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  1. Same author wrote an article about the lack of freshmen use on the field. Specifically RB and WR. Which is an area I think is severely lacking. I get not using an OL, QB, or most defensive positions. However, you can get fast frosh on the field at WR and RB. They don't have to be complete players when they arrive. Finding a couple touches for players who can create speed mismatches is an area CBK has failed at miserably in my opinion. The fact Tyree saw the field is the exception and not the rule.
  2. If.... and that's a big if..... the NCAA really wanted to fix the disparity in college football right now, they would launch a very wide investigation into all the major programs and impose penalties that matter. Multi-season bowl bans, scholarship penalties, win forfeitures... whatever it takes to get programs to understand they need to follow rules. The investigation needs to go into booster support and all that. Do a deep dig, uncover the dirt, make it public, then drop the hammer. Across the board.
  3. You rank with the information you have. Florida getting crushed should drop them. Personally, I don't care if you're missing players or not.
  4. There might be something to the signal stealing.
  5. As much as the final score was rough, I actually thought ND held up okay. I mean, they battled. I never felt like they rolled over. Alabama's offense is just insanely good. 3 Heisman finalists on the field? That's tough to stop. It was very obvious the secondary couldn't keep up.
  6. Doesn't ND have some number crunching they have to do since they signed 26 recruits? Can a transfer even find a spot?
  7. That sort of lends itself to the development issues. How many elite recruits has CBK failed to develop? Crist comes to mind, although I give him a pass for that one. Kiel and Jurkovec for sure though. Golson and Kizer were in the maybe camp. Really.... the only 2 have developed are Rees and Book, and even those are not exactly leaps and bounds. Neither Rees nor Book were elite recruits. Next year is going to be interesting if Book isn't in the mix.
  8. One of the biggest reason I want to go full conference is to shitcan playing Navy. I loathe everything about playing Navy. From the "heroes" crap.... THEY'RE COLLEGE KIDS, they didn't storm the beach at Normandy people.... to the fact no matter how good Navy is, a win is against a service school and a loss is a huge smack on the record. There.... I said it.
  9. Which is one of the biggest mysteries of the CBK era. It's maddening.
  10. Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son.
  11. One thing that was nice this year was being in the hunt for a conference championship. Just reaffirms my belief ND needs to go all in for the ACC. It’s hard for me to really measure success when it’s measuresd with a national title EVERY YEAR. Placing second in the conference feels like some sort of measuring stick. I can say, “Not a bad year,” and have something tangible to hang that on.
  12. Just a quick visual stat from Rivals this morning.
  13. I was jr high-early high school in the late 80's early 90's run for ND. I keep hearing about how they loosened up academic standards during that time. Obviously the internet was in it's infancy and 99% of people didn't have it, so following recruiting wasn't even on my radar screen. How loose are we talking with standards? I mean, how far would we have to drop them to get some of these borderline kids today? Anybody with knowledge care to elaborate?
  14. Definitely a case of the best 2 and then finding a deserving 2. Good for the players! I bet they feel like a million bucks. Hopefully they can put something together.
  15. Like the title says.... what are we lacking? It was pretty clear to me that ND is just missing... something. Jimmies and Joes? X's and O's? Throw it out there. For me: Development at QB. Ian Book gave it all he had, but was never going to be elite. Just not going to happen. Arm strength being the biggest limiting factor. Why is it that CBK can't seem to get a high rated recruit to develop year after year? He seemed to get Rees and Book developed, but they were limited physically. Really you could say development of all skill players. O-line and defensive players seem to make it okay, but what separates skill player development vs others?
  16. No way ND can beat Clemson or Bama on a big stage, so NY6 bowl is my vote. End with a quality win and figure out how you're going to get the new QB on the field successfully in the offseason. Oh... and hire a solid replacement for Lea.
  17. I didn't learn anything, just reinforced what I already knew. Alabama and Clemson are the only elite teams today. There are a handful of teams that drift in and out of that group depending on year. Notre Dame flirts with that group occasionally, but will never be there consistently. It is what it is. I probably need to start following one of the smaller conferences if I want any true parity in the game. The power 5 are in a choke hold by a handful of teams, and until the NCAA wants to actually change that, it ain't going to. Seriously... how long can a couple of teams dominate before something is rotten in Denmark?
  18. College Playoffs aren't about finding the best team... they're about money. The SEC is a big money draw. End of story.
  19. One question I did have those was why they recruit a keeper? My kid plays soccer at a pretty competitive level and I don't think I've ever seen a goalie who was the strongest leg on the team. Seems a weird person to ask to kick. As an aside, the Vandy coach was canned today.
  20. Didn't see, but from what I read.... to include her quotes about the whole thing.... she did exactly what she was asked to do. Good for her, but she wasn't breaking any ground as far as I'm concerned.
  21. Interesting to hear him say he felt like he was regressing. Wonder if the coaching staff at ND saw the same thing?
  22. I don't think Notre Dame will get into the playoffs if they lose to Clemson in the ACC title game were they both to get there. There were too many excuses for the first victory. Plus the potential for a 3rd Clemson/ND in the same season? I don't know how many people would want to push for that. If OSU runs the table... albeit a very short table.... they get in. They're the darlings of the Big 10. If there is any way to get 2 SEC teams in, that's going to happen. ESPN loves to push the SEC. That's a fact.
  23. What gets me about the injuries to Clemson is the assumption we would have somehow utilized the same game plan had the injuries not been a factor. When a player get hurts during the game, do you not try to take advantage of his replacement? Also, I thought Clemson never had to rebuild.... only reload? I'm not saying Notre Dame has arrived and is elite, but this game shows that they're a very good team that can play well on a big stage. Not always... but this time they did. I, for one, am really enjoying this season. I like the being part of a conference business. I've been a fan of joining a conference for a long time. You play for something besides a National Championship.
  24. We haven't learned anything new. This team is basically the same version of every team of the past 5-7 years. Good enough to win games it should win, but not a real threat to knock off anybody of significance. Sure it CAN beat a big opponent, but it's more like the exception than the rule. Other than the defense, every aspect of the game hovers around good at best. No miracle quarterback is going to arrive on campus and get developed under CBK's tutelage. It's just not going to happen. I gave up on that a while ago. I genuinely feel like a 3 star has a better chance at becoming a starter at ND than a 5 star based on "moxie" or "being a gym rat" than on any actual talent. Heck, I'm shocked... pleasantly BTW... that Tyree is on the field as much as he is.
  25. I get what you're saying here, but it's not that simple. I'll give you a personal example. I got laid off for about 6 weeks. When I got laid off, I filed for unemployment. Here in WA State, they go based off your last couple of quarters of earnings for how much you'll make. Like most people with a decent job..... well FORMER decent job..... I maxed out how much I could get. Sounds great, but it's not all that much. You have to apply for 3 jobs a week. There are some rules about that. One of them is that you do NOT have to take any job that pays less than what you made before. It's also kind of weird because there were a million jobs for $15 bucks an hour to drive a forklift in a warehouse, but I would've made LESS money working than if I continued to collect unemployment and look for a job. The whole experience was an eye-opener about how they could improve the system. Fortunately, my situation was a short term one, and I knew that from the beginning. It was just a matter of time before I was going to get called back. I gained a ton of empathy for people who work hard and lsoe their jobs. It's a miserable experience.
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