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  1. QB: 10 (Love Buchner but nothing behind him) RB: 15 (Worried about Diggs' health, but think Price is going to be the next great ND RB) WR: 5 (Need a WR or two from the portal, but love Styles and think Davis is underrated) TE: 15 (Best TE in the country and some highly rated guys behind him) OL: 15 (The HH effect and two of the best tackles in the country) DL: 20 (Best position group on the team - by far IMO) LB: 10 (Like Liufau, but worried about the others) CB: 5 (Would be a 10 if not for the Fiesta Bowl) S: 5 (No confidence in anyone outside of the NW transfer) K: 0 (No confidence in anyone)
  2. This was not totally unexpected. ND wants 2 RBs in the class. They likely land 4-star Jayden Limar (Washington) next week. They are involved with 4-star Jeremiah Love (Missouri) and 5-star Richard Young (Florida) who both recently scheduled officials.
  3. On3 Consensus: 4-star, #227 overall, #20 DL 247: 4-star, #218 overall, #18 DL Rivals: 4-star, #182 overall, #12 DL On3: 3-star, #36 DL Offers: Boston College, Iowa, Michigan State, Minnesota, Rutgers, Syracuse, Vanderbilt, West Virginia
  4. On3 Consensus: 4-star, #176 overall, #15 OT 247: 4-star, #201 overall, #18 OT Rivals: 4-star, NR overall, #24 OT On3: 4-star, #99 overall, #10 OT Offers: Clemson, Duke, Georgia Tech, Kentucky, Louisville, Michigan State, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Penn State, Stanford, Tennessee, Virginia Tech
  5. On3 Consensus: 4-star, #216 overall, #28 DL 247: 4-star, #181 overall, #30 DL Rivals: 4-star, NR overall, #14 DL On3: 4-star, #272 overall, #35 DL Offers: Duke, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Michigan State, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Northwestern, Penn State, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest, Washington, West Virginia
  6. I think he was just sharing a cool video that ND prepared, but he didn't want people to see that as a commitment video.
  7. Not sure why you are ignoring the overall number of draft picks - which is a good indicator - and just focusing on WR draft picks. I also like how you conveniently started counting in 2021, a year after Claypool got drafted in the second round and two years after Boykin got drafted in the third round. Yes, Alabama, OSU, and Georgia have had more WR talent than ND over the past decade. But ND has had more OL and TE talent get drafted than anyone, so what's the difference? Focusing on one position group means nothing in the grand scheme of NFL development. I get it. BK is a bad coach because two guys got drafted this year. Nine guys last draft means nothing. Five 10-win seasons in a row (first time in school history) means nothing. 54-9 (86%) over the last 5 years means nothing. Yes, ND plays a weaker schedule than they did in the 90s, and they also play more games per season. I get it. But winning 86% of your games is really, really good. Ask USC, Texas, Florida, Tennessee, Nebraska, Miami, Michigan, etc. Every national CFB writer has BK as a Top 5 coach. I hate how he left ND and think he is a scumbag. But it's ok to admit that he is a great football coach, and ND is in a much, much better place than when he got here. Freeman is already benefitting because of it, and I think he is the right coach - not BK - to take ND to the next level because he is extremely focused on recruiting.
  8. My days defending BK are over, but didn't 9 ND players get drafted just last year? It was the most drafted since 1994. It was also the second most players drafted by any school, behind only Alabama and OSU at 10 each. This was just an off year for ND (which, admittedly, doesn't happen at Alabama, Georgia, LSU, OSU, etc.), but ND has been putting a lot of guys in the NFL over BK's tenure. Also, wouldn't the fact that only 2 players got drafted speak volumes about BK's coaching ability - to go 11-1 last year...?
