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  1. I dont think hes a top back. Hes not overly fast or explosive. We have diggs, Estime and Price. I dont think Irvin offers anything different. If I was ND and I had those 3 guys Id go with 1 explosive player and 1 big game hunting. Irvin is solid but not spectacular imo
  2. I think Irvin is a reach at this point
  3. That wouldn't be a top 5 class
  4. We already have 2 top 100 guys. And we are in the lead or in great shape with a bunch more. I've never seen is in with so many top guys this early as the 23 class. And one of those top 50 kids is an Indiana kid so that is a huge thing. I think we land him by the end of the year
  5. Not a failed recreational drug test. And not by the ncaa. Recreational and ncaa being the keys there
  6. Putting clues together I'm not saying that as fact
  7. Thats a good thing. Better prospects on the board
  8. So Rees landed the top qb recruit we've had in years as the OC. Got it
  9. So you have no clue how they felt before or currently. So at the end of the day, all that matters is who we land
  10. Buchner was a top 75 recruit and has high upside. Higher than any qb we've landed in a long time imo. But does he not count?
  11. Who cares how they feel? At the end of the day, its who you get. We've had very good classes and this class will be another. Hopefully a little better but more important is how they perform at ND.
  12. That 1 year Rees offense is the reason we dont attract 5 star qbs. Smart analysis
  13. This class wont be top 5. Most likely 6 thru 10. Its another very good class
  14. I was responding to you complaining about Rees. You just brought Kelly into the mix. 2 different arguments. I was never an Ian Book fan so you save that talk for someone else. Rees was just fine as OC last year with his circumstance and we did go to the playoff with him as qb coach and now OC. You were just off by throwing out the numbers the way you did. It happens, we're all wrong sometimes
  15. For the umptienth time, Kellys classes are always top 15 in terms of player rankings. Usually top 12. His classes are usually underrated because the staff is really good at identifying guys that haven't hit their ceilings. Unlike Weis. If you like classes that don't have quality or depth on the lines of scrimmage, good for you. I don't. I understand football. If you don't recruit the lines well, you have no chance at all. Weis didnt, Kelly does. The results show the difference. Kellys classes are well above Weis. It's not close and his classes are getting better. Stop complaining and maybe enjoy what he's built and building. Try being you know, an ND fan
  16. He lost by far his two best weapons from last year and didn't have spring practices. 20 played Alabama and Clemson twice. 19 didn't have any defenses like that. The 20 offense was as good or better when you consider competition and circumstances. Rees wasn't bad at all last year minus a few moments. Our offense performed about what it should have with the talent and competition we played. Our style was run first and ball control
  17. Weis' classes weren't as good as Kellys. He didnt recruit the lines well. He didnt recruit defense that well. His classes were overrated and scouting wasnt as good back then. The first Bama beat down I think we had our best class if I remember correctly. Jaylon Smith class. Kellys classes have been really good. Could have been a little better though in some areas and some guys. This class is another good class but won't be top 5. But another really good class
  18. Oklahoma should also be asking about what we are doing defensively that they aren't
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