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  1. ND is in it for Dante Moore (#8 overall, #3 QB), Jackson Arnold (#72 overall, #7 QB), and Christopher Vizzina (#85 overall, #8 QB). It's still very early, but right now... I think ND has the best shot at Vizzina right now. Moore seems like a Michigan lean, but with Harbaugh potentially off to the NFL, that would be a game changer. In his interviews, he has talked a lot about who his coaches will be and the stability of the program. He has a good relationship with Rees. ND probably running second here. Arnold really likes ND, and ND already has a commitment from his teammate Peyton Bowen. He just visited Oklahoma and really liked it. Being from Texas, OU will be a major draw. I could see him picking ND, but I don't think it's as likely as Vizzina. I think Vizzina could be really good. Great size, solid arm strength, good mobility. He's solidly a Top 100 player, IMO. He is from Alabama, so one would think if he gets a Bama offer, then that would be all she wrote. He has an Auburn offer, but I think ND sits at the top right now. He has talked about how ND is very similar to his high school, and he likes a lot of what ND has to offer (academics, religious aspects, etc.). Again, I think he is the most likely of those three as it stands right now, but obviously a lot could change (Harbaugh leaves Michigan, Notre Dame's head coach actually recruits kids, etc.). ND has offered Avery Johnson (#181 overall, #11 QB) from Kansas. He is super raw, but very athletic. It sounds like he does not have the green light to commit yet, as ND wants one of the big three above, but I think he would commit if he could.
  2. Yep - sounds like he got a nice pay increase to stay. And maybe he didn't want to come to ND and work under a first-time, 38 year old head coach. I really wanted him. I think Derek Mason is a definite possibility at this point.
  3. Pretty shocked considering his comments around NSD about wanting to stay at ND for more reasons than football. He mentioned his family loving South Bend and his daughters wanting to go to ND. I guess I don't blame him for leaving after getting passed over every time ND needed a new DC and how the bowl game went. I wonder if there is any behind the scenes stuff between Elston and Freeman due to how the bowl game played out. The DL has consistently been the best position group the last few years, and Elston was a really great recruiter for ND. Hopefully Freeman is enough to hold on to Keeley and Vernon - those are two Top 100 players that ND desperately needs more of, especially Keeley. I wonder if Tyler Stockton gets a look. He has done really well at Ball State, but that's a big jump. Or Larry Black who was a former GA who just got hired at Vanderbilt. He was really well liked by the players when he was at ND. I think I'd go with a veteran coach, though. It's great to have some young guys on staff, but you need some veterans mixed in as well.
  4. I believe it's the first time since '92-'93 that ND has finished back-to-back years in the Top 10. Disappointing end of the season, but that's impressive.
  5. Lots of praise for several ND commits at the All American Game lead up. Aiden Gobaira was named one of the 5 prospects whose stock is rising by Rivals. He's already in the Top 250 but could end up near the Top 100 when the final rankings come out. Tyson Ford has also consistently been mentioned among the best performers this week by Rivals - he fell out of the Top 100 over the course of this year, but could see a bump. Joshua Burnham was singled out by 247 as one of the most impressive LBs at the event. Billy Schrauth has been consistently named one of the best OL during practice by both Rivals and 247. Ashton Craig has been getting good reviews. I think analysts love Tobias Merriweather's length. Not sure if he will see a bump, but he has been consistently good. Have not heard too much about Junior. I think Ziegler is playing out of position at safety because they are short on bodies due to COVID. It doesn't sound like he has been turning heads as much as the other guys. People love Aamil Wagner's length and it sounds like he has been performing well - but everyone says he needs to put on weight and get in a college strength program. Tanona has been out all week - as Big alluded to, it is likely COVID. McPhearson is the punter for the West - no idea how he's doing.
  6. Supposedly looking at him for an analyst role. I would be shocked because I think he has a pretty good gig in Columbus working for the BTN, but who knows. Hartline is an absolute pipe dream for WR coach. Maybe Keenan Bailey, though. ND alum who currently works at OSU. Supposedly really good with recruits.
