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  1. Experience is great, but I don't think it's as necessary in today's game. Look at some of the current head coaches of the top teams. Kirby Smart at Georgia, Ryan Day at Ohio State, Lincoln Riley at Oklahoma/USC, Dave Aranda at Baylor. None of those guys were head coaches before. All were promoted from coordinator roles (whether they were already at the school - Day, Riley - or came from elsewhere - Smart, Aranda). The key in today's game is the ability to bring in elite talent. It's always been about that, but I think it's even more important now. I'm pumped about the Freeman hire because I really believe he can consistently bring in Top 5 recruiting classes. Get those guys in the door, surround them with great coaching, and ND is in a great spot moving forward.
  2. That interview was great insight into Polian. He is being straight up with recruits and letting him know he probably won't be here next year, but he is still selling ND. That says a lot about him. Great guy.
  3. ND Targets Sonny Styles (ATH): 5-star, #2 overall (OSU Commit) Kadyn Proctor (OT): 5-star, #7 overall Samuel M'Pemba (ATH): 5-star, #10 overall Dante Moore (QB): 4-star, #14 overall Carnell Tate (WR): 4-star, #15 overall Justice Haynes (RB): 4-star, #17 overall Caleb Downs (S): 4-star, #25 overall Chase Bisontis (OG): 4-star, #41 overall Jason Moore (SDE): 4-star, #42 overall Ryan Yaites (CB): 4-star, #49 overall Justyn Rhett (CB): 4-star, #51 overall Jalen Brown (WR): 4-star, #67 overall Peyton Bowen (S): 4-star, #78 overall Luke Montgomery (OT): 4-star, #84 overall Ta'Mere Robinson (OLB): 4-star, #135 overall Christopher Vizzina (QB): 4-star, #139 overall Kaden Feagin (ATH): 4-star, #157 overall Christian Gray (CB): 4-star, #170 overall Jackson Arnold (QB): 4-star, #171 overall Malik Elzy (WR): 4-star, #193 overall Micah Tease (ATH): 4-star, #211 overall ND has a bunch of targets in the Top 250, but more so in the Top 100, which is much needed to take the next step. ND already has a solid start to the class with three Top 50 commits (all on defense). I think Styles in solid to OSU, but putting him on here because I think Freeman can have that much of an impact. ND will continue to recruit him, and I would think Freeman being named Head Coach would impact Styles - not saying he will flip eventually, but I think ND is still in it. Proctor has a top group of ND, OSU, and Iowa - like his 2022 teammate Xavier Nwankpa. I have no idea where Proctor is leaning, but Iowa would be my guess for now. I think M'Pemba has a top two of Mizzou and ND (nothing official), but it seems like he could commit sooner than later. ND can win that one. I have a hard time seeing Dante Moore end up anywhere other than Michigan, but he is at the top of the board for ND and they are in it. I would have guessed OSU for Tate up until recently. He is really close with Tommy Rees, and I think Tommy staying on as OC is huge. I think this is a complete toss up for now, but if I had to choose, I would go with OSU - with Brian Hartline, OSU is going to get their top of the board WRs, but hopefully ND can pull this one out. Haynes will be a tough pull from Georgia - not sure I see ND winning that. I think Jason Moore could wind up at ND. ND does not recruit DeMatha (D.C.) well, even though they should have more of a presence there. I think Moore could wind up at ND, but he doesn't even have a top group yet. Ryan Yaites and Peyton Bowen go to the same high school in Texas. I don't think they are a packaged deal, but I think ND is the leader or co-leader for both right now. I like ND to land Justin Rhett from Bishop Gorman in Las Vegas (former ND player Nicco Fertitta is a coach there, and that helps). Luke Montgomery is down to OSU and ND pretty much. If he wants to play DL, he will pick ND. If he wants OL, he will go to OSU. HIs brother is a top QB in the 2025 class, FYI. Christopher Vizzina is a recent offer at QB. Jackson Arnold is another QB offer. I think after Dante Moore, ND would take either of these guys. Avery Johnson is lower on the board but really likes ND. I think ND can land Kaden Feagin if they push for him. Christian Gray just visited ND for the Georgia Tech game. He goes to DeSmet Jesuit in St. Louis which has produced some high-end recruits recently - I can see ND winning that one. Malik Eazy will wind up at ND if they want him - he reminds me of Miles Boykin. Micah Tease goes to Booker T. Washington in Tulsa - not sure ND has ever landed a player from there, but he seems genuinely interested in ND. Lot of targets not mentions and there will be a ton of movement in terms of rankings over the next year, but ND is off to a great start.
