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  1. I know plenty about the game. Yes we don't have a one to one ratio of the horses Bama, Clemson, and OSU does. We don't have the horses UGA does either, but miraculously we've played them close twice because Smart isn't much better of a coach than BK. Last year UM curb stomped us with arguably the same equivalent talent, and the Canes did the same in '17. Richt is out of coaching and you'd be hard pressed to find a skunkbear fan who thinks Harbaugh is a top five coach given his results at present. I tire of over-crediting Kelly for being competitive for the first time since Lou. What's his competition?! Davie, a DC with no HC experience who could still get top talent to ND riding Lou's coat tails, but was a terrible gameday coach. He also had to deal with the de-emphasis on football after Lou's exit by Monk etc although. After ND he was a TVcommentator then HC at New Mexico and couldn't do better than that, no longer coaching. TW who was our 11th choice for HC. Was a position coach prior to being HC at Stanford where he had arguably one decent season in a really watered down, pre-Carroll at USC, PAC-10. Was a terrible game day coach and even worse recruiter who preferred the golf course to his HC job, and got fired. Then picked up by UW and went 0-12 with them at one point, no longer coaches football. Then we got Weis, an OC with no HC experience, who also was not our top choice for HC. He could flash his SB rings and talk about his schematic advantage to get top skill position recruits on offense but couldn't get well balanced classes. Turned out to be a blowhard game day coach. Was let go, went to Kansas and didn't do **** there, and no longer coaches. Just how the fudge did Kelly raise the bar in any meaningful way. He got concessions his predecessors didn't have access too, new facilities, etc. To me Kelly is doing exactly what an average/good coach with 30 years experience should be able to do at a blue blood school like ND. His recruiting isnt lazy like TW nor is it generally unbalanced like Weis, he's slightly below Davie riding Lou's success. We can talk different isle BS all we want, but elite players want to play for winners/contenders. Winning cures all ills, winning consistently build programs like Bama, Clemson, and OSU. Beating teams you should beat doesn't generate interest.
  2. You gotta have both. Weis could recruit top skill positions on O anyhow, not so much D and he was left with a huge hole on OL after '06. Davie was still able to recruit top 5-10 classes, which also set up TW to start 8-0 his first year on talent alone. Yes I want to get as many top recruits as we can get, who wouldn't. As it stands our offense doesn't excite top QBs, and we don't have a reputation of developing them either. Call me a height supremacist, but I want QBs that are at minimum 6'02 in person and not on paper, who can see routes down the middle of the field. No more midgets. I don't care if they can run or are a statue.
  3. Its going to a long season next year. There is no QB on the roster or coming in that excites anyone, and our drought of developing one into something better is severely lacking. Before I hear about Book this or that, show me the improvement or difference in his game from day one through tonight. Pyne ain't Book despite the similar physical stature, Pyne I think is even shorter. Clark may be questionable with injuries, let alone ability. And Buchner has played essentially one season of HS ball against weak competition. Not exactly encouraging for the future. A transfer QB should really take a long look at us given the strong run game and TE for the next few years as well as the strong OL classes.
  4. Saban let off the gas second half, there was no danger we were going to catch them in this track meet. We were pantsed once again in the big game. Yes Bama has the horses and they have the coaches as well, so does Clemson and OSU. I will continue to point the finger squarely at Kelly when all is said and done, the buck stops with him. No excuses. Scheme, game day, player developement, recruiting, staff, all decided by him. He's good enough to keep us around the conversation every couple years, but never really taken seriously as a threat to reach the apex and do some damage. He is what he is and sits on the coldest seat in CFB with this blueprint. He'll unfortunately surpass Rockne as our winningest coach, without actually achieving anything of significance. We'll be back perhaps in another couple years to repeat the cycle, after our new starters get some time and experience.
  5. Was he? I watched some of it and swear that I remember him playing. Oh well.
  6. And they were right there with Clemson the whole game but couldn't score in the second half. And that was against a TL led Clemson.
  7. It'll be a challenge for sure. I think the plan still has to be controlling Etienne which really takes a big weapon out of their offense. Even with their starters on D back we should be able to move the ball, but like you said we have to get better in the RZ. One other factor that cannot be overlooked, confidence. Our guys beat them and now believe they can compete with the best. That's a huge factor for our team knowing that they did it once, and with plenty of mistakes that they can clean up.
  8. Haven't heard anything. If true I wonder if Lugg gets put in since he's the 6th man?
  9. The Pac 12 is the only conference that can puts teams into the playoff who will be affected if the close down the season. That still give the four other P5 conferences the opportunity to fill one of the four playoff spots. All the non P5 schools are out of luck anyhow due to the playoff structure anyhow.
  10. The entirety of the second half I just kept thinking I've seen this movie before and the ending never goes well for the good guys. That was a huge boost for the program and fandom. Now lets start making this a more than once a generation occurance.
  11. Yeah it was jitters on those I suspect. Mayer stepped up when needed later as you said. He is going to be a really good one. I hadn't noticed it in previous games but did tonight. Every time Mayer caught the ball they piped in the music from the Halloween movies when Michael Meyers struck. Freaking sweet!
