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  1. 5-star QB Walker Howard (LSU) commit will be at ND/USC on an official visit. He was supposed to visit for the Cincinnati game but had to cancel the night before when he got hurt during his HS game. Probably for the best because the atmosphere and game should be about a thousand times better. ND apparently also trying to get fellow LSU commit and 5-star OL Will Campbell to visit as well. I don't think anything will ultimately come of this - his dad played QB at LSU and he is very familiar with LSU and has a ton of connections there - but it doesn't hurt to get him on campus.
  2. If anyone is interested in getting a glimpse of Rattler's attitude, just watch QB1 on Netflix. All time punk.
  3. Agreed. Schrauth would be a massive win because it sounds like ND wants at least 4 but potentially 5 OL in this class. Schrauth and Wagner were drifting away for a while, so getting Schrauth in the class is huge. ND was also looking at a BC commit - I believe Quinn visited him last week - not sure if that is still in play or if they will settle with 4 (assuming Schrauth is Irish). Tanona-Chan-Craig-Schrauth is a very good OL haul. Not elite. But following the Fisher-Spindler-Alt-Coogan-Johnson haul of 2021, things are looking good. Walker is visiting for ND/USC. Need to keep him in the class. Not sure who else is out there at WR. If ND keeps Walker, they likely settle on a 3-man WR class. Probably have to go to the portal this offseason to get some depth with the really bad 2019 and 2020 classes. ND needs to kill it this weekend. ND can make huge moves with Nwankpa, Lucas, and Hero - and hopefully close the deal with Schrauth. Not to mention all of the elite 2023 recruits who will also be there.
  4. True, but the ND/USC game will see a lot of talent. Nwankpa, Anthony Lucas, and Hero Kanu for sure. All those guys are Top 100 players. Billy Schrauth might also be in attendance, which would be huge given he has been trending to Wisconsin. Aamil Wagner is also supposed to be there. 5-star QB and LSU commit Walker Howard could also be there. That's a stacked list of 2022 guys (plus all the 2023 guys who will be there). Huge recruiting weekend coming up - ND needs to kill it.
  5. Starling is from powerhouse high school basketball program La Lumiere. He is the 27th overall recruit from ESPN, 33rd overall recruit for 247, and 40th overall for Rivals. Other offers: Alabama, Duke, Maryland, Miami, St. Johns, Stanford, Syracuse
  6. Isn't he just saying he wants to let the players know first before telling the media? If so, I think that's actually a good thing. Better to tell the players to their face what's going to happen rather than let them read about it on Twitter.
  7. He defended BVG with the same vigor after the Michigan State game in 2016. He fired him the following week after the loss to Duke. I don't think Quinn will be let go midseason, but I would bet there will be a new OL coach for 2022. Maybe he brings Chris Watt back (current OL coach at Tulane).
  8. Agreed. He's a Louisiana kid whose dad played for LSU. He's probably not going to flip unless LSU turns into a complete dumpster fire, and maybe not even then. But this is an unofficial, so he's coming on his own dime - that's a long trip to make. Not saying he is on decommit watch or anything, but if he has had good dialogue with Rees for a few months and is paying his own way to see ND, that's a good place to start. Hopefully, ND can get him back up to South Bend for an official for USC or UNC.
  9. Put this in the visits thread, but worth repeating: 5-star QB Walker Howard (LSU commit) is going to be at ND on an unofficial visit this weekend (when LSU is having a huge recruiting weekend for their game against Auburn). Apparently Rees has been in constant communication with him. This could get interesting quickly...
  10. 5-star 2022 QB Walker Howard (LSU commit) visiting this weekend as well. WOW.
  11. ND is in good shape for 5-star and #1 OT Kadyn Proctor - some even believe ND leads. I think ND is also in it for Chase Bisontis from Don Bosco in Jersey. He's a Top 100 recruit. Alex Birchmeier committing to Penn State was a blow. ND hasn't extended a ton of offers to OL for 2023. As others have indicated, probably waiting to see how their junior years play out and then probably also wanting to work out these guys in person, as ND typically likes to do for OL.
  12. 247 Composite: 4-star, #177 overall, #8 RB 247: 4-star, #205 overall, #9 RB Rivals: 4-star, #81 overall, #4 RB Offers: Alabama, Arizona State, Duke, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Louisville, Miami, Michigan, Michigan State, Mississippi, Mississippi State, Nebraska, Oregon, Penn State, South Carolina, Stanford, Syracuse, Tennessee, Virginia Tech, West Virginia
  13. Not sure what's going on with C'Bo. I don't think it's COVID because this will be the third week that he's unavailable. He had a run in with the law in the spring (charged with leaving the scene of an accident). This could be a punishment for that incident. Although, players have had worse transgressions (the Fulton Five, Javon McKinley) and did not miss any time. So not sure if it's that or something else.
  14. On player availability: Botelho is listed on the depth chart for the first time this season. BK said he will know Tuesday whether or not Botelho can play this week. Carmody is on the depth chart and might be able to play - ankle sprain not as bad as they thought. But probably more likely that Baker gets the start. Prince Kollie is unavailable against Purdue (COVID). C'Bo is unavailable against Purdue (unclear).
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