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  1. And right now just 78 from 1000! Remember when we got bryant and folston and thought they would be this? Now they are gone and injured and no one cares
  2. Why the effing F is Utah 4 just for beating a ****** Oregon team? Good god rankings are so dumb this year. MSU no. 2 and hadnt ost but fell all the way to 7. Could u imagine how pissed we'd be about that
  3. i kinda say no. USC isnt feared. shoulsnt need to use jerseys to get pumped for this game anyway. but ya know what, maybe it would be cool at night. just doesnt feel the game to do it
  4. every game in college football is a must win all the time. like Bk said, they are beyond moral good try victories. EVERY LOSS SUCKS
  5. this is a scary game guys. im almost way too relaxed and unworried about a loss here. like we are playing umass or something. in my mind i feel we should show up smash this team and move on. i think ND will win stress free or USC will shock everyone and beat us. it is just a game where i think lots think USC wont win and they do
  6. I mean you can say that about lots of games. We say we beat ourselves because we are ND fans. Clemson fans sure as sh!t aren't saying ND beat themselves. Clemson caused the CJ fumble Clemson caused the Procise fumble Clemson caused the Chris Brown fumble Maybe Kizer's bad read on his throw that got picked off was his fault more than Clemson beating us. But the guy still had to intercept it. Those turnovers cost us the game and for sure Clemson caused three of them. Corey dropped 2-point conversion. Corey dropped TD pass. Fuller dropped passes. But even with those, the turnovers are what cost us more than anything. And three of them were caused by Clemson.
  7. i remember that game too had a "we won wait no we didnt vibe" as well just like FSU last year. maybe those quick emotional highs and lows is what make those results so difficult
  8. one of my favorite ND games ever (minus the final :30 seconds and a lack of replay in college football. but today is the 10 year anniversary. where were you for the game? i had a ticket but let my brother takes his future wife to the game instead cuz he asked. i watched with my parents at home before a night of college partying.
  9. I'm sure you remember. Former ND commit. several blood transfusions. http://www.si.com/college-football/2015/10/14/alabama-crimson-tide-blake-barnett-hospitalized
  10. http://www.usctrojans.com/blog/2015/10/sarkisian-terminated-as-usc-football-coach.html
  11. Might give the team something to rally around guys. USC gonna come put blazin.
  12. we should not lose rest of season. and if we lose to that **** show in southern cal it is really gonna suck
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