against a team you should have smashed into the ground is so UM it’s not even funny. No disrespect to Army because they played their butts off, but 5 turnovers and a double OT celebration is just soooo soooo UM.
  9. I love you Hawaii, but this is the most basic take ever. Any team rises and falls on their starting quarterback. Great topic for conversation about Books play etc. but this is very much like Sam Ponders “Bold Prediction” of kyler Murray winning offensive rookie of the year... he should win it as the number pick in the draft. It’s not bold at all. We should win or lose based on Ian Book. He’s our starting QB and if he’s not good we won’t be. I’d be interested to hear your take on how our LBs will progress. That’s easily our biggest question mark. Can Bilal, white and Jack close the gap between good and better than average in time for Georgia? I love jack out there and think he’s a guy who “has it”. My bold take is that our LBs mature enough in the next two weeks to put up a fight against UGA. Thoughts DD members?
  10. Agree with this. He doesn’t need to transfer. If he did he’d go big D1. I don’t want him to leave
  11. As far as WR goes I can’t wait for the Kevin Austin / lawrence Keys show this year. I think we will be just fine.
  12. ESPN is garbage. They should not be looked to for recruiting info whatsoever.
  13. I actually see this game much like last time we played them. However, I think Kelly has matured, brought in better support and our players expect to win rather than hope. Same game here but ND prevails.
  14. Anyone know why we aren’t in on David Bell?
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