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  1. Don' doubt you've been following recruiting for years, but saying ND can only recruit half the Top 100 is not a fact and is purely spin by BK to justify his comment that ND had a ceiling and would be in the 5-15 range, which just isn't good enough to win a national title. Not sure why you're railing against Sampson and The Athletic. He is one of the best writers on the beat, and while he may not be as knowledgeable in terms of x's and o's as some other writers, he has great contacts within the football program, and him not being a Notre Dame guy, unlike many other beat writers, makes him more objective. He's not an ND fan, he just covers the team. He knows his stuff. Not sure how he has a narrative just because he can be more critical of the football program than other writers. I have no doubt that many highly rated kids are offered early but then don't have the grades, classes, or test scores to qualify. But it is nowhere near 50% of the Top 100. ND can - and has been under Freeman - recruit the best of the best. There are 36 5-stars according to the 247 Composite. Not only did ND offer 90+% of them, but ND was highly involved (not just offers, but unofficial and official visits, school visits, silent commitments, and commitments) with at least half of them, at least at some point during their recruitment (Iamaleava, Moore, Keeley, Hicks, Harbor, Proctor, Downs, Arnold, Okunlola, Hill, Vizzina, Robinson, M'Pemba, Young, Harris, Haynes, Bowen). Freeman is going to be an elite recruiter. If he can match his recruiting ability with his coaching ability, ND will be in great shape in 2-3 years. He is going after the elite guys because he can. These guys can get into ND and thrive. He's not "shopping down a different aisle," like BK used to say. He's shopping down the same aisle as Alabama, Georgia, Ohio State. He can't go after every 5-star, but he can certainly go after the majority of them.
  2. If ND loses Peyton Bowen, who is our highest rated commit on 247, ND would still have a class with a point total of 277, which would have been 7th, 9th, and 6th the last three cycles. I think ND is almost guaranteed to finish in the Top 10, unless stuff really hits the fan and multiple guys leave. Bowen would be the biggest loss. If he gets back on campus for the Clemson game and hasn't decommitted before then, I think ND holds on. It sounds like schools are coming hard after ND commits. I've heard of schools reaching out to Greathouse (OU), Flanagan (Alabama), and Limar (Washington) so far, possibly others. I don't think that means that any of those guys are in danger of decommitting, although there may be more smoke with Limar compared to the others due to the recent RB/ATH offers. I think Jeremiyah Love could really solidify this as a Top 5 class. There seems to be some mixed thoughts from recruiting analysts, with some feeling like ND is the outright leader, and others thinking the longer this drags out, the more likely he goes to A&M. Plenty of rumors out there about NIL being a factor. It'll be an interesting 5-6 weeks, primarily because of Bowen, but also to see if ND can close on Love and keep the rest of the class intact.
  3. Parker Friedrichsen committed yesterday. Top 100-ish (#102 overall) SG from Oklahoma. Nice offer list: Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Iowa, Purdue, Missouri, Illinois Cincinnati, Memphis, Xavier, Creighton. Seems like an incredible shooter - both from beyond the arc and from mid-range. Analysts say he is a great scorer - can finish in the paint. The issue is his strength - he is 6'3 but very small. Will probably need a year or two in a college weight program to be able to compete in the ACC, but I would be he could see some minutes early on because he is a great shooter. Nice pick up for ND. They still need to find a big man and will likely need to find one in the portal.
  4. Don't really agree with the fish/pond thing, if you're implying that ND can't recruit a significant number of the Top 100 recruits. I know Mike Elston said something on NSD one year about how ND can only recruit less than half the Top 100 because of certain, mostly academic, requirements, but that's just not true. I heard a podcast between Pete Sampson and Ari Wasserman (recruiting analyst from The Athletic), and Wasserman said that ND had made offers to 30 of the 32 Composite 5-stars. Now, maybe some of those offers are contingent on that recruit improving his academics (grades, courses, test scores, etc.), but ND can go after most of the elite players. (The hard part is making sure they have the resources to have success while a student athlete at ND, but I can't remember the last time someone was suspended for grades). I think BK eventually stayed away from recruiting many of the Top 50 players because he thought it was a lost cause. Look at some of his biggest recruits during his first few years, which were marred by problems with players, either getting in academic trouble or legal trouble or just choosing to leave ND (Aaron Lynch, Davonte Neal, Justin Ferguson, Greg Bryant, etc.). So, he started focusing solely on "ND guys" - good players from good schools or with a background that profiled to ND. He got some great players, but obviously not enough. IMO, BK handcuffed his staff from going after the elite of the elite because he determined the effort was not worth the potential headache due to his prior experience. I think Freeman is taking the opposite approach, and he has said so in interviews. You can't just go for guys who fit the ND profile. You have to go after all the elite guys and make them realize they are ND fits.