  9. For those watching the rankings, ND is in a really good spot. They're obviously #1 right now, but we've seen that before when ND starts hot then limps to the finish line for a borderline Top 10 class. I think this class has Top 3 potential. Here is a projected class: QB: Moore RB: Irvin (commit), Limar WR: James (commit), Greathouse, Gallagher, Elzy TE: Flanagan (commit) OL: Pendleton (commit), Jagusah, Absher DL: Keeley (commit), Vernon (commit), Traore (commit), Houston LB: Bowen (commit), Zinter (commit), Ausberry CB: Gray, Bell S: Bowen (commit), Shuler (commit) That would give ND a score of 303.39 on the 247 Composite (what I use for class rankings). In the last five cycles, that score would rank 4th, 3rd, 4th, 3rd, and 3rd. So, for sure in the Top 5. ND leads or is in the top group for all of the above non-committed guys. This is a very realistic class, with ND hitting on some guys and missing on other highly rated guys. QB: ND is battling LSU and Oregon for Moore. Michigan is running 4th per most recruiting guys. Miami is also hanging around. ND leads, although the lead has narrowed after some visits to other schools. He is supposed to be on campus for ND's big official visit weekend in June where all the current commits and all of the highly ranked recruits will be on campus. If he makes it, I think ND closes the deal that weekend. There are no backup options. Moore is it. RB: ND leads for Limar (not sure who is running second). ND is also in on Jeremiyah Love, but not sure where ND stands. I don't love the class of Irvin and Limar, but I think the class last cycle is really good. Price is going to be a monster in college, and getting Payne to transfer in is huge. WR: All three guys - Greathouse, Gallagher, and Elzy - were on campus last week. ND is in good shape for all of them. Landing Greathouse and Gallagher would be huge. ND is battling Texas for Greathouse, but I think ND leads. It's ND or PSU for Gallagher. I think that is closer to 50/50. Elzy's is probably ND's to lose. This has the potential to be the best WR class in a long, long time. TE: Flanagan is solid to ND, although schools like Alabama are continuing to recruit him. ND had a UGA TE commit on campus last weekend, but I think Flanagan will be the lone TE in the class. OL: Pendleton committed. Siereveld is committing next week, but it looks like OSU. ND is battling Michigan for Jagusah, but everyone likes ND right now. It's ND/Clemson for Absher - probably closer to 50/50 with ND holding a slight lead. But if he visits Clemson again, which is possible, then this could go Clemson's way. ND also in it for Monroe Freeling, probably near the top, but not enough confidence to predict ND yet. DL: ND obviously has to hold on to Keeley for this class to be Top 3. I'm more confident in that happening than I was a month ago. Vernon and Traore are great gets. I think ND lands Devan Houston. I think ND is also near the top for Jason Moore, but I think some other schools are right there as well. LB: Bowen is the Blake Fisher of the class in terms of recruiting other guys and being the class leader. I wouldn't have taken Zinter's commitment, but got to trust Freeman and company. I think ND pulls off the upset and lands Jaden Ausberry. ND is competing with LSU and Auburn. Samuel M'Pemba really likes ND, but I just don't see him ending up Irish. CB: It'll be ND or LSU for Gray, who decides July 4th. His old HS coach is the CB coach at LSU, which is why they're at the top. I think ND wins out in the end, though. Micah Bell is relatively new since the Rhett decommitment, but I think he is ND's to lose. Maybe sooner than later. S: ND needs to hold on to Bowen. Him and his brother were on campus last weekend. He is still talking to other schools, primarily Oklahoma, so we'll see. If ND has another decommitment, I would put money on Bowen. But for now, I think he sticks. Adon Shuler is going to be a beast - I think he is massively under-ranked. He is solid in his commitment.
  10. Much needed. ND is looking better. Still wish Wesley was coming back, but ND has a solid, experienced core: Goodwin, Ryan, Laz, and Wertz. Add in JJ Starling, and ND could be a really good team. They have to get a big, though. Losing Atkinson really hurts and they don't really have anyone waiting in the wings. Got to get someone from the portal.
  11. It's been reported that ND would take 5 OL if the right 5 wanted in. I think those 5 would be a great haul, and I can't see ND turning down any of them.
  12. FWIW, Allen Trieu, who is probably the most plugged in recruiting analyst on this recruitment, thinks LSU and Oregon are both right there, ahead of Michigan. He thinks ND still leads, but the race is much tighter now with both of those schools.
  13. On3 Consensus: 4-star, #117 overall, #15 DL 247: 4-star, #88 overall, #11 DL Rivals: 4-star, #224 overall, #16 DL On3: 4-star, #83 overall, #11 DL Offers: Boston College, Michigan, Pittsburgh For those curious about the lack of offers, he committed to Boston College in August 2020. When he decommitted last month, ND was the heavy, heavy favorite. This kid can play.
  14. June 10th - wow. That will be a huge weekend in determining whether ND will finish in the Top 5, maybe Top 3, in recruiting this cycle. Really need Moore there. LSU and Oregon have made things much more interesting. Need him back on campus.
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