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  1. Things have been trying. Things went downhill from our house to the hospital. She had a anurism and I honestly thought she was gone. Seen enough of that at my job to know. They immediately took her to U of Iowa Hospital for higher care and immediate surgery. She has had some wins since Saturday with different things. Trying to keep an even keel through it all considering what she's been through.
  2. Thanks everyone. It means a lot when your world is turned upside down in blink of an eye.
  3. My wife Bev had a stroke/anurism tonight. Things got worse. She is in surgery now. Trying to take things in, its touchy with brain bleeds. Hoping and praying for her. Thanks.
  4. Haven't watched a full game since OSU because it was prime time, been trying to get sleep Saturdays with my schedule. Yes I am somewhat down on football in general, just not in the mood too much else going on. BTW everyone be safe this weekend. Somethings in the air, not sure, but am uneasy. God Bless.
  5. I'd argue he had a foot out the door since 2012. No doubt in my mind if a serious NFL job offer turned up he would have left. But he had some shaky years from '13-'16 which didn't make him very attractive.
  6. Woke up to watch the last 8 minutes or so. Nothing really to add since by that time we were clinging on for the win. Saw the DL get push when they needed, those guys need some confidence too. Bertrand out for 1st half next game so maybe get to see a youngster get some LB reps. Its going to be a long, frustrating season. Freeman and the coaches have to learn and adapt. There really should be no reason saving shirts for the young guys, they need PT to prepare for next season. I don't see a lot of job security for next spring. Get them all some game time and see who wants to play.
  7. Cal is solid on D, their O not so much. Wilcox has done a solid job on that side of the ball and its what they are known for.
  8. Probably because we don't have butt whipping machines in every stall, hookers and blow, valets and doormen who hand money to you instead of the inverse, Geek Squad on hand to handle homework and tests, and so forth. Yes we are behind every serious football factory out there...
  9. Definitely not arguing the past. However this is shaping up as a different animal and the same with CFB since then. I and many others have expressed concern over the direction of the sport and athletics in general. Its quickly losing its soul because of things like this, super conferences, politicization, and so on. Many fans, myself included, are hanging by a thread and are about ready to just walk away from all of it. I gave up on pro sports many years ago, college is getting close perhaps for the best for me anyway.
  10. I wonder how long the NIL money will hold out, especially if its the "guaranteed" type. That is how long will businesses and fans keep supporting all this money year after year. If the players aren't panning out, are injured, get into trouble or have academic issues(sic), or the overall product on the field isn't up to expectations will the big money continue to flow? We are still very early in this process and don't have an idea what the long game is going to look like when the dust settles. The buy in right now is short sighted IMO on both the players and those sponsoring the NIL, lots of big numbers tossed around without considering what's going to happen after a few years. I don't necessarily think it'll be sustainable with big guaranteed money.
  11. That's it. My bad, thanks for clarifying.
  12. And what's been the rub for the past 12 years? Our QBs got worse or stagnated in the program. There were no players under BK who actually got better and elevated their game while they were here. There were some good individual seasons here and there, usually their first season as a starter with a parred down playbook, strong line and RB, and good D. However even in those years, against a decent DC or elite team, the offense and by virtue the QB struggled. Book for being a three year starter didn't appear to be any better as a QB from beginning to the end. He didn't get noticably better as a passer as he aged. Our staff doesn't seem to be able to teach a QB, or perhaps they don't know what type of QB they want. Maybe they aren't that great of evaluators of talent. I still say the scheme/system is rotten and something totally different should be brought in. Divorce ourselves entirely from the BK offensive shitfest and its disciples.
  13. I'll take a stab. I think mainly its due to ND policies. That is academically we cannot or will not take just anyone if their academics are not in order or to the satisfaction of Admissions. Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe the last underclassmen we took prior to the unfettered transfer portal, was Amir Carlyle(sp). As a whole we just don't take transfers very often. Prior to the portal, aka 5th years, you had to have degree in hand and working towards a declared Masters program. Still believe this is in effect for ND guys who wish to stay beyond 4th year eligibility. Look at the guys we've had come in recently as transfers, upperclassmen with a year maybe two to play, degree in hand, and from similar academic minded schools. We got 2 Harvard guys and Northwestern this season off the top of my head. I don't see that changing in the future. From a pure football decision who wouldn't want to transfer into ND with the bright lights, big stage potential. But we will not be able to secure as many due to academic challenges where the university is gatekeepers. I don't see ND bending on this issue, allowing entrance unfiltered to FB mercenaries, right or wrong. We can get transfers who are properly lined up with the university's mission, but like HS recruiting it is limited on the numbers who qualify. After that it a litany of selling them on the idea I suppose, ie opportunity, PT, ND degree, etc.
  14. Patterson out hurts with experience. I'm not sold on Correll being the best center allowing Patterson to move to guard. I'm also not sold on Lugg as a starter and he us injury prone, which I think has hurt his game even now. We really missed on two classes of OL in '19 and '20, transfers, injuries, and guys not hitting the mark. Really want to see youngins get some PT to build going forward and show what they can do.
  15. I thought the DL actually did pretty well overall. OSU OL is good. We only had one sack I believe, but there were plenty of pressures on Stroud, unfortunately he's elusive and can make plays on the run. The whole D was gassed middle of the second half because they were out there so much.
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