  5. I think Liafau is an outstanding athlete, but not sure he is as cerebral as Tranquill, Coney, and JOK. He seems to shine when he blitzs but then he makes mistakes in coverage or defending the run. Have to remember that this is really his first time being a full-time starter. But I think he was one of the better defenders against Ohio State and UNC. Honestly, I expected more from Jack Kiser. I thought he was going to really shine this year, but he has made very few plays that I recall. Bauer is hurt but has never been at that level. Bertrand just isn't the guy - surprised he was named a captain this year, as a junior. Looking forward to Kollie and hopefully Junior getting more playing time as the season progresses. Hope Sneed can carve out a role on special teams at least because he is too athletic not to play, and getting some game experience this year would go a long way towards his development.
  6. That's basically right. He was a man among boys in HS, partly because he played in one of the lowest divisions in San Diego. He rose to a 247 Composite 5-star (although, I don't think he was rated a 5-star by any service - but a Top 50 prospect). Then he did poorly at the Elite 11 - lot of questions about his throwing motion, which he changed after working with a private QB coach. He was then going to play in a more competitive division in San Diego at a new school, but California postponed the season until Spring due to COVID, and he never got to play because he was an EE. He also had his sophomore year wiped out by a knee injury, so he only played two out of four seasons in HS and his throwing motion was a mess coming into ND.
  7. Hah, good deduction - I played Safety.
  8. I'm wrestling with this one. On one hand, I like the way ND played in the second half against Cal - truly dominant on both lines of scrimmage. And that Cal defense is good to very good. I think ND will have more success offensively - but they absolutely need to establish the run game early. If UNC stacks the box, Pyne has got to make some throws - we cannot dink and dunk our way to a win here. I think Drake Maye (UNC QB) is really, really good. He was recruited by Alabama, Clemson, Georgia, etc. And it shows - he leads the nation in TD passes, I believe. However, he is a RS Fr playing against his first legitimate opponent (UNC's offense beat up on Florida A&M, Appalachian State, and Georgia State in non-conference). Their OL has been really, really bad the last few years - we ate them alive in South Bend last season. They have a lot of talent at the skill positions - this will be a very tough test (although, not as tough of a test as Ohio State). I think it'll be close either way. It really depends on: (1) does the OL from the second half of Cal show up; (2) can Pyne get in a rhythm early; and (3) can the secondary hold up as well as they did against Ohio State. My head is saying close loss, but I'll go with: ND 31 UNC 28
  9. Same. I got a request to fill one out after Cal, but not for Marshall for whatever reason. I don't remember getting them last year, but I usually just delete all those ND emails anyway. But they definitely know the responses will be 95% negative.
  10. BK did really well at ND by making them a consistent Top 10 team, but he reached his ceiling here. And it is his ceiling, not Notre Dame's. Freeman has proven that ND can get Top 5 recruiting classes, whereas BK rarely had Top 10. BK's classes were littered with "underrated" 3-stars. Sure, some panned out (JOK, Julian Love, etc.), but many, many more did nothing in their careers. Freeman has 23 commits in his first class - 1 five-star, 19 four-stars, and just 3 three-stars. Freeman is increasing the talent level on the roster. It's going to take him a while to get that to the level it needs to be to truly compete for titles. BK is a really good coach who did great things for Notre Dame. While the program culture is great, he did not leave Freeman an overly talented roster. Sure, there are All Americans like Mayer, Patterson, and Foskey. But just look at QB and WR. ND's offense is nowhere close to the elite teams, and that falls on BK (and some falls on Tommy for poor QB recruiting). As far as I know, no rational fan is calling for Freeman's head. He's a first time head coach, and it's at ND, no less. Holtz went 5-6 in his first year at ND after being a HC for decades (granted, the situation he walked into was a lot worse than what Freeman inherited). Kirby Smart, as a first time HC, went 8-5 in his first season at UGA - and UGA was a consistent 10-win team. Saban went 7-6 in his first season at Bama, after coaching at Michigan State, LSU, and in the NFL. He also lost to a Sun Belt team, Louisiana-Monroe. There will be a ton of growing pains this year with a first time head coach. He needs to get more talent on the roster, both through recruiting and through the transfer portal, which is largely going to be a University issue. I appreciate BK and what he did for ND, and I frequently defended him (just ask @jbrown_9999), but I can admit that he was never going to win a title at ND. He just did not recruit at the level required. Freeman can recruit at that level, and he's been doing so. The results won't be immediate - and maybe he will end up just not being a good football coach - but I'd rather take my chances at a title with Freeman than settle for 10 wins and blowout losses to truly elite teams under BK.
