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  1. ND Targets Samuel M'Pemba (WDE): 5-star, #5 overall Jeremiyah Love (RB): 4-star, #51 overall M'Pemba has a ways to go - it seems like he is targeting an NSD announcement (or an All Star Game announcement). He is scheduled to take an OV to ND for the Clemson game. Lots of smoke about UGA, but hopefully he holds off until after he takes his officials. He would make up for the loss of Keeley in a big way. Love is seemingly down to ND, Texas A&M, and Michigan, with most seeing this as an ND/A&M battle. Unfortunately, I think he ends up at A&M. We should know soon - he will likely make a decision before the HS season starts. The board will expand if/when Keeley decommits. They extended a new offer yesterday to a WDE prospect from California, and they are also targeting a few guys committed elsewhere. They will also need to expand the board at QB. It seems like Carr will stay in the '24 class, and ND has struggled to gain traction with QBs they've targeted who are committed elsewhere. It will be interesting to follow those two positions especially through the fall.
  2. ND Commits Keon Keeley (WDE): 5-star, #19 overall (down 1) Brenan Vernon (SDE): 4-star, #25 overall (down 2) Drayk Bowen (OLB): 4-star, #41 overall (down 4) Peyton Bowen (S): 4-star, #46 overall (up 47) Christian Gray (CB): 4-star, #55 overall (down 4) Jaden Greathouse (WR): 4-star, #73 overall (down 4) Charles Jagusah (OT): 4-star, #105 overall (up 17) Rico Flores (WR): 4-star, #112 overall (down 6) Micah Bell (CB): 4-star, #119 overall (down 5) Braylon James (WR): 4-star, #136 overall (up 69) Dylan Edwards (APB): 4-star, #150 overall (new to Top 250) Jaiden Ausberry (OLB): 4-star, #196 overall (down 116) Sam Pendleton (OT): 4-star, #227 overall (down 2) Boubacar Traore (SDE): 4-star, #228 overall (down 1) Cooper Flanagan (TE): 4star, #250 overall (down 2) ND currently has 15 out of 23 commits in the Rivals Top 250, including 6 in the Top 100. Obviously, there are strong rumors that Keeley will be leaving the class, so that will be a huge blow. But, even if he leaves, this is still better than nearly every Brian Kelly class, except 2013 IMO (Ranked 3rd Nationally, with 24 commits - 4 5-stars, 6 Top 100, 13 Top 250). The key will be holding on to Peyton Bowen (seems more possible now than a few weeks ago), along with the rest of the class - but nobody else seems to be wavering at the moment. Some big moves up the rankings by Peyton Bowen (47 spots), Charles Jagusah (17 spots), Braylon James (69 spots), and Dylan Edwards (new to the Top 250 and ranked #150 overall). The only recruit who fell substantially is Jaiden Ausberry who fell 116 spots - he had a pretty big fall in the 247 rankings as well. Everyone else just moved a few spots. Overall, this is a really good class. But losing Keeley will be a huge blow. Also losing out on some major targets ultimately prevents this class from being a #1-type class - Dante Moore (#2 overall), Carnell Tate (#7 overall), Jason Moore (#49 overall), among others. But, this is still a good class that gets ND trending in the right direction. ND needs to start piling up Top5-ish classes to make a serious run at a National Championship. They're off to a good start in the 2024 class, so that bodes well.
  3. 19: George West, Justin Yoon, Aaron Lynch 18: Chinedum Ndukwe, Ben Koyack, Duval Kamara 17: Zeke Motta, James Onwualu, Jack Coan, Jaylen Sneed 16: Brandon Joseph, Torii Hunter Jr. 15: Pat Terrell, Tobias Merriweather, Ryan Barnes 14: Kyle Hamilton, Deshone Kizer 13: Pat Eilers 12: Ricky Waters, Tyler Buchner, Ian Book, Jordan Bothelo
  4. I think it may actually be the opposite. It's been reported - by an OSU insider - that his uncle has been reaching out to schools, including Alabama and OSU. By all accounts, Keon loves ND, as does his mom. His two best friends are either at ND (walk-on LB this year) or going to ND ('23 baseball commit). And his coaches are very pro-ND. But it sounds like he has an uncle facilitating visits to other schools. The OSU insider reported that the uncle called OSU and asked about a potential visit. Not sure if this is NIL related or what. Some ND insiders believe Peyton Bowen is more likely to stick now than Keon. Hopefully ND can keep both. They need to start landing guys like Keon - consensus 5-star recruits and Top 10 players nationally - to take the next step.
