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  1. Yeah, it won't be too much longer before ND losses their first game this year. Then his seat will get hotter.
  2. I expect ND to win. If, only if Wimbush doesn't throw 2+ Int's. Now if ND comes out flat, then I see a loss. If Wimbush starts to turn the ball over, then I think we will see Book in the game. ND - 27 Vandy - 17 The game might be closer than that. So if there are turnovers for ND I see the score at: ND - 27 Vandy - 24
  3. After watching the Ball St. game I'm concerned about this team. Defense looks good, not so much with the Offense. So I'm going to predict 8-4. I think the Vanderbilt game could go either way. If BW keeps throwing into double coverage, this team will be in big trouble down the road. Michigan: W Ball State: W Vanderbilt: L @Wake Forest: W Stanford: L @Virginia Tech: L Pittsburgh: W BYE Navy: W @Northwestern: W Florida State: W Syracuse: W @USC: L
  4. This sounds like the Golson / Rees experiment. Well with that experiment, ND went undefeated.
  5. For some reason he reminds me of Dayne Crist. Physical tools are good, but the mental aspect of the game is a little off.
  6. His 40 time concerns me. 4.70 in the 40.
  7. Yeah I have heard him talk. He's full of energy. I'm still hoping to get him in 3 years or so when Kelly's done.
  8. It makes me wonder if Fleck was still the coach at WM, if he would of beaten SC.
  9. How about #24? http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2731491-ap-college-football-poll-2017-complete-week-2-rankings-released
  10. I'm hearing we are getting 2-3 more recruits for the defense either in a few days or on NSD. I didn't hear their names, but I was told by a ND alumni.
  11. This statement is from another person on a premium message board: Heard it a month ago that he wasn't happy, having academic struggles, etc. Wouldn't surprise me if he's gone. No one losses the offseason like ND does.
  12. Thanks for your answers. I have decided to try Irish Illustrated (Scout) & Blue & Gold (Rivals).
  13. Do any of you guys subscribe to a Premium content website for inside info? If you do could you please tell me which site has the best content? thank you.
  14. Why do I recall UM fans talking how much they hayed Al Borges? There has to be someone else out there for OC.
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