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  1. 247 Composite: 4-star, #125 overall, #18 WR 247: 4-star, #75 overall, #11 WR Rivals: 4-star, #155 overall, #21 WR Offers: Arizona, Arizona State, Cal, Colorado, Michigan, Nebraska, Oregon, Oregon State, Stanford, Tennessee, UCLA, USC, Utah, Washington, Washington State
  2. Mods - please delete or merge with Big's thread - thanks!
  3. ND Commits Brenan Vernon (DL): 4-star, #65 overall (down 26 spots) Keon Keeley (Edge): 4-star, #100 overall (up 116 spots) ND Targets Kadyn Proctor (OL): 4-star, #11 overall Sonny Styles (S): 4-star, #12 overall Dante Moore (QB): 4-star, #17 overall Duce Robinson (TE): 4-tar, #30 overall Drayk Bowen (LB): 4-star, #48 overall Carnell Tate (WR): 4-star, #57 overall Luke Montgomery (DL): 4-star, #59 overall Jaxon Howard (ATH/TE): 4-star, #70 overall Justice Haynes (RB): #4-star, #87 overall Avery Johnson (QB): 4-star, #149 overall Justyn Rhett (CB): 4-star, #151 overall Christian Gray (CB): 4-star, #166 overall Adon Shuler (ATH/S): 4-star, #200 overall It's extremely early, so these rankings are subject to change, as are the players ND is targeting. There were a ton of guys in the Top 247 that ND is recruiting, but I tried to keep the list limited to guys I know ND is in really good shape for (i.e., top group or leading). As it stands now, I like ND to land Styles, Bowen, Tate, Montgomery, Rhett, and Shuler (commits in 2 weeks). The guy ND needs the most is Dante Moore. ND needs an elite QB this cycle and ND is in his top group - need to figure out a way to win that one (battling Michigan and Ohio State).
  4. BK meets with the media on Friday. First day of camp is Saturday. I believe the media gets to attend 2 or 3 practices, but not sure which days. I would assume they will be there for at least part of Saturday's practice.
  5. Wrote this in another thread, but worth putting here. Top 100 WR C.J. Williams announces his commitment on Sunday. ND is the heavy favorite. Top 125 WR Tobias Merriweather appears close to a commitment (reading the tea leaves a bit, as he has no commitment date set, but would guess he announces this month) and ND is the favorite there as well. 3-star Amarion Walker visited Michigan this past week. It sounds like the ND staff was unaware of the visit and was not told about it until after the fact. I personally don't expect Walker to end up in the class, but that's purely speculation on my part. Just putting two and two together.
  6. As jbrown_9999 said, most of the recruits were in the 2023 class, so no immediate good news besides positive reports. The biggest positive is that 5-star QB Dante Moore was there, and it sounds like he had a great time. It was his second visit to ND, and I think ND is a real player. Michigan was the (early) perceived favorite, but it seems like ND and OSU are there as well. Need to land a 5-star QB in 2023. For short-term news, look for ND to add Top 100 WR C.J. Williams on Sunday, as he is announcing. And I would expect Top 125 WR Tobias Merriweather to commit in August as well. On the downside, 3-star WR Amorion Walker visited Michigan last week. Wouldn't be shocked to see him decommit (nothing I've read from others, but usually not a good sign for a committed player - it also sounds like ND didn't learn about this visit until after the fact).
  7. One insider said he believes it is an all or nothing situation, i.e., he wouldn't be suspended 2 or 4 games, but would be suspended for the entire season or not at all. The same insider also said that he does not believe it involves academics, recreational drugs, or another person (which would eliminate fighting, etc.). Don't want to speculate too much since this is obviously a very sensitive situation, but passing on what a well-regarded insider has said about the situation.
  8. Williams is Irish. Tobias Meriweather is probably Irish as well. Really good back-to-back WR hauls.
  9. Multiple reports out there that Texas and Oklahoma reached out to the SEC about potentially joining the conference.
  10. Pro Football Focus All Americans Cain Madden (First Team) Kyle Hamilton (First Team) Jarrett Patterson (Third Team)
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