  5. One ND reporter is saying that Bertrand and Liufau might do a job share at Will. That would leave Bauer at Mike. Not saying that will for sure happen, but it sure seems possible.
  6. https://theathletic.com/3495764/2022/08/10/jack-swarbrick-big-ten-notre-dame/ Article on The Athletic today that touches on this. Swarbrick things the Big Ten / NBC deal is a great thing for ND. He also suggests ND could negotiate a new media rights deal earlier than the current one expires (2025).
  7. ND Targets Ryan Wingo (WR): 4-star, #14 overall Elijah Rushing (Edge): 4-star, #15 overall Peyton Woodyard (S): 4-star, #26 overall Jerod Smith (DL): 4-star, #54 overall Jacob Smith (Edge): 4-star, #75 overall Brauntae Johnson (S): 4-star, #101 overall Justin Scott (DL): 4-star, #111 overall Josiah Brown (ATH): 4-star, #131 overall Emmett Mosley (WR): 4-star, #162 overall Gabriel Williams (Edge): 4-star, #205 overall Kaleb Beasley (CB): 4-star, #208 overall Aneyas Williams (RB): 4-star, #231 overall Obviously there are a ton of other targets, but I tried to keep it limited to guys who ND has gained some traction with so far. It's super early and ND will make some moves on others later this year when the 2023 class is wrapped up.
  8. ND Commits CJ Carr (QB): 4-star, #33 overall (up 17 spots) Jack Larsen (TE): 4-star, #48 overall (up 1 spot) Cam Williams (WR): 4-star, #79 overall (up 99 spots) Brandon Davis-Swain (DL): 4-star, #169 overall (down 11 spots) Owen Wafle (DL): 4-star, #230 overall (down 12 spots) Peter Jones (OL): 4-star, #233 overall (down 11 spots)
  9. I wouldn't be so sure on Bauer. It'll be him or Bertrand at Mike. I think those guys will get snaps on ST, but Kollie is behind Kiser, who the coaches love, and Junior is behind Betrand and Bauer. Only so many snaps to go around.
  10. Brown has supposedly been one of the most impressive players during off-season works outs and in camp so far. Yes, he had a bad game against Oklahoma State - so did the entire defense - but he played well after Hamilton got hurt. I think he will be the starter opposite Joseph for Ohio State and likely all season. The rest of our safeties all have issues - Griffith has never lived up to his recruiting hype and seems afraid of contact; Henderson has speed but not sure how great he is in coverage - he credited Brown for telling him where to be when he got his INT against UVA; Watts is still learning the position and seems very physical - great agains the run but how is he in coverage? I think the LB rotation will be interesting. It seems like 4 guys will get the lions share of reps - Bauer, Bertrand, Kiser, and Liufau. The coaches love Bauer and Bertrand. I don't see anyone replacing those two. Kiser will hardly come off the field. Expecting big things from Liufau if he can stay healthy.
  11. Many think that NBC is simply trying to expand their college football coverage, which would be great for ND. NBC would have three games - 11:00am, 2:30pm, 7:00pm. One of those time slots would be set for ND home games, with the other two going to the Big Ten. I, personally, would love that. Get a real college football team on NBC to do pregame and postgame. More eyeballs on ND resulting from lead-in games. I think NBC does a really good job production-wise, and would prefer ND stay there or go to CBS.
  12. On3 Consensus: 4-star, #132 overall, #8 OT 247: 4-star, #222 overall, #11 OT Rivals: 4-star, #98 overall, #4 OT Offers: Boston College, Cincinnati, Duke, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Michigan State, Nebraska, Northwestern, Oklahoma, Penn State, Pittsburgh, South Carolina, Texas A&M, Virginia, West Virginia
  13. On3 Consensus: 3-star, #528 overall, #50 S 247: 4-star, #24 S Rivals: 3-star Offers: Cincinnati, Duke, Kentucky, Indiana, Iowa State, Oklahoma, Stanford, Vanderbilt, Wake Forest
  14. Tom Loy flipped his crystal pick away from ND to Clemson for Hanafin, FWIW. This supports the rumors out there that this one has been slipping away from ND.