  11. The concessions have been a disaster since COVID. Went to every home game last year but one, and have been to both Marshall and Cal this year. Basically, it's a s**tshow. Expensive, number one, but they also routinely run out of food. I went to get a walking taco at halftime of Marshall and they were out of taco meat - at halftime. I remember last year trying to get a pretzel in the 3Q against Navy, and all they had were cold pretzels. I get staffing is probably an issue, but that really needs to be fixed.
  12. ND does a really nice job with night games. The USC and UNC games last year were awesome in terms of stadium experience - made it a tough environment for the visitors. They added a light show at the start of the fourth quarter which is really cool.
  13. ND Targets Samuel M'Pemba (Edge): 4-star, #92 overall Jeremiyah Love (RB): 4-star, #107 overall Taeshaun Lyons (WR): 4-star, #129 overall
  14. ND Commits Charles Jagusah (OT): 5-star, #6 overall Peyton Bowen (S): 5-star, #15 overall Sullivan Absher (OT): 4-star, #58 overall Christian Gray (CB): 4-star, #82 overall Boubacar Traore (DL): 4-star, #101 overall Jaden Greathouse (WR): 4-star, #155 overall Brennan Vernon (DL): 4-star, #192 overall Jaiden Ausberry (LB): 4-star, #202 overall Drayk Bowen (LB): 4-star, #207 overall Braylon James (WR): 4-star, #281 overall Deavan Houston (DL): 4-star, #289 overall On3 is a lot less friendly to ND this cycle than Rivals and 247, as both of those services have over half of the ND commits represented in their groups (Rivals Top 250 and Top 247). As far as On3, really surprised about Absher being solidly in the Top 100 - I think 247 has the right ranking (#184). I also think Jagusah is a Top 75/Top 50 recruit, but not sure I see #6 in the whole country. I think On3 really underrates Drayk Bowen and Braylon James - both are Top 100 guys, IMO. As far as guys not included in the Top 300, my biggest issues are with Micah Bell, Dylan Edwards, Adon Shuler, and Cooper Flanagan. I think Shuler is the most underrated ND recruit this cycle - think he will be really good. And Edwards has looked incredibly dynamic this season (and also during the camp circuit). He should be getting more buzz.
  15. Unless I missed something, I don't think ND was actively pursuing transfer QBs. They likely could have landed Kedon Slovis (USC to Pitt) or JT Daniels (USC to Georgia to West Virginia) if they wanted to. But they seemed set on Buchner from the jump. He is a guy Tommy identified early and landed. In terms of naming him earlier in the offseason, they named him after the first week, IIRC. And they may have waited just to keep Pyne in the fold. If they name Buchner the starter earlier, maybe Pyne bolts and ND's QB room goes to s**t. As a running QB, Buchner will get hurt this year - they need a solid #2. Pyne can deliver in spots (see Wisconsin and Cincinnati). ND may have been looking for an experienced back-up to compete with Pyne, but Buchner has been the guy the minute Coan left. They were not actively looking for a QB to start this year - they were riding with Buchner. Not sure how you can say ND doesn't have a championship defense when they just held Ohio State - widely regarded as the best offense in college football or at least tied with Alabama - to 21 points, their lowest total ever under Ryan Day. If ND doesn't have a championship defense, I don't know who does. Agreed about Clemson's QB having experience, but not all experience is equal. This is a guy many fans are calling to replace with a true freshman. Klubnik seems like the real deal (based on limited viewing against one of the worst P5 teams out there), but he would still be a true freshman when Clemson comes to ND. This isn't to say that Clemson will be a cakewalk. This is definitely ND's toughest game because Clemson's defense is so good. But I like ND at home. To me, BYU will be a tougher matchup. We'll see how good they are when they play Baylor this weekend. They could be close to Top 10 by the time Vegas rolls around.
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