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  1. You'd be wrong like usual Desmond Ridder, a top 5 qb in this years draft had 144 yards with 0 tds against Bama Maty Corral, a top 5 qb in this draft had 213 yards and 1 td against Bama
  2. 17 for 26 for 226 yards. 2 tds 0 ints Id say that a pretty big positive impact on a Championship game
  3. So their whole offense was based on 1 player? Georgias best player missed 11 games this year and wasnt healthy for the NC. Bennett won a NC. And he was a big factor to why
  4. Is Heistand and Stuckey out on the road recruiting yet? Why hasnt their hires been announced yet
  5. That an nfl gif of Cincinnati. They have a playoff game today
  6. White, Simon, Moala and Pryor all are leaving. I said we would probably lose some. We lost 4 so far. Nothing yet from Bo
  7. Your boy Stetson Bennett looking good and going to play for a NC
  8. That's where you go off the rails because hes nothing at all like Hendrix. That makes me think you never have seen him or you just don't have a clue. Which one is it
  9. He's definitely a p5 player. If he can be a top p5 qb is where you have a point
  10. Year 1 schedule is rough. Future schedules are tougher than our recent schedules as well We may be better than last year with a worse record in year 1. Anything less than 8 wins is a disaster Recruiting for the 23 class should be a top 7 class. Anything less would be a disappointment to me
  11. Every coaching decision he has made so far has been the correct one. If he lands Heistand that will be another home run. Keeping Del will be a big mistake. But if he hits on 9 of the 10 coaches Im not going to kill the guy
  12. Bem Roethlisberger started 1 year of high school Kyle Trask didn't start at all in high school
  13. Not really. Comes from recruits and people who would know from inside the Gug
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