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  1. Traore isn't visiting till the summer but you expect him to commit somewhere soon?
  2. Yeah Moore will be a take at anytime he wants to commit no matter who commits
  3. Official visits and unofficial visits are different
  4. Point is we aren't taking many undergrads. We need to nail recruiting because we aren't using the portal like everyone else. Recruiting is key. That's why MF had to be the hire. More important now than ever
  5. Not for us. Recruiting is even more important now
  6. How do you know what is or isn't happening behind the scenes?
  7. A random thought or have you seen new video of him?
  8. Moore and LSU both set up officials for LSU
  9. Do you think Dante told them he's coming but that he still just wants to take visits for the experience?
  10. Sayin and who? Not landing an elite QB will not only be be bad because we took an average one last class, but we wouldnt have a top Qb to help land top wrs in this class
  11. Sounds like this recruitment may drag on into the summer. He said he wanted to take officials. Hope that changes
  12. I wouldnt say Mahomes has a super quick release like Moore though. I think they are totally different players. Just my opiniom though
  13. He's not as big and he doesnt have a cannon like Mahomes. What about him reminds you of Mahomes? Hes more precision passing like Bruce Young. He doesn't have the physical gifts like Pat imo
  14. Traore isn't visiting until summer
  15. Not playing an fcs team. Playing an average Mac team where you should be guaranteed a win and get the younger guys game reps. We didnt handle our business but Toledo is at least decent so they give you some resistance while getting to play a lot of your roster. It's good for development. Playing a fcs team is no resistance
  16. I didnt see that he was announcing...that should start the dominoes
  17. I think we're in a good spot for Jagusah, absher and Freeling. Dave the last spot for Okunlola. If he eliminates us then take someone like Siereveld
  18. He wouldn't be a take for me right now
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