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  1. Could push ND to join the ACC for real given in this proposal ND can never get a bye (1-4) because they’ll never be conference champs
  2. “if somehow he actually made this happen” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! Jets are winning this year’s SB before that happens my friend.
  3. THIS. X 1000. There are two distinct camps on this message board. The eternal optimists who are still living like it’s 1988 and the rest of us in the real world who see this team and it’s coach for what they are, a nice little Midwestern program that systemically doesn’t have what it takes to compete at an elite level. So, take the good with the bad and make alternative plans on November 7th.
  4. The takeaway... Clemson is laughing yet again at the rest of the ACC. ND included.
  5. Heard from a university source today: He was on a call with Kelly this week and Kelly said we are going to play a 12 game schedule ... but the PAC 10 and the Big 10 have said they aren’t going to play any games outside their respective conferences so no USC Stanford or Wisconsin!! Supposedly we have 3 teams we are talking to about replacing them. Also probably going to limit fans to about 15,000 per game.
  6. Lot of high profile openings, haven't heard any chatter about BK but this certainly seems like a moment if he were ever going to go...
  7. 3 blocks made this a TD... Kmet, Finke and Tremble. That is ND football at its best. Not flashy but hat on a hat, and better leverage. Looked like the Holtz era.
  8. Any reason why we only have 18 guys? Seems significantly lower than most other schools. That said, when you factor for that, our average rating is higher than anything I can remember.
  9. A solid QB is only one part of the equation... DL with multiple 1st / 2nd rounders and Skill positions the same We're good on the former, but not good enough, and still not there on the latter, though a couple of potential pieces in the pipeline. Problem is that we're lucky to get one or two studs while the elite teams have 5-6 per year. Compounded annually. Just not gonna happen. Without serious institutional change. Which I know many here will object to anyway.
  10. JOK got faked out of his jock. Gotta keep contain.
  11. Need some upsets... Not sure if we'll even move ahead of PSU since they beat UM and we got smoked.
  12. Why won't Kelly get Jurkovec reps? ND recovered a fumble with just under 13 mins left in the 4th, up 31-7... That was the moment to put him in. He would have gotten three series as opposed to one meaningless possession where we were just running the clock out. Of all the catches, Kelly's catch 22 is the worst. We could be good next year but we won't beat Clemson or other real teams without a real QB. Book is a best case scenario Daniel Ruettiger. Love the hustle but not the guy to take us to the next level. And we'll never know with PJ if he doesn't get a real shot. That's on Kelly. 1000%.
  13. http://www.espn.com/college-football/qbr Currently #48. Not the worst. But leaves much to be desired.
  14. THIS x 1000. It's beside the point to argue whether BK as a coach is capable of winning a NC or not because it misses the fact that to do so, you must have a quality QB. Especially if you're not Bama. Last non-Bama NC-winning QBs: -Trevor Lawrence -Deshaun Watson -JT Barrett -Famous Jameis -Cam Newton -Tim Tebow etc etc. And in 10 years the closest he's come is Kizer So-So?!? Pack your bags. And bring in a coach (coaches) who knows (know) QBs - how to recruit, how to develop and how to call plays. Want further proof? https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/ranking-the-top-25-quarterback-rooms-in-college-football-ahead-of-the-2018-season/ We're not even sniffing this Top 25 list.
  15. So, do we want Georgia to lose this game? seems like a two loss Georgia is out and we don't have to worry about them jumping us anymore, even if it hurts SOS.
  16. while I do think Kelly and his staff are as good as we're going to get, I just don't understand why his QBs always get worse.
  17. If you've watched a Pinstripe Bowl, you know this field can get sloppy. But no worse than NW.
  18. Though I don't entirely disagree of the ESPN's lean towards all things SEC in their football coverage, FWIW, the Bama / LSU game is on CBS. So, one hole in any "feedback loop" conspiracy theory there...
  19. Don't want to poop in our punch bowl but what are the odds Kelly gets in Book's head and he too regresses? Sad to say but that's the narrative for BK's total lack of QB development... Everybody gets worse.
  20. Jurkovec not getting ANY reps is par for the course with Kelly. God forbid the only actual QB talent we have on the roster get to practice so we can see what the kid can do on the field. And we wonder why our QBs a: don't improve b: transfer and flourish c: are a wildly inconsistent shite show year after year...
  21. On going 0-16. Still probably better than having to deal with Kelly.
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