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  1. Wrote this in another thread, but worth putting here. Top 100 WR C.J. Williams announces his commitment on Sunday. ND is the heavy favorite. Top 125 WR Tobias Merriweather appears close to a commitment (reading the tea leaves a bit, as he has no commitment date set, but would guess he announces this month) and ND is the favorite there as well. 3-star Amarion Walker visited Michigan this past week. It sounds like the ND staff was unaware of the visit and was not told about it until after the fact. I personally don't expect Walker to end up in the class, but that's purely speculation on my part. Just putting two and two together.
  2. As jbrown_9999 said, most of the recruits were in the 2023 class, so no immediate good news besides positive reports. The biggest positive is that 5-star QB Dante Moore was there, and it sounds like he had a great time. It was his second visit to ND, and I think ND is a real player. Michigan was the (early) perceived favorite, but it seems like ND and OSU are there as well. Need to land a 5-star QB in 2023. For short-term news, look for ND to add Top 100 WR C.J. Williams on Sunday, as he is announcing. And I would expect Top 125 WR Tobias Merriweather to commit in August as well. On the downside, 3-star WR Amorion Walker visited Michigan last week. Wouldn't be shocked to see him decommit (nothing I've read from others, but usually not a good sign for a committed player - it also sounds like ND didn't learn about this visit until after the fact).
  3. One insider said he believes it is an all or nothing situation, i.e., he wouldn't be suspended 2 or 4 games, but would be suspended for the entire season or not at all. The same insider also said that he does not believe it involves academics, recreational drugs, or another person (which would eliminate fighting, etc.). Don't want to speculate too much since this is obviously a very sensitive situation, but passing on what a well-regarded insider has said about the situation.
  4. Williams is Irish. Tobias Meriweather is probably Irish as well. Really good back-to-back WR hauls.
  5. Multiple reports out there that Texas and Oklahoma reached out to the SEC about potentially joining the conference.
  6. Pro Football Focus All Americans Cain Madden (First Team) Kyle Hamilton (First Team) Jarrett Patterson (Third Team)
  7. Walter Camp All Americans Kyle Hamilton (First Team) Cain Madden (Second Team)
  8. Sporting News All Americans Cain Madden (First Team) Kyren Williams (First Team - APB) Kyle Hamilton (First Team)
  9. Kyren was named to the Maxwell Award Watch List (top overall player) Kyle was named to the Bednarik Aware Watch List (top defensive player)
  10. Figured I'd start a thread on Preseason All Americans and watch lists since those are starting to come out. Athlon Preseason All Americans Kyle Hamilton (First Team) Cain Madden (Second Team) Jarrett Patterson (Second Team) Kyren Williams (Third Team) Michael Mayer (Third Team)
  11. Rees is entering his second season as OC. Give it some time. He was also instrumental in landing Tyler Buchner last cycle, who was ranked #70 overall. He was a 247 Composite 5-star until a poor camp showing in the off-season and then lost his senior season in CA, so he never had a chance to earn it back. Reports from spring practice make it seem like he’ll be a hit. I would agree as far as Angeli though. ND/Rees dropped the ball by waiting too long to offer Allar. He seems like the real deal and was one of the top QBs at Elite 11. Angeli is a fine prospect but he doesn’t move the needle. ND needs to do better at QB. But Buchner has a ton of talent and upside. He could be that elite QB ND has been missing. not sure what’s going on in 2023. But ND is one of the favorites to land 2024 CA QB Julian Sayin. Recent article on Rivals mentioned him as one of the top QBs in his class.
  12. You realize that ND had 4 senior OL who all ended up getting drafted and no dynamic WRs last year, right? Yet, you wanted Rees to go air raid? You adjust the scheme to the players available - that's what good coaches do. Freeman said the same thing in a recent interview - get the best players on the field and adjust the scheme accordingly. The best players on offense last year were the 5 OL, Ian Book, Kyren Williams, and Michael Mayer. Due to injuries and other things (lack of recruiting included), ND did not have good enough WRs last year to stretch the field like some other CFP contenders. McKinley and Skowronek both ranked near the top for WRs in run blocking per PFF. Rees implemented the best offense he could given the hand that he was dealt. And he did enough to get ND to 10-0 and into the Playoff. If you want to talk about whether that type of offense can win a title, that's a different conversation. If you want to talk about the lack of talent at WR, that's also a different conversation. In a recent interview, Rees said the offense this year will be drastically different than last year. Why? Because he will be breaking in a new OL, and will have better weapons on the outside in Lenzy and Austin (who were both injured throughout most of last season). Expect Kyren to be used as a pass catcher out of the backfield as he is one of the best in the country at that (per Dane Brugler from the Athletic, who ranked Kyren as the #3 draft-eligible RB in college), and also a healthy dose of Michael Mayer (who Rees said would be the primary or secondary target a bunch this season). Good coaches adjust their scheme based on the players they have available. Rees did that last year. The ground-and-pound is not a sexy offense and there is a cap to how many points that offense can score. But Rees implemented that offense because that put the players available in the best position to succeed. ND made the Playoff as a result.
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