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  1. Spent most of my time in the woods this weekend. Does anyone know where I can find a replay of the game? Thanks in advance.
  2. This kids body type and the way he moves sideline to sideline makes me think alot of C.J. Mosley. I realize thats it's really unfair compare this kid with the best linebacker in the SEC last year but he seems to have a similar style of play to CJ
  3. I think you're gonna be seeing him on the field a lot more then that. The kid plays nasty and has the athleticism and speed to be a every down player. I'm really glad ND got him, he sure looks like an SEC style backer to me.
  4. Speaking of runnin backs.... We really really need to snag one in this 2015 class
  5. Completely agree. He seems like a great kid and is extremely respectful and articulate when interviewing. However, based soley on a football analysis He is slow and looks completely lost 90% of the time. He also is terrible and I mean terrible with his spread reads and drops and is an average tackler to boot. I don't think he transfers though. Just seems like he loves ND too much
  6. It should be Interesting to see how ILB shakes out.. I think there is gonna be a lot of competition there. Should be fun to see if Morgan can make a push to play right away.
  7. I hope you're right but I think he will bounce
  8. Totally agree. His twitter used to have Notre Dame things in his description and pictures. He has since removed all of them and you would have no idea that he's even a ND commit. He is one of my favorites from this class but i think he will be signing elsewhere.
  9. Yeah took him until the 6th game of the season to play decent.. Decent is even being generous. He's not a BCS caliber linebacker and lets face it, with the schedule we have next year we need those caliber players on the field. Morgan definitely has that potential.
  10. Luke will start over butler he was always the first DB in and a better cover corner. Grace isn't the answer at MIKE. Too slow and is awful at flipping his hips to get back in coverage or turn sideline to sideline. With Morgans speed, tackling, and pass coverage (consistently called the best coverage linebacker and the opening and army game) is gonna be awfully hard to keep off the field.
  11. When i watch his highlight tape my jaw drops. If he goes to OU I will be pissed!! So smooth though the hole. Poetry in motion.
  12. Appreciate the insight gentleman but I'm gonna stick with Folston. I love the underdog whose dad is of NFL pedigree. Overall, I'm thrilled were even having this debate. I think we can all agree it's been way overdue to argue about two potential NFL starters. Too bad hood didn't work out haha i might have to go with that diesel overall honestly. Pains me that he's going to a garbage UNC team but best of luck to him.
  13. Disagree on Bryant being the best back. Folston will have the better nfl and college career. He is a natural born runner with excellent vision. In addition, he has the size to finish runs and punish defenders now. Bryant will be awesome, but I think you're underestimating folston here!
  14. I have a hard time believing that Kelvin Benjamin will go that late. Dude is an absolute freak. If he has a good combine numbers wise I think he will be a top 15 pick
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