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  1. Yeah the pandemic. I seem to recall something Trump mentioned about HCQ back in the spring was it. Interesting how all the objections for its use in treating Covid have been lifted. To think all this time a readily available and inexpensive therapy was there to successfully treat people. Odd timing with the retractions so soon after the inauguration and all... I don't seem to recall any comments made towards cannibalism in my posts or this entire thread. Once again I'm still standing by my posts.
  2. Still standing firmly behind my posts. Links or stop? How is anyone allowed to do that when big tech has censored any dissenting facts and opinions from the net? Case in point storming the capital. There are tons of videos showing what happened. Yet they are getting scrubbed across all platforms. Why would that be, could it be that the MSM and swamp don't want people to see what really happened recorded by people who were there? Capitol police opening barriers for people to come in, giving tours, posing for selfies with the "rioters". Don't worry more info will come out clarifying wh
  3. Game is afoot. Keep watching folks and buckle your seatbelts...
  4. I know plenty about the game. Yes we don't have a one to one ratio of the horses Bama, Clemson, and OSU does. We don't have the horses UGA does either, but miraculously we've played them close twice because Smart isn't much better of a coach than BK. Last year UM curb stomped us with arguably the same equivalent talent, and the Canes did the same in '17. Richt is out of coaching and you'd be hard pressed to find a skunkbear fan who thinks Harbaugh is a top five coach given his results at present. I tire of over-crediting Kelly for being competitive for the first time since Lou. What's
  5. You gotta have both. Weis could recruit top skill positions on O anyhow, not so much D and he was left with a huge hole on OL after '06. Davie was still able to recruit top 5-10 classes, which also set up TW to start 8-0 his first year on talent alone. Yes I want to get as many top recruits as we can get, who wouldn't. As it stands our offense doesn't excite top QBs, and we don't have a reputation of developing them either. Call me a height supremacist, but I want QBs that are at minimum 6'02 in person and not on paper, who can see routes down the middle of the field. No more midgets
  6. Its going to a long season next year. There is no QB on the roster or coming in that excites anyone, and our drought of developing one into something better is severely lacking. Before I hear about Book this or that, show me the improvement or difference in his game from day one through tonight. Pyne ain't Book despite the similar physical stature, Pyne I think is even shorter. Clark may be questionable with injuries, let alone ability. And Buchner has played essentially one season of HS ball against weak competition. Not exactly encouraging for the future. A transfer QB should really
  7. Saban let off the gas second half, there was no danger we were going to catch them in this track meet. We were pantsed once again in the big game. Yes Bama has the horses and they have the coaches as well, so does Clemson and OSU. I will continue to point the finger squarely at Kelly when all is said and done, the buck stops with him. No excuses. Scheme, game day, player developement, recruiting, staff, all decided by him. He's good enough to keep us around the conversation every couple years, but never really taken seriously as a threat to reach the apex and do some damage. He is wha
  8. Texas files suit directly to SCOTUS last night challenging election laws/procedure in MI, Wi, GA, and PA. In nutshell the amended election laws are unconstitutional by both existing laws in the states and a federal/constitutional election laws under Article II. Who enacts laws? The judiciary? The executive? Or the legislature? Civics 101. Don't even have to prove fraud if the election process was tainted as unconstitutional...
  9. Koolaid? Is it normal, or better yet legal in criminal cases for the government to withhold evidence? In my 22 years of court experince through depositions, trials in Fed and State courts, Suppression hearing etc its a really BIG no no for the prosecution to knowingly or otherwise withhold evidence from the defense. Those are irrefutable facts in the Flynn case, which apparently many are completely ignorant of or willfully denying. Given the preponderance of evidence, when fully released or close to it to Powell and Flynn, the FBI and DOJ said they had no case to move forward with and with
  10. Just checking in, everyone still feeling the election was on the level? I know I'm still standing firm...
  11. Yeah, he is innocent. Hard to prosecute a case when there is none. The only party keeping it going is Judge Sullivan via some unbelievable judicial activism. The case should have been dismissed months ago. I don't know if its just ignorance to the case that causes the opinions of some, or outright denial of the facts and the mental gymnastics required to go with it.
  12. Obviously you know little about the Flynn case, like another poster or two. Consider looking into the case to understand the malfeasance of what happened and the extreme overreach of the judge still to this day. I won't fault a man willing to protect his family(who were NOT involved) and was being misrepresented and hung out to dry by his original legal counsel. Sorry, didn't see your second response to Flynn case. Point still stands, that detailsof the case exit that I don't think you are familiar with probably due to sourcing.
  13. Well, arguably partisan and the no votes felt there were discrepancies with the results and didn't want to certify, while the yes votes felt the opposite. I will say having watched the video of the meeting, the blatant doxxing of the no voters was unbelievable and claiming racsim without basis was ridiculous. Reading that the original dissenters may now be rescinding their yes votes and filing affidavits that they and their families were threatened.
  14. Right. Like when Obama shitcanned General Flynn, a life long Democrat BTW, because Flynn was opposed to the Iran Nuke deal and was outspoken in his views. Then Obama went out of his way to discredit Flynn during the transition of the Trump administration before Flynn was even named to it. And then, sonovabitch, a bogus investigation and charges are brought against Flynn by the outgoing administration and its holdovers in the FBI. Just so we are clear that this only happens one direction because...Trump.
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