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  1. He should be embarrassed. Herbstreit also pointed this out and gave him crap about it, rightfully so. This type of stuff and the talking before the game is not necessary. It makes you look bad when you do it and even worse when you lose
  2. That is a big "if".... recruiting has been mediocre this year. Hope it picks up sometime soon.
  3. I saw it...Ty Domi's kid is a decent player. Lets make this a hockey thread
  4. And Paul Johnson knows how to beat us...
  5. there were more goals at the end there than during the first period no?
  6. I think this is reasonable. Next year we will able to see which way the program is headed under BK but some on here are making some real stupid assumptions and excuses for this year's failures. To be honest, I was more dumbfounded by some of the decisions BK made.
  7. Lol. Any more excuses? "We were playing our 2nd and 3rd stringers!" Embarrassing. I've been hearing similar excuses since Charlie was coaching. But at least you're not soft and to prove your point you bring up the bcs bowls where we looked just a tad bit better than Hawaii did against Georgia. During this time frame Boise state and Utah did better in the bcs bowls with worse recruits. BK has done some good things but the way he has coached this year was baffling. Maybe this is the reason why we are having to settle for 3 star recruits. We are going to have to compete with programs like Yale, Northwestern, and Harvard with the latest offer. Let's hope academics are secondary in this case
  8. I think the point here is that we are accepting commits who are low on our board while teams like sc are bringing in guys like Juju Smith and Nelson Agholor. Even when we get 5 star players like Redfield they cant cover receivers or they are being replaced by a 3 star. Sad to see what teams like TCU can do with 3 star players yet we can't beat Northwestern with 4 star players
  9. UUgggghh. I can't seem to get this out of my head. I think I hate that term more than "decided schematic advantage."
  10. Safe to say that this funeral is not for one of their friends. Absolutely disgusting but not surprised unfortunately. I served with all kinds and took orders from some of these at one point...One of the reasons I decided to leave the military.
  11. I'm a bit concerned with his offer list. Connecticut nor Duke have offered.
  12. Did not know this. I enjoy his columns and think he's one of the most articulate and brilliant minds around.
  13. Found something we agreed on. The Ray Lewis over the top pre game stuff made me cringe...rocket Ismail at an ND pep rally was bad too
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