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  1. It doesn't have the pinned tweets and it has some features topics above. It's not the same
  2. Recruit the best players Hire the best coaches
  3. I dont think so. But IB said they like him as a nose guard which makes more sense. He's definitely a good player. I just think it was a little early. Never hurts to land quality football players with very strong work ethics though
  4. Taking 5 in this class you'd think the 24 class would have less. And you think it would be only big game hunting considering what we got in 23 and the 1 we got in 24
  5. Im a little surprised they would take his commitment so early
  6. Would you say Limar is next or anything before that?
  7. He shouldn't commit then if he wants to take visits. Hopefully he commits and doesn't take any other visits
  8. Not this late into it and not with this many good prospects on the board
  9. Try to enjoy what we are doing right now
  10. 2 team race with Siereveld. Do you think we land him
  11. I think the only one who theyd turn down of that group is Siereveld. So of he commits to us, then I can see us taking 5 if all wanted in. Freeling and Jagusah are takes no matter what but they really like Absher and I dont think you turn him down if he wants in to
  12. We didnt play 4 of our starters including the starting QB
  13. There will be a spot for him. He's a top 100 player. One of the highest upside players in this class. He's not getting left in the cold
  14. I think everyone feels we land Jagusah. Do you have new information
  15. Keon Keeley is an absolute freak show
  16. I'm guessing we land Jayden Limar and Pendleton in the next week
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