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  1. At first I was completely pissed about this whole situation thinking that the timing was awful like everyone else. After I look at it this could be a genius ploy by Kelly and co. We find out Weds that Kelly interviewed for an NFL job. Weds also coincides with the day the dead period begins. Kelly interviewed Tuesday but no media found out till Weds night. Whoever leaked the story leaked it to every major sports outlet there could be. Ive never seen twitter blow up like it did over this story. Compare that to one person reporting that Muschamp interviewed for the Bears job. I feel like
  2. Final Verdict: Mark May wears ND panties
  3. Smith already working on other recruits. He's been contacting Hutchings over twitter and Hutchings most recent tweet was to Jaylon "alright alright I'm gone set it up son. I gotta schedule all my officials anyways" Looks like Smith already has helped us to get us an official from him.
  4. Armond and and papa Armstead on their way to ND tonight per Sapp, Frank aneveryone else. A visit this late has got to be positive! If we can get the Armsteads Decker becomes irrelevant. We can move Jones over to tackle and we upgraded both positions. Get out to the grotto and light some candles.
  5. Jimmy clausen just tweeted could Jordan Payton and Ismail Adams be golden domers? Not sure if jimmy is leading us up to something big or not. It was an interesting tweet to me. Also jimmy and Jordan communicate a lot through twitter. Hope it is a sign of good things to come.
  6. I'm pretty sure this list is from last year. Carmel knocked warren out in the sectional championship. The 5a championship is Carmel and penn and the 4a championship is between cathedral and David Perkins' Washington high school. Washington should get destroyed. Cathedral is playing on a completely different level right now. They are probably the best team in state.
  7. Gotta think the jersey has a different look. Those helmets with the off gold pants just won't look right.
  8. New gold helmets according to BK. More shiny. BK says he wants them to be the golden dome.
  9. Hey guys just checking out OU's rivals website and rivals main site and Okotcha is no where on their commit list...anyone else notice this?
  10. As happy as I am if this is true, I hope it was his decision and not his moms. I want him to be at nd. But not sure if his commitment to gt was him or his shady coach.
  11. If you are toying with my heart here 33 I am going to fly down to FL from IN and kick you in the nuts! J/k great updates man. Much appreciated and I can't wait till all this set in stone. Any idea of the surprises. Ishaq? or would it have anything to do with Drew who put us back in his top 5 again?? Can't really see that one happeneing but didn't see this Lynch thing coming either!
  12. The weirdest thing about the whole florida thing is that we all were under the impression Lynch was upset FSU was recruiting other DE's and was worried about playing time. Well didnt Florida sign 5 5 star D lineman last year!! I think the Florida and Miami thing is just an escape hatch in case he finds out he cant get into ND this wknd or if he can't EE due to classes and stuff. Like Hawaii said who knows with this recruitment just hope it ends with us being on top.
  13. Yeah if you go look at some of their prospects they have some pretty unimpressive offer lists. A lot of them only have offers from lower level D1 schools. Also thought it was interesting Kiffen is signing 2 kickers. Not sure I would be wasting a schollie on 2 kickers but he is the mastermind.
  14. Interesting stuff here too....http://twitter.com/bartonsimmons
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