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  1. Bstokes – I recommend buying season tickets. I went a couple years back and I think the price for AF season tickets are cheaper than the individual ND ticket. Find some friends that want to split the cost and go with you because the season ticket comes in a family 4 pack. Unfortunately, the only other interesting game at Air Force is the Army game. We are doing this and are planning on giving the rest of the games away to friends and coworkers. Here is the web site http://www.goairforcefalcons.com/genrel/042711aaa.html Hope this helps
  2. The simple solution would be not to read threads with the words “Miami investigation” in them. You would think at some point the NCAA will have to issue Miami some sort of sanctions. The NCAA took their sweet ass time investigating OSU and USC but they eventually got it right. The only investigation/ impending sanctions that came down fast was PSU – for obvious reasons.
  3. I think he leaves early. I hope i am wrong but he was hands down or best O-line guy last year and three of the others are playing in the NFL. I think he has the tallent to go early
  4. All I can say is wow! Way to go 2lakes
  5. :twitch: I completely agree. Both these guys have been on campus for a month and neither have broken into the depth chart yet. ……………….Some of your post amaze me. Correction..most of your post amaze me
  6. updated to show '11 OH LB - Trey DePriest - committed to Bama
  7. Updated to show '11 FL DE - Aaron Lynch is IRISH (S), (R) '11 FL DE - Anthony Rabasa is IRISH (S), (R)<O:p '11 TX DB - Jalen Brown is IRISH (S), (R)<O:p '11 MI RB - Justice Hayes is IRISH (S), (R) commits
  8. great to have you back Calves. Keep posting buddy
  9. ahhhh...good ol' Soviet Canuckistan day. I suppose this will be the only day I ever use this icon :canada:
  10. it sucks to see Baldwin on both lists. I wish we could have made that work
  11. Dave Curtis' ranks Michael Floyd as the #1 game-changing receiver this year Apparently Matt Hayes' likes the crack pipe and has him at #4 http://www.sportingnews.com/college-football/article/2010-06-28/sn10-best-game-changing-receivers
  12. Rick, I believe that’s TRob and considering this is our o-line, let’s hope there are no chance for them to miss tackles
  13. Video http://www.athletevault.com/index.php?id=2138
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