  12. Agreed. Our whole team played really physical tonight from the get go. They kept punching the whole game and cumulatively it was taking its toll on Clemson. And I agree about their defenders vs our WR who were also hurt. What really impressed was how the D in the second OT totally dominated with those two sacks back to back. That was straight up will to win and heart. I don't belive we registered a sack prior to those, talk about striking at the right time.
  13. Exactly what I said leading up to this game that we had to do.
  14. Honestly I don't know how much better of a game TL has than DJU that game. DJ is a stud and the next great one for Clemson. We shut down Etienne which was one of the only ways I thought we could win, he didn't have a big game which really takes away a good part of their offense as a rusher and very underrated and dangerous receiver. Clemson played really hard and to their credit they know what it takes to win in tough situations. My God what a nail biter and for all intents and purposes thought we'd lose, day late and dollar short that we've become all too accustomed to. Never been happier to get that rot out of my system for a wonderful win tonight. Soooo many players stepped up big time tonight. Book defends our house, may not be pretty but he was there right through the end. ****ing warrior out there. Didn't quit even after that disastrous fumble. The OL stepped up tonight, I don't care how many starters Clemson had out on D, they are deep and talented in their front seven which is a hallmark of sustained success. Count yourself fortunate when you play that good against a DC like Venables. I think we gave up one sack all night and the run game was effective. Kyren Williams is a treasure. He runs so good with great vision, and no fumbles tonight. But his ability to pass block is really making him stand out. He saved Ian on blitz pickups more than I could count. The Defense is awesome. They keep stepping up when needed. Hinish is just such a blue collar lunch pale player of the team you need, he just plugged up the middle with MTA and kept the LBs free to make plays. Special teams outside of a missed FG were great tonight. Bramlet making that TD saving tackle on Etienne was awesome, way to go! Doerer was automatic tonight except the one which was just a bit too far for him. Red zone O has to get better, left a lot of points off the board early and the Book fumble. That said they were clutch at the end when they needed them. Finally the staff. I'm the first to admit I'm glad I can finally stop saying Kelly hasn't won a big one yet, kudos and congrats BK! Tommy while not perfect called a good game, and our re dedication to the run and using jumbo type sets is paying off. You just beat Veneable led defense, good job Tom! Lea called a great game too, it's hard to limit that offense given their talent.
  15. Time to eradicate that '93 BC monkey forever. That's IMO the albatross that started the decline of the program...
  16. Are these regular season games, or do they include bowl matchups and conference games? If those are included its easy to see why we are lagging behind playing top ten teams. Bama alone plays probably one every year for a regular season matchup, then conference title game, then playoffs or NC game. They average 2 a year just under those scenarios. Obviously we don't have a conference so that eliminates one possibility. And we have had the consistent high end success Bama, OSU, Clemson, and OU have had guaranteeing at least one top ten in a bowl every year.
  17. Don't have anywhere close to that amount of stuff. But I do like to keep monofiliment fishing line around and some hooks. I don't really travel and am pretty much a homebody around my area. Know great places to go with springs and ponds for water near my folks acreage and know all the neighboring farmers very well, small town/country life growing up. Always know where to scrounge stuff and how to talk to folks. Otherwise always have my AR and Glocks on me. Common mistake I see for people is loading up on lots of stuff and tac gear but either never have a plan for it or know how to use it. Knowledge and preplanning goes a long way for situations.
  18. One big thing that really stuck in my craw from the game was the series right before half when we settled for a FG. In the RZ we threw the ball three straight plays with about 1:30ish on the clock. WTF!? Why didn't we pound the ball, which they were not stopping that drive and eat up the clock before half. Why give them another opportunity on O, even though our D was dominating. Plus those three incomplete passes totally took the wind out of our sails on a really productive drive. Eleven years of watching us throw the ball three times inside the redzone and come away with only a FG while not taking time off the clock is maddening. ****ing Kellyball is my only a answer to this. This type of **** is why Kelly is not an elite coach and we don't beat good teams. Poor RZ scheme, playcalling, and clock/situational awareness.
  19. Consistency is key. Hopefully he is turning a corner and will show up every game. Gotta be disruptive vs the good teams, thats the measuring stick for everyone not just Hayes.
  20. Yes stuck with him. He got an extension beyond '21, when I hoped he'd retire and a new coach could be brought in. BK hasn't shown me the ability to win big games or bring home a Natty. He's improved the program from his predecessors, and made it an attractive job again to prospective coaches. I still believe we can win the big one despite naysayers, but he is not the coach to do it. He got stuck with us when his pro aspirations dried up like a fart in the wind, and lost a ton of support for it and the ensuing give a crap seaons that followed. It is what it is.
  21. Coldest seat in CFB. We are stuck with him until 2024 is it? I've resigned myself to this fact, get used to it has taken over. Perhaps I'll get really exited again if we ever knock out top competition. Its been sooo long, and I'm not counting the '13 MSU win early season when they finished top 5.
  22. Nah, still want Matt Campbell.
  23. Well if he's been more impressive than Mayer, then it's absolutely criminal he isn't getting on the field!
  24. Many, many times over the BK era we've said this exact thing "why don't we run the ball in the red zone".
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