  4. ND Commits Brenan Vernon (SDE): 4-star, #16 overall (down 8 spots) Keon Keeley (WDE): 4-star, #28 overall (up 78 spots) Drayk Bowen (OLB): 4-star, #34 overall (down 12 spots) Adon Shuler (S): 4-star, #200 overall (up 12 spots) Sedrick Irvin (RB): 4-star, #228 overall (down 147 spots) Huge jump from Keeley (which has been consistent across all recruiting sites). He will be a consensus 5-star, and ND keeping Freeman and Elston likely keeps him in the class. He has been blowing up with offers lately (OSU, UGA, among others), but he is probably solid to ND with the Freeman news. Cooper Flanagan is the only commit not in the Top 250 (he is ranked #174 on the 247 Composite, so Rivals is lower on him than other sites). Irvin took a huge drop, but he dropped significantly on 247 as well. Some questions about his top end speed. ND has three players in the Top 50. You would have to go back to 2013 to see the last class with three Top 50 commits on Rivals (the 2013 class had four Top 50, but one was Eddie Vanderdoes who ended up going to UCLA). In the last five classes, ND had the following Top 50 players: two in 2022 (C.J. Williams and Jaylen Sneed), one in 2021 (Blake Fisher), two in 2020 (Jordan Johnson and Michael Mayer), zero in 2019, and one in 2018 (Houston Griffith). This is why I love the Marcus Freeman hire. I think ND will be solidly in the Top 10 in recruiting rankings every year and likely Top 5 in some years. Freeman is that good of a recruiter.
  5. It sounds like O'Leary (safety's coach), Mickens, Chad Bowden (director of recruiting) and Tommy. Freeman is not there today.
  6. I would agree in that I think he still ends up at Iowa. But this is a positive sign because he had not been communicating with ND at all in the past few weeks (because he effectively eliminated ND and told them that). But, he apparently reached out to the staff after Freeman was hired and scheduled the in-home visit for today. It sounds like he was concerned that Freeman would not be there long term, but now that he is HC, Nwankpa knows that Freeman is at ND for the foreseeable future. He is supposed to commit next week, so this is actually a really positive step. Again, he probably ends up at Iowa, but at least ND is back in it.
  7. ND going in home with 5-star Safety Xavier Nwankpa. He had previously eliminated ND and looked Iowa-bound. It's a small step, but ND is trying to get back in it.
  8. ND is looking for a second QB this cycle. They targeted LSU commit Walker Howard, but he stuck with LSU. They moved on to Devin Brown (former USC commit), but since he decommited from the Trojans, OSU and Texas appear to be the frontrunners. There is another QB that ND is supposedly tracking - Florida's QB commit - but haven't heard anything really. Think ND's focus is on Brown, but the coaching change will make it very difficult to gain any traction, especially with ESD coming up in a few weeks.
  9. ND won't play Baylor. If ND misses the CFP, they likely play either Michigan State in the Fiesta Bowl (OSU goes to the Rose Bowl) or the winner of Pitt/Wake Forest in the Peach Bowl. If Cincinnati makes the CFP, then it is likely the Fiesta Bowl.
  10. Lot of in-home visits coming up this week. Need to crush the in-home with CJ Williams on Wednesday to try to hold off USC. BK, Rees, Del, and Polian will all be there - they really need to crush it because this one seems to be slipping away. Other key in-homes would be Amorion Walker on Thursday (Rees, Del, Taylor), and Jaylen Sneed (Freeman - Thursday), who is fresh off a visit to South Carolina. Quinn and Rees seeing Billy Schrauth this week as well - need to try to close that one. ND also going in-home with former USC QB commit Devin Brown, but ND is behind OSU and Texas - will be a very uphill climb. Lot of 2023 recruits getting visits as well (Carnell Tate, Luke Montgomery, Justice Haynes, Jackson Arnold).
  11. ND coaches - BK, Rees, Del, Polian - go in-home with him this week (Wednesday, I believe). They need to crush it. He was already looking around (USC, UCLA) before the Lincoln Riley news. The offer seems to intrigue him based on his tweets and quotes. The one thing going for ND is that OU did not offer him a scholarship, and Riley is bringing the WR Coach with him to USC. That's got to bug CJ some, but not sure it will matter in the end if they extend an offer now, as he seemed looking for an excuse to stay in So Cal.
  12. Yes. Last year's kicker recruit - Josh Bryan - was ranked the #1 kicker in the country per Chris Sailer.
  13. WR Carnell Tate was at ND on Sunday after visiting OSU on Saturday. Seems to be a toss up between the two. Not sure when he will decide. He originally planned to commit in October, but then backed off that timeline. Might be in the spring, but he could really pop any time. My gut says OSU wins this one, unfortunately. He is the #1 WR in the 2023 class per 247 (and #7 in the 247 Composite). This is the type of battle ND needs to win to close the gap and actually compete for a National Championship.
  14. He is the #1 ranked punter in Chris Sailer's rankings. For those who don't know, Sailer's rankings are basically the bible for special teams players. He will likely be the starting punter next year since Bramblett will grad transfer out of ND.
  15. He has played a ton of special teams and was an H-Back in the short-yardage offense, I believe. But, only had his first carry on Saturday. Obviously, he needs more. RBs are looking great this year, post bye week. Not sure what's up with Tyree though - I wonder if his turf toe is worse than reported. He just does not have the same burst or wiggle as he had last year, and the other RBs are looking dynamic.
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