  15. On3 Consensus: 4-star, #292 overall, #17 RB 247: 4-star, #16 RB Rivals: 3-star, #10 APB Offers: Arizona, Arizona State, Houston, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State, Kentucky, Michigan State, Minnesota, Mississippi State, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Oregon, Purdue, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin
  16. 25: Rocket, Jonas Gray, Tarean Folston, Chris Tyree 24: Tommy Tremble, Jack Kiser 23: Kyren Williams, Autrey Denson, Golden Tate, Drue Tranquill 22: Harrison Smith, Julius Jones, Asmar Bilal, Logan Diggs 21: Maurice Stovall, Bobby Taylor, Jalen Elliot
  17. Big posted the tweet from Pete Sampson in the Fall Camp thread, but figured this deserved it's own thread. Tanona was in a car accident in the winter (I believe he was on his way to a winter workout), and got a really bad concussion. Feel awful for him. He was a highly rated recruit (#158 overall via 247 Composite) who would have done great things at ND. Hopefully he stays around the football program. And, while this is incredibly sad, this is a good talking point for future recruits/players - Tanona will now get a free ND education and should go on to have a great, non-football related career, if he puts in the effort in the classroom and graduates. Best of luck to him.
  18. On3 Consensus: 4-star, #117 overall, #10 LB 247: 4-star, #198 overall, #17 LB Rivals: 4-star, #80 overall On3: 4-star, #219 overall Offers: Alabama, Arizona State, Arkansas, Auburn, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, LSU, Miami, Michigan, Michigan State, Minnesota, Mississippi State, Missouri, Ohio State, Ole Miss, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Texas A&M, USC, Virginia, Virginia Tech
  19. Correll is the biggest one for me, no pun intended. He has struggled to keep on weight, which has been part of the reason he hasn't been a starter, despite the fact that he was a Top 100 recruit. Hopefully he can keep the weight on throughout August camp. I think our OL will be really, really good if he stays at center and Patterson at guard.
  20. Agree that there are four no brainers: Patterson, Davis, Mayer, and Foskey I would wager that there will be one more defensive captain to make 5 total. Maybe 6 because there are a lot of candidates. I have no reasoning for it, but I prefer a smaller number of captains. Most Likely to Least Likely Bauer Kiser Joseph Jayson Ademilola Bertrand Hart I'd give the nod to Bauer. He embraces ND complete, has been a great and selfless teammate, a great ST contributor. I think he deserves it. I could also see Kiser being named a captain as well, but if I had to choose one, I'd go with Bauer.
  21. You're right. When I checked the 1993 roster, he was listed as #30, but I guess he changed after his freshman season.
  22. Think the OL is pretty much set. Will be interesting to see who the twos are and which ones the coaches would trust to sub in a game. Heard that Baker really impressed in the spring, he could be the first tackle off the bench, likely ahead of Carmody. I think we all want Spindler to be great because of his recruiting profile, but he seems to be a clear two and not really in a fight for playing time. I'm most interested in true freshman Billy Schrauth - he has a little Q. Nelson to his game (not trying to set the bar impossibly high for Schrauth, though). Kristofic seems like a safe bet for first guy off the bench at guard. I think in reality, any injury would result in Patterson moving around - he seems to be an option at center (obviously) if Correll goes down or maybe even tackle. RB depth is in bad shape with injuries to Diggs and Price. I thought Price was going to really shine this year - maybe even earn freshman AA honors. I think Diggs will be back sometime in September based on everything I've read. His rehab seems to be going smoothly. So much uncertainty at WR after Styles. Lenzy had a great spring and will be a frontline player. Davis should be back for the start of the season - will be interested to see what he's doing on Friday. Wilkins is out for the year in all likelihood. It seems like Thomas has a leg up on Colzie, although they play different positions. I've heard nothing but good things about Merriweather - he will likely get a lot of playing time. Wouldn't be surprised to see him have a TJ Jones-ish freshman season (25 catches, 300 yards, 3 TDs). I think all of these guys will play each of the three WR positions, so a true depth chart is hard to predict. At TE, I'm most curious to see who backs up Mayer. My guess would be Bauman since Evans is out and Berrong is still coming back from an ACL, but he appears to be full go for camp. Raridon is already back after an ACL and supposedly has looked really good during summer work outs. He's wearing Kyle Rudolph's old #9, so that seems appropriate. He could probably help out with the lack of WR depth by being a detached TE.
