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  1. I have no idea. Somebody at work showed me a thing where Saban could, legit, tell high school players every player he's recruited that stuck around has a national championship. I didn't dig too deep on it, but that seems right. Hard to counter that argument.
  2. Good news: They got the Jahmir Gibbs kid from GA Tech too.
  3. Alabama is so dominant it's hurting the sport in my opinion. I'm not saying they're doing anything dirty over there, but sheesh....... they sure aren't having any hiccups. Their off years are dream seasons for 90% of schools. I'm not even going to watch the title game because I don't care. Another SEC championship. Booooooring.
  4. OSU deserves some credit for figuring out a way to get the matchup they wanted so frequently. I don't wish the kid ill will either, but you gotta call it how it is. He got abused. Sometimes you eat the bear, and other times the bear eats you.
  5. I guess we'll see because Kelly is definitely a top 25 coach. Anybody who argues otherwise is delusional.
  6. That sort of emphasizes what I mean. The knock on Kelly is he couldn't win the big game, right? Well, if he changes scenery to what is considered the toughest conference in the country and then proceeds to win a National Championship, it would seem to me that it would indicate there is something that needs to change at ND. If, however he goes there and doesn't succeed the argument could be made that there isn't something wrong. I'm not throwing any shade at him. I was just curious what others think.
  7. It's funny that ND continues to show me ways to lose I never would have predicted. Had OSU blown them out from the start I would've been less disappointed. Losing a game where you were so dominant for one half is mind boggling. It's like everything stopped working suddenly. So bizarre.
  8. So if Kelly wins a Natty in a, say, 3-5 years at LSU.... are we all willing to admit there may be something to ND needs to change if they want to win one again?
  9. For sure. That's experience. Which I think Freeman and Rees got a big dose of today.
  10. You need a stud at each level of the defense and ND is missing one big time at LB. They also have a major liability at corner with Lewis. OSU picked on that dude mercilessly today. I'd love to see a snap by snap count of how many times he got beat. On the offensive side of the ball the line is atrocious. It says something when you have freshmen bookends because they haven't been screwed up yet by the line coach. No push in the run game and how many times does a 3 man rush get pressure? Ridiculous. I don't know if he has any eligibility left, but absolutely Cain Madden should not be allowed back. That dude hurt his NFL prospects this year. Wow. Also on offense WR is seriously lacking. Kevin Austin has flashes, but he is way too inconsistent. Losing so many to transfers is indicative of a position coach problem in my opinion. While the loss was disappointing it could be expected I guess. I genuinely think Kyren would have made a difference and definitely Hamilton would have as well.
  11. Run game could have been bolstered by using Buchner some. Teams never respected Jack Coan's legs. Even if you know Buchner is going to run, you still have to account for his arm. Not so much with Jack Coan's legs.
  12. 1. Marcus Freeman burned a lot of the good vibes with his hire in this monumental collapse. 2. I'm willing to trade the experience of the current LB group for any shred of athleticism from an underclassmen. 3. Clarence Lewis is not even serviceable at this point. 4. This game is an example of why great teams never take their foot off the gas. Whether there's 10 minutes in the half or 10 seconds. This game was lost when they scored right before the half. The second they scored I was like, "What the frig did I just see?" 5. Giant learning moment for Marcus Freeman today. 6. While I generally believe you try to take the positives away in any situation, this loss is an exception. It was such a monumental collapse that you can't gloss over it by trying to be super positive. 7. Hopefully Sony asks for their Playstation 5s back from Notre Dame.
  13. Almost unreal how many flags have been picked up or overturn. Also, it's a culture problem at ND.
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