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  1. Is Chan visiting other schools?
  2. If you only go after kids that are 100 percent all in you're going to miss out on a lot of good players. We ha e a bunch on the team now that took visits elsewhere or were committed elsewhere. Some guys who decommitted from us and recommitted You go after the best players
  3. Iowa losing has to slow the Iowa momentum for Nwankpa. We'll have our chance this week
  4. And then lose to a team ND beat by 2 scores.
  5. Its still early. He still has a visit to ND I believe for the USC game We'll have our shot
  6. Terrible game for our biggest recruits to be at. Nothing went well this weekend
  7. He hasnt panned out at Michigan. Id personally just rather develop our own guys then take a kid from Michigan who hasnt panned out
  8. We'll have Correll, Spindler, Kristofic, Carroll, Coogan. I wouldnt be surprised to see Carmody move inside with Fisher, Baker, Alt at tackle. Then you got leftover Dirksen and Johnson. We have 3 frosh committed with 2 being interior guys. Maybe we land another as well
  9. Id pass. If he cant play at Michigan in 3 years, I dont think thats a guy we take. We have a lot of young guys that need to develop and need the reps
  10. Which 22 and 23 prospects are visiting for the Cincinnati game? Coming off the Wisconsin win and hopefully a top 10 Cincy win should help build more momentum. Will Tate be there?
  11. He looks so much better as a senior. He has improved. Great for us
  12. I dont think hes a top back. Hes not overly fast or explosive. We have diggs, Estime and Price. I dont think Irvin offers anything different. If I was ND and I had those 3 guys Id go with 1 explosive player and 1 big game hunting. Irvin is solid but not spectacular imo
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