  7. It sounds like ND has been in touch with Allen and Cooper from that list. No idea if either is a realistic shot, although I would think Cooper would be realistic given he is an Indiana guy committed to IU. ND needs at least one, if not two more WR commits in this class. They could be ok next year if all 4 seniors return, but they would be screwed in 2023 and beyond. The way kids are transferring now with the one-time transfer rule, ND cannot bring in a one-man class at WR.
  8. Agreed on Davis. I think the timing of the injury forces his hand, and he will be back next year. I think Lenzy will stay now that BK is gone - I thought he had a really solid last month of the season. Hopefully he shows out in the Fiesta Bowl. Wilkins should come back unless he wants to grad transfer to a lower level. He was impressive during summer workouts, and he would be a great upperclassman/depth guy to have on the roster next year. Austin is the true wildcard. He will get a stay in school grade. But he might just be done with ND. He has gone through a lot in his 4 years (some of which his own doing), so he may want to just move on. I think that'd be a huge mistake because he would be ND's unquestionable #1 WR next year, and a great season (plus his measureables, which are purportedly really good) probably propels him to a Day 2 pick in 2023.
  9. C.J. was flirting with USC/UCLA long before the BK news. Distance was a huge factor and ultimately led him to decommit. I think USC hiring Lincoln Riley sealed ND's fate because he wants to be part of an uptempo, passing attack. I thought Freeman would have been able to keep him in the fold, but the distance was too much to overcome. The fact that he is looking at UCLA seriously - a program that has been down for about 30 years - says everything. He wanted to stay in So Cal. ND is in a bad spot because - as far as any recruiting expert or reporter knows - there are no other realistic WR targets at this time. Amarion Walker has been flirting with other programs (mostly Michigan) for months now, and C.J. had been trending away for a while. Yet the staff did not move on any plan b guys. ND should have been going after 4 WRs anyway this cycle due to the misses in 2019 and 2020, so the fact that ND likely signs 1 WR tomorrow is borderline insane. The staff will have to identify some guys between now and February because they can not sign a 1-man class. Signing 4 WRs in 4 classes is ludacris. Even if Walker somehow sticks, ND will still need to get another 2022 recruit, or hit the transfer portal. There is a grad transfer from Duke - Jake Bobo (think Ben Skowronek) - that ND should probably kick the tires on. Hopefully Austin, Lenzy, Davis, and Wilkins come back.
  10. Tomorrow is a huge day for the class. Devin Moore is announcing at 8am, Amorion Walker is announcing at 10am, and Anthony Lucas is announcing at 2pm. Unfortunately, I don't think it'll be a great day for the Irish. Here is what I think will happen. Moore: Florida Walker: Michigan Lucas: A&M Moore was looking around prior to BK. I think this is a C.J. Williams situation where he wants to stay close to home. All the experts I have seen have him going to UF. I honestly have no clue on Walker, but there has been smoke about him flipping to Michigan since the summer. He has taken multiple visits, just hosted Harbaugh for an in-home, and his dad seems all about UM. I hope he sticks because he has potential, but I have a hard time seeing ND win this one. Lucas is a longshot. If he doesn't end up at A&M, I think he goes with Alabama. I just don't see him picking ND.
  11. ND is recruiting 5 QBs in the 2023 class. Dante Moore (MI): #8 overall, #3 QB Nicholaus Iamaleava (CA): #17 overall, #4 QB Jackson Arnold (TX): #72 overall, #7 QB Christopher Vizzina (AL): #85 overall, #8 QB Avery Johnson (KS): #181 overall, #11 QB I don't think Iamaleava is realistic at this point (even though he visited ND for a game this season). I think ND can land Moore, although I'd give the edge to Michigan right now. I think ND could land Arnold or Vizzina. ND offered Arnold when he was a no-name, 3-star back in August. Since then, he has blown up with offers (Ohio State, Florida, Alabama, Penn State, Oklahoma) and jumped to a Top 100 overall player. Great evaluation by Tommy and co. Vizzina was just on campus this past weekend. ND is a major player for him. ND likely leads for Johnson, but others are higher on the board. ND really wants Moore, but if Arnold or Vizzina wanted to commit to ND today, I think ND would take them. I agree with many others than ND settled for Angeli, and I don't see him being the type of QB to lead ND to a Playoff win or National Title. Hope I'm wrong, but I just don't see it. ND can make a huge splash in 2023 by landing a Top 100 QB. ND needs an elite QB to win a National Title - that's just how it is in today's game. They can get there in 2023. Also, ND could hire Cutcliffe and the entire manning family, and Arch would not come to ND. He will stay in SEC country.
