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  1. Change the thread title to commits to the Irish!
  2. Hell ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11:grin: Just what the Doctor ordered!
  3. Man does Amir have great vision when he runs the ball. He has some Quick moves also!
  4. I am pumped up for 2013! I am already counting down the days for game day!
  5. Great read! Nice young man. I liked that Alabama kept sending 3 letters a day even thow he was already committed to ND.
  6. hawaiiirish dude well put man! I wished you lived closer to P'cola Florida man I would buy ya a beer! You have been a full of great information for this Board! I for one Thank you.
  7. da coach I do thank you for your info that you gave us! I have been with this site since the beginning> You the Man! Its time
  8. My prayers go out to Mirko and his family. I enjoyed watching him play at ND!
  9. Looks like the bears came out and are not interested in Kelly!
  10. I agree ottawand! Kelly should stay! I wonder if it is really for more money!
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