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  1. A little wishful thinking on Tate that early
  2. Jagusah seems pretty close as well. Someone has to get it started
  3. Nothing on your list that is a long shot except Ausberry imo
  4. Get em all and figure it out when they are on campus
  5. Sucks for him. Bad for us. Hopefully Zeke is ready
  6. The only major problem I have is with Rhett
  7. Styles already has. He's going to be a stud
  8. Considering 5 wrs play and at worst he's 7th, he will get plenty of time. If you aren't in the top 3 at corner, you don't play. Tobias has the easier path as he already right in the mix by numbers
  9. He was good all year and in the ok state game. They didn't throw at him. He played well most of the year. Really good player
  10. Tobias doesnt have to beat out 4 to 5 guys. 3 wrs start. Hes basically on the 2 deep when he gets to campus You forgot about Tucker and Morrison at corner. Maybe Bracy, what did he decide to do?
  11. You said Mickey might be the best corner the minute he steps on campus. Hes not better than Hart. Hart is a pro Hart played field and boundary this year
  12. Hart is better than you are giving him credit for. He's a pro. He can get up on that 3rd to 4th round spot. He's the best corner on the roster
  13. It's not anymore. We live in a different world now
  14. Im excited about this position as well. With Buchner run ability I think there will be a lot of holes and lanes to run through
  15. You can say the same at wr Lenzy, Davis, Styles, Wilkins and Colzie. That's not including Thomas. Starter experience and talent Very similar in depth and talent. Id say there's more talent at wr as bertrand, Bo, Kiser are solid but not overly talented. The positions are extremely close
  16. Its not easy landing an elite qb. There's not many of them and other schools are recruiting them the hardest as well
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