  12. The Audible with Stewart Mandel and Bruce Feldman from The Athletic is also a good CFB podcast.
  13. I think Foskey comes back. I think Austin will get a stay in school grade, but I have no idea where his head is at - he has been through a lot during his four years (some of which was his own doing), so he may leave anyway. I think Patterson will come back - he could be the #1 center in next year's draft. I think Jayson A will leave - he is likely a mid-round pick, but I don't know how much he can improve his draft stock. He had an incredible year, but he will be hindered by his lack of size - that won't change with another year.
  14. Justice Haynes has visited ND a couple of times. His dad played for the Steelers with Jerome Bettis and he hung out with him at the ND/USC game this year. He goes to the same ATL HS as JD Bertrand. I wouldn’t say he is leaning anywhere at the moment, but this will be a hard recruitment for ND to win with all the heavy hitters involved (Bama, Georgia, Clemson, Ohio State).
  15. 247 Composite: 4-star, #101 overall, #10 CB 247: 4-star, #239 overall, #22 CB Rivals: 4-star, #50 overall, #8 CB Offers: Alabama, Arizona, Arizona State, Florida State, Georgia, LSU, Maryland, Michigan, Oklahoma, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas A&M, USC, Utah, West Virginia
  16. 247 Composite: 4-star, #171 overall, #11 IOL 247: 4-star, #204 overall, #9 IOL Rivals: 4-star, #124 overall, #3 OG Offers: Arizona State, Auburn, Iowa, Michigan, Mississippi State, Nebraska, Northwestern, Ohio State, Oregon, Penn State, Stanford, Tennessee, Wisconsin
  17. Pete Sampson reported that KH would have played in the Playoff. Assume Kyren would have as well. Not aware of any players skipping the CFP to prepare for the Draft, but I'm sure that will happen eventually.
  18. I don't think ND is pursuing him. There are some questions about his overall ability since he hurt his knee. It looks like Nebraska is involved and maybe Mizzou.
  19. Don't blame either of them. Thought Kyren would still play in the bowl game, but totally get it. I think he is a Top 5 RB according to Mel Kiper, so not worth the risk. Posted this in a separate thread, but KH should be ND's first defensive player to be taken in the Top 10 since Bryant Young (1994). He could also be taken in the Top 5, which hasn't been done since Todd Lyght (1991).
  20. Thought Kyren was trending back to ND for next season, but this is the right decision. Pretty surprised he is skipping the bowl game, though. No surprise on KH. Hopefully he lands in the Top 5. But should be ND's first defensive player selected in the Top 10 since Bryant Young (1994).
  21. Really likeable guy. Great ambassador for ND - was a great host for visiting recruits. Rooting for him wherever he ends up. True ND man. Interesting to look back on him as a recruit. Rivals had him as a 4-star, Top 100-ish player (#106 overall). 247 had him as a 3-star and the #59 Safety recruit in the class. Looks like 247 won that one. I remember ND insiders basically saying that he would never play at ND when he had only been on campus for a few months during fall camp when he was a freshman. Crazy miss during the evaluation process by the ND staff.
  22. I would have guessed Kyren would have declared for the Draft too, but apparently he is strongly considering coming back to play for MF. It sounds like it's 50/50. If I had to place a bet, I would bet he leaves. But it's not a foregone conclusion.
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