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  1. I sort of expected some stuff to happen no matter who won. Both extremes are just out of control. Although I gotta say.... storming the capital is not something I would have imagined. I figured it would just be people throwing rocks and screaming about whoever won. Things are a mess. Talk about an awkward inauguration ceremony now!
  2. I cannot be any more emphatic when I say it ISN'T justified. I am simply saying are we actually surprised it could come to this? All summer mobs have ruled. Then you have a pretty testy election cycle. One candidate loses and then proceeds to badger the fringe of his respective side. Since nobody else has been held accountable, I don't think it's a stretch to think this could have happened.
  3. All summer we saw the same kind of bullshit. I live very close to where a lot of it happened, so I’m familiar with it. The police and government officials placated the mob. Look up the statements about less lethals. The mob tried to seal a police building..... with officers in it..... and light it on fire. Perhaps had they squashed the dipshits on the left, the dipshits on the right wouldn’t be so emboldened? A trend was set. Make no mistake, I’m not for what’s happening in DC right now. The people who stormed the building are criminals and I have no qualms about less lethal or lethal means being used. The same way I felt about the crap this summer in Portland and Seattle. Those left wing idiots deserved EQUAL TREATMENT. It would be nice if both moderate sides of the aisle could make some headway towards making things better.
  4. I saw a report one rioter is dead from shots fired by law enforcement. Right now less lethal munitions don’t seem so bad, huh? Maybe when the next “peaceful protest” by left wing crackpots happens the cops can dispense some of the former and not the latter. Equality, right?
  5. Same author wrote an article about the lack of freshmen use on the field. Specifically RB and WR. Which is an area I think is severely lacking. I get not using an OL, QB, or most defensive positions. However, you can get fast frosh on the field at WR and RB. They don't have to be complete players when they arrive. Finding a couple touches for players who can create speed mismatches is an area CBK has failed at miserably in my opinion. The fact Tyree saw the field is the exception and not the rule.
  6. If.... and that's a big if..... the NCAA really wanted to fix the disparity in college football right now, they would launch a very wide investigation into all the major programs and impose penalties that matter. Multi-season bowl bans, scholarship penalties, win forfeitures... whatever it takes to get programs to understand they need to follow rules. The investigation needs to go into booster support and all that. Do a deep dig, uncover the dirt, make it public, then drop the hammer. Across the board.
  7. You rank with the information you have. Florida getting crushed should drop them. Personally, I don't care if you're missing players or not.
  8. There might be something to the signal stealing.
  9. As much as the final score was rough, I actually thought ND held up okay. I mean, they battled. I never felt like they rolled over. Alabama's offense is just insanely good. 3 Heisman finalists on the field? That's tough to stop. It was very obvious the secondary couldn't keep up.
  10. Unfortunately, unless we get some sort or recalibration as a nation, I don't know if we'll see sane candidates moving forward. I am going to try and focus on what good might come of a Biden administration. He may try to disarm me.... you know I wouldn't let that slide.... but he'll be good for the environment and our world image will go up. Even if he doesn't actually do **** for our global strength, our image will be improved. Plus, we'll have total consciousness on our death bed so we got that going for us.
  11. Jim, First off, I think Biden won. Sure there might be some fraud, but what's to say there wasn't some fraud for the other side? I think they should look into it, but only from the standpoint of working to keep election integrity in the future. Having said that, I think your party should take some responsibility for all this. From the time Donald Trump was elected, the Democrats did everything they could to say he wasn't elected fairly, when he was. How much money was spent on the Mueller "investigation" that yielded ZERO collusion? When that failed, they tried impeachment. Throwing a fit is the new standard and it was started once Trump was elected. I am hoping that the Republican party doesn't repeat the same mistakes for the sake of the nation, but right now that's a dicey proposition. Say what you will about Bush Jr and Obama but at least the nation was able to move forward!
  12. I used DuckDuckGo and, literally, got nothing. I have pretty much gone back down periscope with all the fraud take. I equate it to the Russian "collusion" bullshit that the DNC tried desperately to fabricate. Which, BTW, nobody on that side will admit was a complete waste of time and money. If you could provide a link it would be much appreciated. I keep wondering, if, let's say in August 2021 they DO find a bunch of fraud, how does that play out? Will the Republic survive? Would one side concede? Would open shots be fired? Man that's a scary thought.
  13. Doesn't ND have some number crunching they have to do since they signed 26 recruits? Can a transfer even find a spot?
  14. Why do I get nothing when I search for your developing story? Any links of your news?
  15. That sort of lends itself to the development issues. How many elite recruits has CBK failed to develop? Crist comes to mind, although I give him a pass for that one. Kiel and Jurkovec for sure though. Golson and Kizer were in the maybe camp. Really.... the only 2 have developed are Rees and Book, and even those are not exactly leaps and bounds. Neither Rees nor Book were elite recruits. Next year is going to be interesting if Book isn't in the mix.
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