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  1. Is Gray and Flores still going to OSU next week
  2. My prediction is we land 5 recruits in the 23 class from now til july 14th Micah Bell Christian Gray Charles Jagusah Ronan Hanafin Rico Flores
  3. This is going to be a crazy recruiting cycle
  4. Very odd. Afraid of playing time if we get Moore?
  5. Do you think we get anyone not that was kinda expected like Gray, Hanafin, Flores Do we land anyone outside of that group I forgot Moore was here as well. We have a good shot with him too
  6. Where are you seeing he is older than Dante Moore
  7. Honestly that sounds ridiculous for them. All the schools they are looking at have top qbs. What is so different about it being Notre Dame. Lsu had 5 start Walker Howard. Other schools have studs. If your afraid to compete go to a page that doesn't want to compete for championships That is embarrassing
  8. Miami is a historically great program. Hes close with their OC. They have a good head coach. The academics at UM is very good. And the weather. Id say they have a lot to be enamored with
  9. I'm guessing Otting or Paige. Larsen if 24
  10. What is it, I can't see anything
  11. Why isn't Moore visiting the 10th ?
  12. Similar to the Jack Nickel recruitment?
  13. It doesn't have the pinned tweets and it has some features topics above. It's not the same
  14. Recruit the best players Hire the best coaches
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