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  1. Doesn't say he will still ALSO be Associate Head Coach, though, which all the news reports have said he won't be. Yes, still D-Line coach. No one questioned that.
  2. You're saying that BOTH Polian and Elston are Associate Head Coach? Elston had been Associate Head Coach the last 3 years, and that title is being removed from him. Instead, he's adding recruiting coordinator and Defensive Run Game Coordinator. Not a demotion, per se, but definitely changing of titles.
  3. Weis certainly did talk about the fact that not a lot of the top tier recruits can get into ND. It's been talked about for many coaches now, even back to Lou.
  4. To be fairly answer your question you would have to interview each recruit to find out why they choose another school over ND. We would just be guessing otherwise. Interesting statement Marcus Freeman made when asked about his recruiting. He said something to the effect that it’s hard work and it takes a lot of time. That you have to build relationships with these guys that takes a lot of time. Because of that you just couldn’t offer everyone. Well based upon the numbers of offers it looks like Kelly is willing to spend twice as much time trying to build relationships then his previous regime was willing to do... Yeah, some of this is really tough to answer. We do know that Weis had a determination that he would chase the top 100 type recruit all the way to the end, even sometimes at the cost of other primary targets that were more of a 4 star or high 3 star, and sometimes ended up with absolute emergency type takes. However, by staying in on those guys late, he got a lot more of them. I don't necessarily know the setup of the recruiting office, but Elston and Freeman both made comments along the lines of "can't expect the head coach to text everyone 6 times". But shouldn't we? Even if it's a recruiting intern with "coach Kelly's phone" following him around and quickly typing out some texts to communicate? Granted, ND is proud of how much money the football program sends the university each year, and adding administrative costs like deeper staffing in football support positions would hurt that, but if ND had a championship this decade, wouldn't that pay off?
  5. He had signed a "retirement deal" with NBC for that role before this past NFL season to take effect whenever he retired. It was believed that he would do the ND games, as they only otherwise have the Sunday Night NFL game and the studio on Sunday night. I, for one, enjoyed Dungy. Easy on the ears, imparted knowledge most of the time, and didn't necessarily overstep his areas of expertise. He always seemed excited to be at ND, too, which didn't hurt. A 3 man booth would be great, If those are the 3 involved.
  6. According to the article, he was/will be punished.
  7. Oh, that's exciting! Really thought we lost him to LSU. Great young, dynamic coach. Well loved here in Cincy. Seems like a natural fit!
  8. Stockton is a finalist. The award hasn't been given out yet.
  9. Kane Wommack took the head coaching job at South Alabama in the last week or so. He also will coach at IU through bowl season, but he’s been introduced as the head coach down there.
  10. There have been a handful of guys to get a 7th year of eligibility in the last decade in the FBS. He would be the first at ND in recent memory, for sure.
  11. Courtesy or not, it's at least a good sign of the state of the program that we have our assistant's interviewing for power 5 head coaching jobs instead of MAC or lower level jobs. But for his sake, I'd hope he waits. I know it's his alma mater, and he played there, and is from around there. It'd be perfect in those ways. But man, is that a dumpster fire of a program that I don't know if it can get out of it's own way to ever succeed.
  12. Yeah. This man must have a real reputation around college football if this seemed like the best landing spot for him.
  13. They've got a full buyout, both ways, reportedly. If Allen were to leave, he'd owe Indiana something like $22m total this offseason. And, it's got a perpetual extension toll on it. For every year he takes IU to a bowl game, he gets an extra year added onto his deal, and the buyout remains the same. Sounds like he's the IU coach until he retires.
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