  23. 30: Frank Stams, Marc Edwards, Rocky Boiman 29: Kevin Stepherson, Stan Smagala 28: Tariq Bracy, Kyle McCarthy, Austin Collinsworth 27: JD Bertrand, Julian Love, David Bruton, Kyle Brindza 26: Travis Thomas, Jamoris Slaughter
  24. Any commit taking visits to other schools is concerning. The smoke surrounding Keeley and Bama is real - they definitely have a shot to flip him, especially if he schedules an OV there. ND/Freeman has a policy where committed recruits cannot take official visits to other schools (this led to Justin Rhett decommitting before he visited - and committed to - Georgia). Curious whether this policy stays in place with Keeley and Bowen since they are difference makers. But I disagree that on field results will have much impact. If ND goes 3-9, then yes, that would potentially lead to some decommittments. But if ND goes 9-3 with loses to OSU, BYU, and Clemson, that will not directly lead to decommittments. We as fans place way too much importance on game results and how they impact recruits. Generally, recruits will not be impacted by the result of one game. (Famously, Manti Te'o committed after his only visit to ND was to see them lose to Syracuse on senior day in the freezing cold). If the season goes completely sideways, then yes, that can lead to some recruiting turmoil because it likely also means coaching upheaval. But if Keeley flips to Bama, it has everything to do with Nick Saban, the NFL, and odds to win a National Championship, and likely very little to do with how ND performs against Syracuse.
  25. ND has to hold on to Keeley and Bowen - plain and simple - to have a class that moves the needle (Top 5, at least). Like Big, I have more confidence in Keeley sticking because there are a ton of people in his corner who love ND (mom, coaching staff, family friends, including his best friends who are brothers - one is already at ND and another is an ND baseball commit for 2023). Bowen is trickier because he has visited OU so many times and his HS QB and friend is committed there (Jackson Arnold, who ND missed on). If either schedules official visits in the fall at schools other than ND, then they won't be coming to ND. I think it's that simple. Remaining Targets: Austin Novosad (4-star QB, #155 overall): Baylor commit who recently took a visit to ND. Named a final four of Baylor, ND, Ohio State, and Texas A&M. Ohio State just got their 2023 QB commit in Brock Glenn. Think it will be either Baylor or A&M. Prediction: Baylor Kenny Minchey (4-star QB, #317 overall); Pitt commit who recently picked up an offer once things with Novosad started trending away from ND. Same HS as Golden Tate in Tennessee. Not much news so far. Honestly have no idea where this one goes. Prediction: ? Jeremiyah Love (4-star RB, #66 overall): ND is in the top group with Michigan and maybe Texas A&M. Coming off a big recruiting weekend at A&M. Plans to commit by the end of August. Prediction: ND Dylan Edwards (4-star RB, #338 overall): Recent Kansas State decommit who took a 2-day visit to ND last week. Others to watch out for: Oregon and Clemson. Plans to commit in August. Prediction: ND Ronan Hanafin (4-star WR, #282 overall): Underrated WR with offers from all over (Alabama, Clemson, Georgia, etc.). Down to Clemson and ND. Many thought he was a silent to ND, but this recruitment has been trending to Clemson the last few weeks, although Hanafin himself has supposedly gone radio silent. Prediction: Clemson Samuel M'Pemba (5-star Edge, #25 overall): The only 5-star remaining on the board for ND. Plans to take an official visit for the Clemson game. Will likely commit at one of the all star games. Georgia is the perceived leader, but long way to go. Prediction: Georgia Jaiden Ausberry (4-star LB, #105 overall): LB from Louisiana who plays for University Lab (LSU feeder school). His dad works at LSU and his brother plays football at Auburn, but ND seems to be the clear favorite. He commits this week. Prediction: ND Ben Minich (3-star S, #562 overall); Ohio safety who visited ND last week after they recently extended an offer. ND is the clear favorite. Will be committed by the end of the month, but likely sooner. Prediction: ND If ND lands Love, Edwards, Ausberry, and Minich, then the 24-man class has a score of 296.57 via the 247 Composite. In the past five cycles, that would have been 5th (2022), 4th (2021), 4th (2020), 3rd (2019), and 4th (2018). So, almost definitely a Top 5 class. Again, this presumes ND holds on to all of their current commits, including Keeley and Bowen, which is going to be difficult. Best case for ND would be to land these four targets in August (all should be making commitments this month) and then get assurances from the current class that they are all shutting things down and not taking any more visits. Should be an interesting month that gives ND more clarity on where its class will end up. Also, if ND misses on current targets at WR (Hanafin) and QB (Novosad and Michey), then look for new offers to go out.
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