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  1. They'll get over it. He's coming here to play football. You have to love the explosion and physicality he shows.
  2. That would be huge. Especially Sneed
  3. Correct. I listened, Staes definitely sounds like one. The defensive one in not sure
  4. If true, Hinish and Staes would be my guesses
  5. Because we want Staes and Raridon at tight end
  6. That's surprising on Wesolak. He's been blowing up and thought we were in the lead. I prefer Wesolak to Agu
  7. It will be interesting to see which DEs get left out of this class as well. New offer Darren Agu is getting a bunch of crystal balls to ND. What does that mean or what does that say about Wesolak, Tafiti and others?
  8. If Sneed, Cheeks and Junior all want in you probably take them all
  9. Argument more likely is yes they have better in state players, esp Ohio and Bama, but also they have no restrictions on who they can recruit. Academic and character. Combine those 2 and its not ridiculous at all
  10. I didnt see the 33 percent number. I thought he said a little less than 50 percent. I have no idea if the number is accurate or not
  11. Weis didnt talk to those recruits for 13 months before they signed....if he did at all. 13 months Its ridiculous to think he had any impact whatsoever on them signing. Nice try though.
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