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  1. Good article - thanks for sharing. I think A&M and Oregon will take that next step and make the CFP in the next 2-3 years. Oregon for sure - because of the way they've recruited under Cristobal and because they have an easier path in the PAC-12. A&M definitely has a harder road, but they have a ton of talent and almost made it last year. I can see them beating Bama based on how well they've recruited over the last few years. USC, Miami, and Texas are below those two for me. Those schools obviously attract talent, but they've been down for so long that it's hard for me to see them
  2. ND in good shape for Eli Raridon and Holden Staes.
  3. 247 Composite: 3-star, #461 overall, #28 WDE 247: 3-star, #22 WDE Rivals: 3-star, #27 ATH Offers: Alabama, Arizona State, Arkansas, Auburn, Colorado, Duke, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Iowa State, Kansas State, Kentucky, Louisville, Miami, Michigan State, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ole Miss, Penn State, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Virginia, Virginia Tech, West Virginia
  4. Darren Agu seems like the most probable.
  5. It seems like Fisher and Baker could do a job share at RT, similar to what ND did with Hainsey and Kramer in 2017 when Hainsey was a true freshman and Kramer was a redshirt freshman. It's been reported (BK may have even said this) that Lugg will slide inside to guard for the fall. LT: Patterson LG: Gibbons C; Correll RG: Lugg RT: Baker/Fisher
  6. Pair him with Khamauri Rogers and Jyaire Brown and ND has their best CB class in a long time.
  7. JOK did not run the 40 because of a hamstring issue, but did some of the other workouts and drills. He looks really impressive. Hard to see him not going in the first round.
  8. 247 just dropped their initial Top 247 rankings for the 2023 class. ND Targets Dante Moore (MI QB): #9 overall Tre Edwards (CA ILB): #25 overall Samuel M'Pemba (MO ATH): #30 overall Alex "Sonny" Styles (OH S): #40 overall Luke Montgomery (OH SDE): #51 overall Jaxon Howard (MN TE): #55 overall Carnell Tate (IL WR): #57 overall Drayk Bowen (IN OLB): #61 overall Justice Haynes (GA RB): #83 overall Mac Markway (MO TE): #130 overall
  9. Going on right now. OL just worked out, now Book is throwing. He ran a 4.59 earlier, which is really good for him. Tremble ran a 4.59 as well, and Brock Wright ran a 4.6. McCloud ran a 4.37 (yes, really). Crawford ran a 4.47. Eichenberg put up 33 on the bench. Hainsey 32. Banks 24, which is probably disappointing for him. Book doing well throwing the ball, although a few drops by McKinley and one from Tremble (although it was a difficult catch).
  10. I think it'll be Coan at FSU and likely throughout the rest season. I know the coaches like Pyne, but Coan has better size, mobility, and arm strength. He also has a lot of experience and took Wisconsin to the Rose Bowl two years ago. If he can pick up the playbook, I think the offense could be good to very good, depending on how the OL situation works out. If Buchner would have had a senior season of HS football, I'd give him more of a chance, but I just don't see him playing next year minus a few handoffs in garbage time against Toledo.
  11. ND Targets Samuel M'Pemba (MO ATH): #12 overall Drayk Bowen (IN OLB): #16 overall Alex "Sonny" Styles (OH ATH): #26 overall Dante Moore (MI QB): #30 overall Carnell Tate (IL WR): #48 overall Tre Edwards (CA ILB): #53 overall Jaxon Howard (MN TE): #64 overall Luke Montgomery (OH SDE): #65 overall Justice Haynes (GA RB): #78 overall Mac Markway (MO TE): #86 overall It's obviously still very early and ND just started extending offers to '23 recruits, but the list above includes the guys ND is heavily involved with right now. ND has re
  12. I think ND has a great shot to land Merriweather, but I would put him a level below C.J. Williams. Maybe that's not fair - to be completely honest, I don't know a ton about him. But Williams is #45 overall (#6 WR) on 247 and #27 overall (#3 WR) on Rivals. Borderline 5-star. Merriweather is #79 overall (#10 WR) on 247 and #160 overall (#18 WR) on Rivals. I would be thrilled if ND could land Merriweather, but I would not put him at the level of Williams. Hopefully they can land both. It's hard to see Morris going anywhere other than Michigan at this point.
  13. https://n.rivals.com/news/recruiting-rumor-mill-five-star-usc-commit-listening-to-alabama Brief blurb about WR C.J. Williams. Based on this (and other reporting), ND appears to be firmly in the mix. He plays at Mater Dei in Cali, so it will be a tough pull, but he has said previously that distance is not a factor. He is ND's best (and only) shot at an elite, Top 50 WR this cycle. He is a 247 Composite 4-star and #44 overall, with offers from Alabama, Georgia, LSU, Ohio State, Oregon, USC, etc.
  14. The Athletic (Stewart Mandel and Bruce Feldman) released their Top 25 rankings for current head coaches: https://theathletic.com/2464812/2021/03/23/mandel-ranking-the-top-25-college-football-coaches/ https://theathletic.com/2464853/2021/03/23/feldman-ranking-the-top-25-college-football-coaches/ Mandel 1. Saban (Alabama) 2. Swinney (Clemson) 3. Kelly (Notre Dame) 4. Riley (Oklahoma) 5. Day (Ohio State) 6. Smart (Georgia) 7. Fisher (Texas A&M) 8. Orgeron (LSU) 9. Mullen (Florida) 10. Campbell (Iowa State) 11. Fickell (Cincinnati) 12. Fitzgerald (Northwestern) 13. Monk
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