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  1. The Irish Wired was pretty funny! I was cracking up when Brian Polian was talking about Hinish having an older taste in music than him. Then when he sees Hinish he says, “Were you born in 1968?”
  2. Hello all. My name is Justin and I have been a Domer Domain member since 2013. I am active duty U.S. Air Force and have been in 20+ years. I am an aircraft mechanic by trade, and have worked on the F-15 and F-16. My most recent job is as the International Military Student Officer (IMSO) and Additional Duty First Sergeant for the 81st Fighter Squadron at Moody AFB, GA. There, we train foreign student pilots and maintainers on the A-29 Super Tucano light weight attack aircraft. I am married to a wonderful woman named Jen and we have been married for going on 17 years, but have been tog
  3. I feel we will be fine in the running back department with Williams, Tyree, and Flemister, even if the offensive line takes a step back.
  4. I really like the upgrades! I think it’s so much easier to navigate, read, and post on my iPhone.
  5. One of the things to know about the COVID vaccine is it doesn’t contain a live virus and works off of mRNA. The below site contains some great info about the vaccine and why it’s safe and effective. https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/covid-19/hcp/mrna-vaccine-basics.html
  6. The wife and I got our first shots last week. We received the Moderna vaccine. Our arms were sore for a couple of days, but that was it. We’re scheduled to get our second dose mid February.
  7. I’m trying to figure out why everyone, including you, think Alabama took their foot off the gas in the second half. First off, when does Nick Savanna ever do that? Second, Alabama threw the ball more than they ran it in the second half. Just leave it at, “This ‘Bama performance makes ND look more respectable.”
  8. Maybe Tom Herman as Notre Dame’s offensive coordinator? I know it will never happen, but that would definitely be an upgrade over Rees.
  9. Actually, it’s a 98.3% survival rate in the United States. That’s pretty terrifying if you really think about it because it has lead to almost 360,000 deaths! Back in August, it was a 97.5% survival rate. I think the reason it’s not as deadly as before is due to some of the drugs available to hospitals to help patients recover. Below is the website I got my data from. https://covid.cdc.gov/covid-data-tracker/#cases_casesper100klast7days With the mortality rate currently at 1.7%, I wouldn’t take my chances and would get the vaccine. I know I’m going to get one as soon as it’s availab
  10. I’m sorry, but it’s not a great season when you lose the last two games that actually mean something. Notre Dame won 10 games again...cool. Who gives a s**t!
  11. Agreed! He’s becoming one of my favorite players!
  12. I was going to give the offense at least two series to ease into it, but my goodness, this is pathetic!
  13. I think face coverings should be mandatory anywhere you go.
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